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Gottfredsons Theory of Circumscription and Compromise by ert554898


									Gottfredson’s Theory of
 Circumscription and

 Major Questions
  Why do people of both sexes and of different races and
    social classes tend to differ, even in childhood, in the kind
    and quality of jobs they wish for?
  Why do children seem to recreate the social inequalities
    among their elders long before they themselves experience
    any barriers to pursuing their dreams?
                    Major Concepts

 Self concept- the view we hold of ourselves both publicly and
 Images of Occupations- occupational stereotypes we hold
 Cognitive maps- organized images of occupations
   Dimensions of cognitive maps
       Occupational prestige
       Field work
 Occupational aspirations- joint product of assessment of
  compatibility and accessibility
                    Major Concepts

 Social space- the zone of acceptable alternatives in each
  person’s cognitive major of occupations
 Circumscription- the process of narrowing down territory
  when making a decision about social space or acceptable
   5 Principles of Circumscription
       1. Increasing capacity for abstraction
       2.Interactive development of self an aspirations
       3. Overlapping differentiation and incorporation
       4. Progressive elimination
       5. Taken for granted and lost to sight
                     Major Concepts

 Circumscription continued
   Stages of Circumscription
       Orientation to size and power (ages 3-5)
       Orientation to sex roles (ages 6-8)
       Orientation to social valuation (ages 9-13)
       Orientation to the internal, unique self (age 14+)
 Compromise- the process by which youngsters begin to
  relinquish their most preferred alternatives for less compatible
  ones they perceive as obtainable
                  Empirical Support

 Lapan and Jingeleski (1992)
   confirmed the concept of social space
 Sastre and Mullet (1992)
   confirmed variables related to occupational aspirations
 Conoley and Scheel (1994)
   found social space increased up through age 17
                Clinical Implications

 5 developmental criteria to examine
   The client can name 1 or more career alternatives
   The client’s interests and abilities are sufficient
   The client is satisfied with choices
   The client has not restricted alternatives unnecessarily
   The client is aware of opportunities and the necessary
     requirements to obtain those opportunities

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