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									History of Salem Witch Trials

     "Examination of a Witch" by Thompkins H. Matteson, 1853.

      “We cannot look to superstition in this. The Devil is
    precise; the marks of his presence are definite as stone.”
               Reverend John Hale in The Crucible
1692 ( W. P. UPHAM)
Cast of Characters
 Reverend Samuel Parris’ 9 year old
  daughter, Elizabeth Parris, his 11 year
  niece, Abigail Williams and 12 year old
  Ann Putnam, Jr acted strangely.
 John Proctor, a 60 year old man, claimed
  his innocence and was not involved with
  Abigail Williams.
 Dr. Griggs could not find anything wrong
  with the girls.
 Dr. Griggs stated that the girls were
  “under the evil hand.”
Key Facts
 Location: Salem, Massachusetts
 Date: Winter of 1691-1692
 400 were accused of destroying the
  Church of Christ in New England
 150 people were placed in jail
 19 People were hanged.
 The hysteria ended in May of 1693.
The Salem Witch House (1642),
home of Jonathan Corwin
Cast of Characters: Tituba
   Tituba was the West
    Indian slave who
    worked for Samuel
   Tituba entertained
    the girls with her
    stories as witch.
   Sarah Good and
    Sarah Osborne were
    viewed in low esteem
    in the community.
   Tituba accused them
    of being witches.
                           Artist A. Fredericks, 1878
Sarah Good
 Her daughter, Dorcas was accused of
  witchcraft and her baby son died in
 She was hanged on July 19, 1692.
 Her husband, William Good was asked if
  he thought his wife could be a witch. He
  said yes.
 He stated “and indeed, I may say with
  tears, that she is an enemy to all good.”
The Trial of Rebecca Nurse

 Rebecca Nurse, 71 year old, was a
  respected member of the community.
 The community signed petitions in her
  defense but was hanged on July 19, 1692.
The Hanging of the witches
 19 people were hanged
  in the Gallows Hill in
 Women like Bridget
  Bishop, Rebecca Nurse
  were hanged.

                             Witch Hill," or
                           "The Salem Martyr"
(Death Warrant for Sarah Good,
Rebecca Nurse, Susannah Martin,
Elizabeth Howe, and Sarah Wilds)
   To Goerge: Corwine Gent'n High Sheriff of the county of
   Whereas Sarah Good Wife of William Good of Salem
    Village Rebecka Nurse wife of Francis Nurse of Salem
    Village Susanna Martin of Amesbury Widow Elizabeth
    How wife of James How of Ipswich Sarah Wild wife of
    John Wild of Topsfield all of the County of Essex in thier
    Maj'ts Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New
    England Att A Court of Oyer & Terminer held by
    Adjournment for Our Severaign Lord & Lady Kind Wiliam
    & Queen Mary for the said County of Essex at Salem in
    the s'd County onf the 29th day of June [torn] were
    Severaly arrigned on Several Indictments for the horrible
    Crime of Witchcraft by them practised & Committed On
    Severall persons and pleading not guilty did for thier
    Tryall put themselves on God & Thier Countrey
    whereupon they were Each of them found & brought in
    Guilty by the Jury that passed On them according to
    their respective Indictments and Sentence of death did
    then pass upon them as the Law directs Execution
    whereof yet remains to be done: Those are
Therefore in thier Maj'ties name William & Mary now King & Queen over
England &ca: to will & Command you that upon Tuesday next being the
19th day for [torn] Instant July between the houres of Eight & [torn] in
[torn] forenoon the same day you Safely conduct the s'd Sarah Good
Rebecka Nurse Susann Martin Elizabeth Howe & Sarah Wild From thier
Maj'ties goal in Salem afores'd to the place of Execution & there Cause
them & Every of them to be hanged by the Neck untill they be dead and of
the doings herein make return to the Clerke of the said Court & this
precept and hereof you are not to fail at your perill and this Shall be your
sufficient Warrant given under my hand & seale at Boston th 12't day of
July in the fourth year of Reign of our Soveraigne Lord & Layd Wm &
Mary King and Queen &ca:
*Wm Stoughton
Annoq Dom. 1692
Salem July 19th 1692
I caused the within mentioned persons to be Executed according to the
Tenour of the with[in] warrant
*George Corwin Sherif
"Witchcraft at Salem Village."

      Pioneers in the Settlement of America by William A. Crafts.
      Vol. I Boston: Samuel Walker & Company, 1876. Artists: F. O.
      C. Darley, Wm. L. Shepard, Granville Perkins, etc.
"Accused of Witchcraft."

               Oil painting by Douglas Volk, 1884. Corcoran Gallery
               Washington, D.C.
               Source: Life Magazine, November, 1942.
"Arresting a Witch."

                       Artist Howard Pyle.
                         Source: Harpers
                            New Monthly
                         Magazine, Vol. 67,
                        (June - November),
                             1883: 221.
What happened to the cast of
 Tituba was jailed for 13 since Rev. Parrish
  refused to pay her jail fees since she
  stated he beat her to confess to witchcraft.
  Someone else paid her fees and left the
  Salem and lived in Virginia.
 Sarah Osborne died two months later in
  prison after being accused of witchcraft.
 Sarah Good was hanged on July 19, 1692.
 Rev. Parrish was removed from his church
  in 1697 and died in 1720.
Ann Putman, Jr
 Many believed she was the ring
  leaders of the girls.
 During church services, she
  apologized to the congregation.
 She died poor and the age of 36.
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 http://www2.iath.virginia.edu/salem/g

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