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					                                             Jason G. Schutte
                              2050 W. Iles Ave., Suite G• Springfield, IL 62704
                               (217) 726-8646 • email:

Jason is an accomplished young attorney with a strong background in Civil Litigation, Personal Injury,
Workers Compensation, Land Lord/Tenant and Appellate Practice. He joined Koepke and Hiltabrand in
2010 after beginning his practice in Quincy, Illinois. Jason is licensed to practice law in Illinois and
Missouri, as well as the Federal Central District Court of Illinois.

Legal Experience
Koepke and Hiltabrand, Attorneys at Law practicing in Civil Litigation, Insurance Defense, Personal Injury
        and Workers Compensation. 2010 to present.
         Associate Attorney;
         Marketing Director.
Blickhan, Timmerwilke, Woodworth and Larson, Attorneys at Law practicing in Family,
        Personal Injury, Criminal, Estate Planning, and Civil Litigation. May 2006 – 2009.
         Associate Attorney:
         Law Clerk.
Jackson County Illinois State’s Attorney: Spring 2008.
         711 Student Public Interest Externship through SIU School of Law.
Justice Robert W. Cook, 4th District Illinois Appellate Justice: Summer 2007.
         Judicial Student Externship through SIU School of Law.

       Juris Doctor: Southern Illinois University School of Law, May 2008.
       Bachelor of Science: Western Illinois University, May 2004.
              Focus: Major - Law Enforcement & Justice Administration;
                             Minor - Business Management.

Trial Experience
Pulce v. Burmiester: Jury trial in Sangamon County, Illinois. Jason G. Schutte represented the Defendant.
          Facts: case revolved around a motor vehicle collision occurring in Springfield, IL. Plaintiff
           alleged that the Defendant was negligent in causing the motor vehicle collision and her resulting
           personal injury. Plaintiff requested over $48,000.00 (double the Plaintiff’s claimed medical
           expenses and lost wages) in damages and that no comparative fault be attributed to the Plaintiff.
           Defendant requested that the jury return a verdict attributing 25% fault to the Plaintiff, award the
           Plaintiff her medical expenses, partial lost wages, $500.00 for her loss of normal life and
           $2000.00 to $4000.00 in pain and suffering.
          Verdict: The jury determined the Plaintiff’s total damages were $28,498.54, based on
           $23,534.30 in medical expenses incurred, $964.24 in lost earnings, $500.00 in loss of normal life
           and $3,500.00 in pain and suffering. The jury further found the Plaintiff 22% at fault in causing
           the motor vehicle collision. After reducing the Plaintiff’s total damages by the amount of fault
           attributed to the Plaintiff, the jury awarded the Plaintiff a total award of $22,228.86.

Koester v. Everhart: Jury trial in Champaign County, Illinois. Lori Hiltabrand and Jason G. Schutte
       represented the Defendant. Lori Hiltabrand acted as first chair trial counsel. Jason G. Schutte
       acted as second chair trial counsel and conducted the majority of pre-trial discovery and litigation.
          Facts: case revolved around a motor vehicle collision occurring in Champaign, IL. Plaintiffs
           alleged that the Defendant was negligent in causing the accident at issue and their resulting
           injuries. Liability was not contested. Plaintiffs’ suffered soft tissue injuries. Plaintiff D. Koester
           demanded $112,500.00 to settle his claim. Plaintiff M. Koester demanded $9,000.00 to settle
           her claim. In an effort to resolve the case prior to trial, the Defendant offered to settle D.
           Koester’s claim for $50,000.00 and M. Koester’s claim for 4,000.00. At trial, Plaintiff D.
           Koester requested in closing that the jury award between him $200,000 and 300,000 in damages.
           Plaintiff M. Koester requested $10,000. Lead defense attorney Lori Hiltabrand recommended
           that the jury cut off Mr. Koester’s medical treatment in August of 2010. This time frame would
           effectively reduce his medical specials to $15,500.00. She also recommended awarding one
           week of lost wages (approximately $600), pain and suffering of 10,000 with a minimal award for
           loss of normal life. Ms. Hiltabrand recommended that the jury award M. Koester her medical
           specials and $1000.00 for loss of normal life and another $1000.00 for pain and suffering.
          Verdict: The Jury awarded $32,500 to D. Koester.; $12,000 for pain and suffering, $15,000 for
           medical specials, $5,500 for lost wages. The Jury awarded M. Koester $3,000.00; $2,267 in
           medical specials and $733.00 in pain and suffering.

Loos v. Hougen: Adams County Bench Trial. Jason G. Schutte represented the Plaintiff.
          Facts: case revolved around a breach of contract/conversion action in Adams County, IL.
           Plaintiff and Defendant entered into an agreement wherein the Plaintiff agreed to loan money to
           the Defendant and the Defendant agreed to pay the monies back to the Plaintiff. After receiving
           the loan monies, the Defendant fled the state. Jason G. Schutte was able to locate the
           Defendant in Wyoming and effectuate service upon him by utilizing a private investigation firm.
           The case proceeded to bench trial.
          Result: Judgment was entered in favor of the Plaintiff for $10,454.37 plus costs.

Hess v. Anders: Bench Trial in Adams County. Jason G. Schutte represented the Plaintiff
          Facts: case revolved around a dog bite suffered by the Plaintiff in Quincy, IL. Liability and
           damages were contested by the defendants.
          Result: Court found in favor of the Plaintiff, awarding $16,337.95 for medical and injury related
           costs. The Court also awarded $20,000.00 in pain and suffering damages.

Gouran v. Gouran: Pike County Missouri contested divorce and custody case. Jason G. Schutte
       represented the respondent/father.
        Facts: This case revolved around the divorce of the parties, and custody battle for the parties’
           children. Numerous allegations of impropriety were made by both parties. Missouri family law
           presumes that joint custody is in the best interests of the children to the marriage.
        Result: Respondent/Father granted full custody of the children. Very favorable property and
           support award for Respondent/Father.

Miscellaneous: Jason G. Schutte has also tried numerous small claim/collection actions for various clients,
       representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants, with favorable results.

Professional Involvement, Presentations, Authorship and Other Activities

Professional Involvement
        Illinois State Bar Association
               o 2012 ISBA High School Mock Trial Invitational Evaluator;
               o Ask a Lawyer Day volunteer: 2011.
          Missouri Bar Association
          Sangamon County Bar Association – member.
          Adams County Bar Association – member;
               o 2009 Law Day Committee;
                        Ask a Lawyer Day Chairman.
        Central Illinois Adjusters Association – member;
               o Scholarship selection committee: 2012.
Presentation and Publication
        The Home Repair and Remodeling Act and how it effects the Contractor
               o Presented by Jason G. Schutte to the Adams County Home Builders Association at their
                  August 2009 meeting.
        Proving Fault in Automobile Accidents: IICLE Practice Handbook; Chapter 10, Across the
           Centerline, 2011 supplement.
               o Jason G. Schutte and Katherine E. Ress drafted the 2011 supplement to Chapter 10 of
                  the Proving Fault in Automobile Accidents IICLE Handbook The supplement analyzed
                  the use of the “act of god” defense in proving fault in automobile accident cases. This
                  article served as a supplement to the pre-existing chapter that had been authored by Kurt
                  Koepke and Lori Hiltabrand.