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					The Education Alliance at Brown University                                   ISSUE REGISTER                                  Project Name: Rhode Island Diploma System; Local Assessment Toolkits
Technology Division - Web Development                                                   DRAFT                                Project Team: Program: J. DiMartino, S. Gracia, C. Berkowitz
                                                                                                                                             Web: E. Gurney. M. Handler, K. Kreutler
                                                                                                                             Launch Date:    November 1, 2005

Item #     Task                            Responsible    Deliverable                                                        Recipient(s)    Plan Date Actual Date Notes
           Printing pages                  Web Team       Decision on how to organize printing, i.e., sections, page,
   9                                                      actions, steps, todels                                             Project team

           Centering pages                 MJH            Page coded to have page centered in all browsers, esp Mac IE5 Web Team                                               see MJH's test page (Not work in
   11                                                                                                                                                                          IE6)
           "Action Level" Menus and sub-   Web Team       Solution to location and 'association' issues with navigation links                                                  see EG's p_act_tool.gif
   13                                                                                                                         Project team
           navigation                                     to an action's description, tools, models, etc….
           Multiple documents for a tool   Content team   Answer regarding presenting multiple docs as a tool. Should we Web Team                                              Check w A. Castaneda
   15                                                     present docs as separate tools that share same explanation?
                                                          (see Exhibition 7.2.6)
           Placement of RISC Resource      Content team   Approval of solutions(s) to placement of links to the document. Web Team                                             link from home page to sec page
   17      Guide                                          Describe relationship to Common Task list                                                                            with explanation
           System section purpose                         Statement to confirm understanding of purpose of the System        Content team                                      draft a statement only if
   23                                      Web team       section of the site with design implications                                                                         necessary
   24      System section design           Web team       Page mock up of System section and sub pages                       Content team                                      7/26 - still awating content
           Tools/models/examples                          Statement of distinction between tools, models and examples        Content team                                      see EG's and KK's categorization
   25                                      Web team       (or not) with design implications
           Vignettes/examples                             Decision re optimal placement of vignettes and examples (I.e.,     Content team                                      7/26 - awaiting vignettes
   26                                      Web team       step or action level)
   28      Inventory Page shells           E. Gurney      List of all page types and shells and elements                     Web team                                          see EG's white board and specs
   29      Content/File management         K. Kreutler    Outline of file directory structure and file name convention       Web team                                          see KK's doc - revised 6/30
   30      File checkin/out                Web team       Protocol for file check in/out/ system with versioning approval    Web team
           Host server specs questions     Web team       List of questions re host server specs, I.e., domain name, ssi,
                                                          etc,                                                               RIDE

   34      Target browser level            Web team       Definitions of target browser level for site                       Web team
   32      Host server specs               RIDE           Answers to host server spec questions re requirements              Web team
           Web site file structure         K. Kreutler    Site directory and sub directories on staging server (upon
                                                          approval of file directory structure and host server reqs)         Web team

   34      Visual specs                    E. Gurney      List and definitions of specs for visual design elements           Web team                                          seee EG's page
           PDF and Word specs                             Statement of specs for properties, versions, fonts, look, label,                                   7/19/05           sent Style Gudie to Andrea C
   35                                      Web team       footer of PDFs and Word docs to be downloaded                      Content team                                      7/19
           Functions/Behavior properties   Web team       Definitions of requirements and specs for printing, interactive
   36                                                     elements, state/identity labels, annotations, explanations, list   Web team
                                                          sorting, search glossary, etc.
   43      Review Prototype                Content team   List of decision makers who will review and aprrove prototype      Web Team
                                                          Decision re initial building of only the Exhibition Toolkit for
                                                          August workshop                                                                                                      Web team recommend that we
   44      Exhibition Only Decision        Content team                                                                      Web team
                                                                                                                                                                               not present toolkits separately

   45      URL for Web site                Web team       Come up with domain name(s) for Web site                           Project team
   46      Image purchase                  Web team       Purchase images for Web site graphics

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