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CONGRATULATIONS_ 2009 National Merit Finalists Autumn .doc


									                                                                       March 2009
                                                                       Volume 8, Issue 2
                                   IB UPDATE
                                   PHS International Baccalaureate
                                    Support Foundation Newsletter
                                            2009                             Inside this issue:
                                       National Merit
CONGRATULATIONS!                                                       National Merit Finalists, National
                                     Commended Scholars
                                                                       Merit Commended Scholars,
    2009 National Merit                                                National Achievement
                                     (The largest group since the IB
         Finalists                          Program began!)
                                                                       Outstanding Participants,
                                                                       National Achievement Semi-
     Autumn McConnico                                                  Finalist                        1
       Elijah Orenstein
                                          Eric Branco                  B&N Book Fair, Helpful Website
                                         Jennifer Burke                addresses, IB Teacher
      Ashley Van Galen                                                 Appreciation Week, Senior
        Hillary Wehry                     Joshua Chen                  Announcements                   2
         Jenny Zeng                      Liam Dunaway                  PHS & District History Fair, Latin
      Matthew Robinett                    Billie Evans                 Forum Results                    3
                                                                       IB/AP Exam schedule links,
                                        Carlee Hoffmann                Physics Olympics, Math
                                          Rachel Jones                 Competitions                     4
                                       Stephanie Molchan               Junior and Senior Timelines,
                                                                       Scholar athletes, Lit Mag        5
ATTENTION ALL IB PARENTS!                  Kelly Ratté                 District Science Fair           6
                                         Michael Rizzo                 PHS Drama Competition            7
Please update your contact               Andrew Voyles                 Academic Team, Intl’ Space
information with the IB office                                         Station                          8
                                          Paul Woody                   Summer Travel, Wish List
at 595-1500 x 244 and with the
IB Support Foundation (IBSF)                                           Purchases                        9
at .          National Achievement              Drive for Excellence form      10
It’s that time of year when we            Participants
will be sending notices,                                                 National Achievement
invitations, and other important     For Outstanding PSAT Scores                Finalist
information to current and
incoming IB parents and
students. It is very important
                                       Christian Edwards                        Billie Evans
that we have your current              Raneshia Lawrence
contact information so you and         BreAnna Manassa
your student won’t miss out on
important events!
Page 2
                                                       Helpful Websites
         IB Barnes & Noble
             Book Fair                 – Type 32501 in the
                                                zip code section to access IB teachers and
                                                their schoolnotes information.
              April 19-25
                                       – This is the IBSF
   Booklists of required and recommended        website which is loaded with helpful
  books for summer reading as well as the       information regarding upcoming events,
     2009-2010 school year will be made         alumni updates, student achievements, test
 available to students and parents prior to     prep and much more!
  the book fair. Books on the reading lists
  will be available at the book fair, so plan – This is the
    to do your shopping during this event.      PHS website where you can get information on
      It’s a simple way to support the IB       school-wide activities, clubs, sports schedules,
       Program and get a head start on          etc.
 purchasing your student’s needed reading
                                                          ATTENTION – Sr. Parents!

   IB Teacher Appreciation Week                 SENIOR STUDENTS’ BABY PHOTOS NEEDED!

                                                  The senior banquet committee will be collecting
              March 16 – 20                     baby/childhood photos of each senior student to be
                                                included in the senior video which will be shown at
   The IBSF will honor the IB Faculty             the senior banquet. Start looking for the perfect
                                                  photo and info will follow shortly about where to
     and Administration with treats                              send your photo.
 throughout the week to let them know
  how much we appreciate all they do
           for our students.                                 Senior Send Off

 If you would like to make a monetary                         May 1, 2009
     contribution to our IB Teacher                PHS Auditorium followed by
   Appreciation Week efforts, please                 Party at Bayview Park
   contact one of the chairpersons
             listed below:
   Michelle Sauls:
                                                         Save the Date!
                   944-8612                             IB Senior Banquet
     Jenny Allen:                           May 19
                   969-1193                                   6 p.m.
                                                       First Baptist Church
Page 3
                                                      1st place- Amanda Patton and Brian Hagerott,
PHS History Fair Results Jan. 20-21                   "Edward R. Murrow"

                                                      Individual Documentary:
Historical Paper:
                                                      1st place- Gabe Friedman, "William Weatherford
1st place- Julie Vu
                                                      and the Creek Indian War of 1813"
2nd place- James Mozur
                                                      2nd place- Michelle Nguyen, "The Secret Life of
3rd place (tie)- Mary Grace Reeves; Allison
                                                      Sarah Emma Edmonds"
                                                      Group Documentary:
Group Exhibit:
                                                      1st place-Tiffany Chiang, Holly Kerchner, Lauren
1st place- Jamie Landa & Madison Todd,
                                                      Nguyen, "Amelia Earheart: Pioneer to the Skies”
"Nietzche: Revolutionary of Thought"
2nd place- Victoria Childers, Roselle Javier, &
Devan Dunlap, "Coco Chanel: The Woman, The             2009 District History Fair Results
Fashion, The Legacy"
3rd place: Sophie Irwin, Elizabeth Anderson, Emily    History Fair Teacher of Merit—Mr. Michael Jones
Brill, "Imagine: John Lennon and the Peace            Holly Benson Women’s History Award—Brooke
Revolution"                                           Heffernan
4th place (tie)-Ericka Jansen and Monica Flores       Best Interpretation of Primary Source Award,
                 William Coffey and Sean Wehry,       UWF History Dept.—Julie Vu
"George Marshall: The Man with the Plan"              Native American History Award, Santa Rosa
Honorable Mention- Sienna Miller and Ana Bennet,      County Creek Indian Tribe—Gabe Friedman
"Helen Keller"                                        Senior Historical Papers—1st Julie Vu, 2nd James
Individual Exhibit:                                   Senior Individual Websites—1st R.J. Burns, 2nd
                                                      Joseph Irving
1st place- Nathan Gupta, "Governor Leroy Collins"     Senior Group Websites—1st Aleksandra Golanka
2nd place- Ian Bellard, "JFK: The Ultimate            and Kristina Ivanova
Decision"                                             Senior Individual Performances—1st Brooke
3rd place- Mary Alice Marler, "Wehner Von Braun"      Heffernan
4th place- Elizabeth Blackwell: Leading by Healing"   Senior Group Performances—1st Amanda Patton
Honorable Mention-                                    and Brian Hagerott
Mary Mead, "Leon Trotsky"                             Senior Individual Documentaries—2nd Gabe
Kaylynn Antoniazzi, "Marie Curie"                     Friedman, 3rd Michelle Nguyen
Asia Cravens, "Jackie Robinson”                       Senior Individual Exhibits—1st Nathan Gupta, 2nd
                                                      Ian Bellard
Individual Website:                                   Senior Group Exhibits—3rd Jamie Landa and
                                                      Madison Todd
1st place- RJ Burns, "Paul W. Tibbets"                T.T. Wentworth Museum Best in Show Awards:
2nd place- Jospeh Irving, "James Doolittle"           West Florida Historic Preservation, Inc., Connie
                                                      Brown Outstanding Research Award—Nathan
Group Website:                                        Gupta
                                                      J. Earl Bowden Young Historian Award—Julie
1st place- Aleksandra Golanka and Kristina            Vu
Ivanova, "Leon Trotsky"                                                Latin Forum
2nd place- Ty Wells, Ben Sellers, Dakota Freed,            The following Latin students placed in
"Jackie Robinson"                                      competition at the recently held Latin Forum:
                                                      Anjelica Apusen, Eileen Morse, Joshua Chen, Matt
Individual Performance:                               Sorensen, Sarah Hobbs, David Fleischhauer, Matt
                                                      Robinett, Allie Cleaver, Sarah Woods, and Chrissa
1st Place- Brooke Heffernan, "Joan Baez"              Harmon. Matt Robinett won Best in Show for his
                                                            dominating performance in academics.
Group Performance:
Page 4

         IB/AP EXAM SCHEDULES                             PHYSICS OLYMPICS

 IB and AP exams begin May 4 and wind up          The annual Physics Olympics took place at
  May 22. A complete schedule of exams,                 UWF on February 21, 2009.
 dates, times, and sites will be distributed to
   students as soon as it is available. The              Individual event winners:
   entire menu of IB and AP exam dates is
   available at the organizations’ websites,             Bridge Building 2nd Place and                 Latesa Jones & Meghan Klein

                                                       Physics Jeopardy 3rd Place
                                                            Autumn McConnico

                                                  The PHS Team won 2nd Place for overall
            Mu Alpha Theta                         team events. Other participants included
                                                    Garwin Ho, Peter Mahaffey, and Hillary
 The love of mathematics inspired Mu Alpha                         Wehry.
 Theta members to get up very early and
 spend their Valentine’s Day competing with
 other students from about 20 other schools
 instead of engaging in other less serious         AMC 10 and AMC 12 Math Competition
 activities. They carried home a sweepstakes
                                                      PHS HAD 5 OUT OF 6 TOP WINNERS!
 4th place and other trophies.
                                                  Feb. 25, 2009, our students went to UWF
 Our results:                                     for AMC 10 and AMC 12 math competition
                                                           and had a big success.
 Geometry: 4th place
 Wes Henderson, Phi Tran, Mary Grace                       Here are the results:
 Reeves, and Kevin Zhang
                                                                 AMC 10:
 Pre-Calculus: 4th place                               1st place: Wesley Henderson
 Kay Li, Nathan Gupta, Priya Garg, and Helie            2nd place: Nathan Gupta
 Dharia                                                      3rd place: Kay Li

 Statistics: 4th place                                      Honorable mention:
 Daniel Goff, Sarah Hobbs, Rosemay Alcid,                      Helie Dharia
 and Connor O'Rear                                               Phi Tran

 Individual:                                                     SMC 12:
 Daniel Goff: 7th place in Statistics                    2nd place: Dax Kerchner
                                                        3rd place: Stephen McCrory
 Sophia Liu: 10th place in Algebra 2
                                                           Honorable mention:
                                                              Doug Nesvik

                                                  Please join me in congratulating our
Page 5


            Remainder of Second Semester
                                                                 IB Scholar-Athletes
 07 March        theatre performance and
                 production presentations begin
 16 March        French B orals begin                    A big concern of many students when
 18 March        biology and chemistry internal          contemplating accepting the IB challenge
                 assessment due                          is whether or not they’ll still be able to
 26 March        final theater research                  pursue anything in high school besides
                 investigations due                      academics. The ability of four IB
 27 March        CAS books due                           students to participate at the varsity
 1 May           Senior Send Off                         level in our currently-in-the-news state
 04 May          IB exams begin                          semi-finalist basketball teams proves it is
 19 May          IB Senior Banquet, 6 p.m., First        possible! (Of course, many IB students
                 Baptist Church                          are active in many different competitive
 28 May          graduation, 4 p.m., Pensacola           high school sports.)
                 Civic Center
                                                         We’re very proud of Meghan Greskovich
                                                         (9), Kyla Muhammad (9), Christian
                                                         Edwards (12), and Charles Stamitoles
                                                         (11) for their performances on the
    IB JUNIOR TIMELINE 08-09                             basketball court as well as in IB
                                                         classrooms. Moreover, Kyla has come to
      Remainder of Second Semester                       the attention of national scouts—as a
 13 March               2 copies submission-ready        freshman!
                        world geography SL internal
                        assessment due                   Please add basketball to the list of
                                                         endeavors, athletic and academic, in
 20 March               math SL internal assessment      which IB students make a name for
                        task #2 assigned                 themselves.
 30 March               math SL internal assessment
                        task #2 due
 13 April               theater research investigation
 20 April               math studies SL internal               Literary Magazine
                        assessment draft due
 01 May                 English HL world literature       The 2009 edition of A Tree Grows in My
                        paper one due
                                                         Mind is currently in production. Copies may
                                                         be purchased before publication for $5 each
 04 May                 AP and IB exams begin
                                                          in English classes or the IB office; after 1
 27 May                 English HL world literature               April, the cost will be $10.
                        paper two due
   DISTRICT SCIENCE FAIR WINNERS                        Chemistry - Andrew Voyles - 1st Place
                                                               Ashton Nicholson – 2nd Place
This year PHS was honored to win the school
award for the 54th Western Panhandle Science              Microbiology - Kay Li - 1st Place
Fair. This means we earned the most points of
any high school in the region. Every year we             Botany - Stephen Millar - 3rd Place
have a heated competition with Washington                Adam Danley – Honorable Mention
High School for this award, and this year we
were victorious!!                                        Zoology - Megan Rayfield - 1st Place

         Grand Prize Award Winners                                 Team Projects:
These students will be competing at International
 Science Fair in Reno, Nevada, on May 10th to                        1st Place
                      15th.                                        Bryan Agadzi
                Andrew Voyles                                    Nathaniel Edwards
                     Kay Li                                        Tom Schmidt

 The following students will be representing                          2nd Place
  our district in the State Science Fair on                         Dylan Heye
              April 15th to 18th                                  Anthony Gambles

              Meredith Monkell                                        3rd Place
                Andrew Voyles                                       JiSung Moon
               Geoffrey Calder                                      Patrick Tran
               Jennie Robinson                                     Brandon Garcia
               Randall Patrinely
                  Priya Garg                                     Honorable Mention
           Adrika Venkatanarayanan                                 Tatiana Hoyos
                    Kay Li                                        Marichris Lacson
               Thomas Schmidt
              Nathaniel Edwards                                  Honorable Mention
                Bryan Agadzi                                      Zachary Decker
              Ashton Nicholson                                     Sarah Demuth

              Category Winners                        Special Award from Water Environment
  Behavioral Science - Meredith Monkell 2nd           Team of Ryan McAfee, Fredric Luke, John
                    Place                                            Wiggins

 Medicine and Health – Priya Garg – 1st Place          Dr. Charles L. Drew Memorial Award
        Adrika Venkatanarayanan – 2nd Place                        Haley Phillips

 Physics - Everette Collin Petsinger – 2nd Place        PHS students won many awards from
                                                        certificates, memberships in scientific
  Engineering - Geoffrey Caulder - 1st Place          organizations, monetary awards totaling
                                                       $1200, an iPod, competition for trips to
            Environmental Science                    Sweden, medallions, and countless ribbons.
           Jennie Robinson –1st Place
          Randall Patrinely - 2nd Place             Congratulations to all our students competing
            Helie Dharia - 3rd Place                                 this year!
Page 7


                         PHS Drama Troupe 4760
                      District One Thespian Festival Results

Critic’s Choice Awards (The highest honor in individual events):
    Duet Acting – Samantha Paquette and Jennifer Palmer
    Publicity Design – Jarryd Boyd

Superior Ratings:
   Solo Musical – Miguel Aldahondo
   Solo Musical – Brooke Heffernan
   Duet Musical – Seth Friedman and Miguel Aldahondo
   Ensemble Acting – Andrew Voyles, Gabe Friedman, Amanda Patton
   Duet Acting – Autumn McConnico and Sybil Watson
   Monologues – Brittanie Esty
   Publicity Designs – Jarryd Boyd, Anna Hinesley, Liam Dunaway
   Student Directed Scenes – Chas Neal (director): Jack McConnico, Seth Friedman,
    Roy Hornsby (actors)
   Costume Construction – Andrew Ruffridge
   Playwriting – Autumn McConnico
   One Act “Shady Meadows” – Seth Friedman named “All Star” of the cast

Excellent Ratings:
   Ensemble Acting – Derek Bond, Kathleen Hicks, Erin Trifilio
   Ensemble Acting – Roy Hornsby, Jack McConnico, Seth Friedman
   Small Group Musical – Ali Hayes, Kiviana Gillis, Ali Oritiz
   Student Directed Scense – Anna Hinesley (director); Alayia Rizzi, Sybil Watson,
     Autumn McConnico (actors)
   Pantomime – Chas Neal, Samantha Paquette
   Monologues – Autumn McConnico
   Publicity Design – Chrissa Harmon

Best Supporting Actor of the District Festival – Jack McConnico
Page 8

After sweeping all six slots on the county team in 2007-2008, PHS students won five of
the six positions on the county team at this year's rendition of the Escambia County
Academic All Star Tournament. We were only allowed to enter four students to compete for
the five open slots on the team, thus ensuring the possibility for "county-wide
representation." Josh Chen, earned a position on the team in both his sophomore and
Junior years and so was not required to compete for his spot. The other four PHS students
who made the team are three members returning from last year, David Fleischhauer, Kay Li,
and Spencer Leeper as well as first time participant Matt Robinett. This team will
represent Escambia County at the Commissioner's Academic Challenge in Orlando this April.
We have won this state tournament four out of the last nine years and failed to make the
finals only once over that span.

The PHS Tiger Academic Team successfully defended its title at the Florida State
University NAQT Regional Tournament in November. Many of the best teams in the state were
at FSU for this competition, including many other IB schools. We have won this tournament
for each of the four years of its existence-an unprecedented achievement for a large
regional tournament.

The PHS JV and Varsity teams both competed in the FSU tournament and finished first and
second, facing off in the finals. This result qualified both the JV and the varsity teams
for the NAQT Nationals in Chicago at the end of May. This will be our third trip to the
Nationals in four years, if funding can be found to cover the cost of this trip.

The 14th annual COX Communications Academic Tournament is under way and, after the first
round of play, PHS is 1-0.

If we win the COX Communications Academic Tournament again this year, the result will be
an unprecedented 7th consecutive county championship for the PHS Team.

The following team members have competed at various tournaments during the year (*
denotes County Academic All Star Team) : *Josh Chen *Matt Robinett *Spencer Leeper *David
Fleischhauer Noah Peeri *Kay Li Nathan Gupta Helie Dharia Melody Dalton Freddy Rifai Phi
Tran Hayden Ward Matt Hinton Avalon Gasaway Sophia Liu Wesley Henderson Ji Sung Moon

                              International Space Station
  Catch our International Space Station fly above Pensacola in the Month of March!         The
              following ISS sightings are possible through Monday, 9 March.

                          DATE/TIME          (MIN)   (DEG)       (DEG-DIR)    (DEG-DIR)

            ISS      Fri Mar 06/05:45 AM      2        21      11 above NNW 21 above NE
            ISS      Sun Mar 08/06:04 AM      3        26      10 above NNW 25 above ENE
            ISS      Mon Mar 09/06:31 AM      5        53      11 above NW  11 above SSE
Page 9

                         Summer Travel Opportunity
   Global Works runs Spanish and French language immersion trips with community service
    components and homestays. Contact for more information.

                                     Dear IB Parents,

 Thanks to your generous donations to the “IB: The Drive for Excellence” annual campaign,
the IBSF has had the privilege of purchasing the following Teacher Wish List items for the IB
  faculty and administration during the 2008-2009 school year. Thank You – SO MUCH – for
                                      your generosity!

                   IBSF “Wish List” Purchases, 2008-2009
                                  (As of March 1, 2009)

                Foreign Language – Teacher Preparation Materials
                                 Spanish $329

                                        French     $946

                          Copy Machine – IB Office: $7336

                                     Biology - $158

                            IB Math Studies Books - $1023

                               TOK – DVD Series - $302

                               Calculus in Motion - $155

           Epson printer for IB Student Art Portfolio production - $400

                                  TOTAL - $10,649
Page 10

                             IB: The Drive for Excellence


  _____I would like to support the IBSF with a tax deductible donation of:

_____$25 _____$50 _____$75 _____$100 _____$250 ____$500 _____other

   ______ I would like to become a Business Partner with a tax deductible donation of

                    _____$250 _____$500 _____$750 _____other

               * Please include a business card with this form, if available.

  _______I am an IB Alumnus and would like to support the program with a tax
deductible donation of: $____________

   _______I give permission to acknowledge my contribution in newsletters and other
school publications.

          Please make checks payable to IBSF, Inc. and mail to our treasurer:

                                     Becky Fleischhauer
                                       4220 Montalvo
                                    Pensacola, FL 32504

     Thank you in advance for your support of the teachers and students of the International
                                Baccalaureate Program at PHS
International Baccalaureate Program
Pensacola High School
500 West Maxwell Street
Pensacola, Florida 32501
Mrs. Deanna Gordon, IB Coordinator

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