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									                Great Lakes Wind Collaborative
    Environmental Planning, Siting and Permitting Workgroup
            June 30, 2008 Conference Call Summary


Brian Considine, Dawda, Mann, Mulchay & Sadler, PLC
Michelle Crook, Michigan Department of Agriculture
Chris French, Data Transfer Solutions, LLC
Ihor Hlohowskyj, Argonne National Laboratory
John W. Hayse, Argonne National Laboratory
Dave Evert, TNC
Bill Hudson, Buffalo Audubon Society
Laurie Jodziewicz, American Wind Energy Association
Saulius Mikalonis, Giarmarco, Mullins & Horton P.C.
Susan Hlywa Topp, Topp Law PLC
Steve Ugoretz, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Terry Yonker, Marine Services Diversified, LLC
Victoria Pebbles, Great Lakes Commission
Becky Pearson, Great Lakes Commission
John Cherry, Great Lakes Commission

Nomination/Confirmation of Workgroup Chair/Chairs

Review of Duties
The GLWC Charter states that workgroup chair(s) “will lead the activities of the
workgroup and is either a member of the Advisory or Steering Committee. Workgroup
chairs shall be responsible for producing and publishing a project schedule and timeline
and will be responsible for ensuring appropriate review and comments on workgroup
activities and products by the Advisory Committee and formal endorsement by the
Steering Committee. Workgroup chairs shall strive to ensure full and fair participation in
workgroup activities and product development by all workgroup members.”

    Steve Ugoretz, Co-Chair
    George Finney, Co-Chair (to be confirmed)
    Laurie Jodziewicz (Advisory Committee Alternate to Jeff Anthony) can serve as a
      Co-chair if George Finney declines the nomination.

Develop EPSP Workplan and Timetable

Review Workplan
The milestones in the workplan were taken directly from the approved GLWC 2008
workplan (refer to:
Workplan_FINAL.pdf). Steve Ugoretz also provided comments on the draft workplan

which the other workgroup members discussed during the call. Becky Pearson walked
through the draft workplan and workgroup members provided the following comments:

      Purpose – The workgroup’s purpose is fine as stated in the draft workplan.
      Objectives –
              The first objective may be considered to broad and could be broken
              Others thought this objective should stay broad and that further details
                 will come as the workgroup starts developing products.
              A side bar discussion evolved on this topic; it was recognized that
                 there will be overlap with other workgroups such as the Wind Atlas
                 and the Offshore. The GLC staff will coordinate internally to address
                 these overlaps.
      GLWC Work Plan Outcome/Milestone – The following language was suggested
      and comments raised for the each outcome/milestone:
              For outcome/milestone (a), add “Working consistently with other
                 workgroups and building off their workplans, […]”
              For outcome/milestone (b), the next step is to assess the MGA
                 platform priorities. Jack Nasca, NYSDEC, and Echo Cartwright, NY
                 Governor’s Office, who both serve on the Advisory Committee, will
                 help in this activity.
              For outcome/milestone (c), rephrase “Identify, document and publish
                 information about best management practices (BMPs) for siting of
                 wind facilities in the region […]” to be more comprehensive. Change
                 “siting of wind facilities” to “all phases – from planning to
                 decommissioning – of wind facilities in the region.”
              Workgroup members agree to leave in all the footnotes that Steve
                 Ugoretz suggested.

          Milestones/Timeline –
              For milestone 1, “Inventory of state and provincial policy and
                 programs” include “outside the region”.
              For milestone 2, “Outline key GL issues for wind siting, transmission,
                 stakeholder impacts, technical issues…” include a literature review as
                 a subtask.
              For milestone 3, note previous studies including Bob Berger’s study
                 on offshore wind and the Michigan pilot study.

             Additional Tasks
              Assemble a list of bird researchers in the Great Lakes region
              Compile a literature review (both peered reviewed and grey lit.) on
                outstanding issues

Review Bullet Points from GLWC 1st Annual Meeting EPSP Breakout Groups
Terry Yonkers and other participants in the EPSP Breakout Groups during the May
GLWC Meeting discussed important issues for the workgroup’s consideration. In
addition to the priorities and needs listed in the summary document, addressing the lack
of knowledge in the following issues areas should be considered:
     Migratory patterns across the open lake.
     Height of bird flight offshore and onshore.

Process and Next Steps
Becky will integrate comments into a next draft and send it out to workgroup members
for review. Workgroup comments on the next draft are due Friday, July 11th

State & Provincial Siting and Permitting Profile Update
John Cherry gave an update on his work (refer to milestone 1 in draft workplan). State
and provincial profiles are still under review by various Advisory Committee members.
Profiles will be finalized within the next month.

Other Business
Victoria Pebbles gave an update on the DOE grant proposal to fund many GLWC
activities. The State of New York is the project lead and will partner with the GLC to
administer the project. If awarded, there will be opportunities for workgroup members to
receive subgrants to accomplish many of the project tasks. Becky Lameka will forward a
model letter of support to workgroup members which are due July 7th.

Next Steps/Action Items/ Next Call-Meeting

 Action Items:
     Becky Pearson will revise the draft workplan and send it out to the
        workgroup a.s.a.p.
     Workgroup members are to email Becky ( comments
        on the 2nd draft workplan by Friday, July 11.
     Becky will email workgroup members the draft letter of support which
        are due Monday, July 7.

Monthly conference calls will be scheduled the first Monday of every month. The next
conference call will be Monday, August 4 at 2 p.m. Eastern.


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