Picture This… by ert554898


									      Picture This…

This activity can be used as a 10
 minute warm-up, a pre-writing
activity, or a full period lesson.
        Step 1: Creativity
 Open PowerPoint
 You will have 10 minutes to create the
  most interesting PowerPoint slide you
 Restrictions: you may not use more than
  1 slide or use more than 6 words on the
 Save your file as
   Step 2: Technical Writing
 Open Word
 You will have 15 minutes to type step-by-step
  directions on how to make the PowerPoint
  slide you just created.
 Be as detailed as possible. Someone who has
  never seen your slide will use your directions
  to try to recreate it.
 Restrictions: You may not use pictures or
 Save your file as lastnameinteresting.doc
 Step 3: Following Directions
 Switch computers.
 Open a new PowerPoint presentation
  and your partner’s slide directions
 You will have 10 minutes to recreate
  your partner’s most interesting slide.
 Restrictions: you may use only the
  written directions given to you by your
  partner. (no peeking)
        Other Uses/Variations
 Creative writing prompt--Make a creative
  PowerPoint slide, your partner will write a story
  describing what happened…
 Procedural “how-to” writing…
 Technology skills test--Set a required number of
  elements that must be in the slide (e.g. 1 text
  box, 1 picture, changed background, changed
 Writing skills--Work on vocabulary by requiring
  as many different adjectives as possible in
  describing the slide…

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