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									confidential, good worldwide llc 2012
                                        We make                  We eNaBLe
                                        A website, a magazine,   Companies to achieve financial
                                        videos, custom content   performance while achieving
                                        and live events.         social performance. We call this,
                                                                 “impact marketing”

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       the VaLUeS ReVOLUtiON
       SOme FaCtS

      83% OF CONSUmeRS are              42% Say that iF two products    haLF OF CONSUmeRS (52%)          SeVeN iN 10 CONSUmeRS (68%)       81% OF CONSUmeRS
      willing to change their           are of the same quality and     globally are more likely to      would remain loyal to a           say companies have a
      own consumption habits            price, commitment to a social   recommend a brand that           brand during a recession if it    responsibility to address key
      to help make tomorrow’s           purpose trumps factors like     supports a good cause over one   supports a good cause             social and environmental
      world a better place              design, innovation and brand    that does not, and 54% would                                       issues beyond their local
                                        loyalty when choosing one       help a brand promote a product                                     communities
                                        brand over the other            if there was a good cause
                                                                        behind it

    93% OF CONSUmeRS say                93% OF CONSUmeRS believe        65% OF CONSUmeRS have            93% OF CONSUmeRS would            88% OF ReSpONdeNtS say
    companies must go beyond            companies have made at least    already purchased a cause-       boycott a company for             it’s ok if a company is not
    legal compliance to operate         some positive impact on the     related product in the past      irresponsibility, and more than   perfect, as long as it is
    responsibly                         world                           12 months                        half say they already have.       honest about its efforts.

SOURCeS: EDELMAN, CoNE/ECho gLobAL CR oppoRtuNity stuDy
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               FROm ME tO WE.
               SOme FaCtS

               BeFORe                   Is this brand a part of
               Is this brand me or      the solution or a part
               not me?                  of the problem? Brands
                                        that are a part of the
                                        solution are brands that I
                                        purchase and evangelize.

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       the digitaL ReVOLUtiON
       SOme FaCtS

            82% OF miLLeNNiaLS have                 pOOR expeRieNCeS also spark                    BRaNd pReFeReNCe ranks with                 ReVeRBeRatiON iS ONLiNe,
            joined a brand-sponsored                this kind of action, with nearly               religion and ethnicity as                   offline and increasingly
            online community, and                   40% reporting they have                        top personal identifiers that               mobile
            nearly half have joined                 criticized a brand on a blog or                Millennials are willing to share
            more than three.                        social network                                 about themselves online

                       68% OF miLLeNNiaLS have recommended                  44% OF miLLeNNiaLS have friended or               47% OF miLLeNNiaLS share positive
                       their products to friends and family                 followed that brand on their social               brand experiences online
                       for those brands that Millennials love               network

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               FROm ME tO WE.
               SOme FaCtS

               BeFORe                   If I love this brand and
               I purchase or I don’t.   believe in its purpose, I will
                                        purchase it, share it with my
                                        friends, badge myself with
                                        it, blog about it, advocate
                                        for it, and evangelize it. I
                                        have the power to help this
                                        brand win.

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       WhO iS OUR WE ?

                        52 %                        10x                                        2x
                        Male                        More likely to have participated           More likely to spend $40,000+
                                                    in environmental groups and causes         on an automobile
                        Female                      97%                                        4x
                                                    Believe a corporation’s commitment         More likely to prefer products that
                        34                          to social responsibility matters to them   offer the latest in new technology
                        Median age
                                                    4x                                         2.5x
                        $100,000                    More likely to be an officer of a club     More likely to spend more than
                        Average HHI                 or organization                            $2,000 a month on credit cards

                        78%                         3x                                         9x
                        College graduates           More likely to say                         More likely to be interested in arts,
                        (259 Index)                 I’m always one of the first of my          design, entertainment, sports, or
                                                    friends to try new products or services    media
                        Influentials (500 Index)    4x                                         3x
                        – Higher than The New       More likely to spend $2,000                More likely to engage in fundraising
                        Yorker, The Wall Street     or more on clothes                         for a community organization
                        Journal, or The Economist

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       hOW dO We taLk tO theSe eNgaged thOUghtFUL LeadeRS?

             gOOd.iS                    a magaZiNe        VideOS             CUStOm CONteNt                    eVeNtS
             4,500,000                  65,000            200+               22 million +                      20+
             Monthly unique             Rate Base         Videos produced    GOOD Sheets distributed at        In the past year
             visitors                                     in two years       Starbucks nationwide
                                        230,000+                                                               20,000
             177,000+                   Total Audience    35 Million +       1.5 million                       Attendees
             Facebook followers                           Total streams      Smarter Cities Case Studies
                                        95 minutes        in the past year   Booklet distributed via The
             721,000+                   Average reading                      New York Times
             Twitter followers          time per issue
             200,000+                                                        “MINI-GOOD” magazines
             Daily GOOD email                                                distributed via The New York
             subscribers                                                     Times

                                                                             1.1 million
                                                                             “Road Map to Harmony” fold
                                                                             out posters distributed via The
                                                                             New York Times

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       gOOd’S exteNded ReaCh

       StaRBUCkS                                     dyLaN RatigaN on mSNBC                           tWitteR & FaCeBOOk
       gOOd has an exclusive relationship with       the dyLaN RatigaN ShOW and gOOd partner in       gOOd’S most engaged and core audience
       StaRBUCkS to curate and promote its content   providing stories that are Good for America.     members are close followers of our social
       on the Starbucks Wi-Fi welcome page.          This weekly segment features provocative         media updates and promotions, making them
                                                     solutions to the challenges our country faces.   key facilitators of content distribution.
       50 miLLiON Impressions in 7,000 locations
       17.5 miLLiON Visits per month                 45 GOOD For America segments annually            721,000+ Twitter followers
       dUaL aUdieNCe 53% Female & 47% Male           3 Annual co-produced sponsored events            177,000+ Facebook followers
       edUCated 63% have college degrees             key adULt demO 25–54                             Ranked #4 of the most influential people on
       aFFLUeNt $93,000 Average HHI                  56% male 44% female                              Twitter (Twitalyzer, April 2011)
                                                                                                      Named ONe OF the BeSt tWitteR aCCOUNtS OF 2011
                                                                                                      by Buzzfeed

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       150 miLLiON mONthLy impReSSiONS

                        25m         impressions via (4.5 million uniques)

                         2m         impressions via GOOD Video (35 million streams)

                        50m         impressions via Starbucks WiFi Portal (7,000 locations)

                         4m         impressions via GOOD email newsletter

                         2m         impressions via GOOD Magazine (distributed in Whole Foods and Barnes & Noble)

                         5m         impressions via GOOD’s social media

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       We BeLieVe that
       CaN Be a FORCe FOR gOOd

                                        harm            impact


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       BUSiNeSSeS We heLp

confidential, good worldwide llc 2012   page 13
                  iBm, FORd, pepSi

confidential, good worldwide llc 2012   page 14
         CaSe StUdy

               iBm— In 2010, GOOD strategically evolved our partnership
               with IBM to focus on more select categories of Smarter Planet
               – such as Retail, Personal Data, Corporate Data Security,
               Smarter Grid – in order to educate our community on the
               challenges facing companies and individuals in these specific
               areas with an eye towards IBM solutions that turn these
               challenges into opportunities.

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         CaSe StUdy

                                        CUStOm CategORy SeCtiON

                                        Six-part VideO SeRieS

                                        Ten-part iNFOgRaphiC SeRieS

                                        CUStOm editORiaL SeRieS
                                        Cities, Rethought

                                        Three iNteRaCtiVe appLiCatiONS
                                        demonstrating ibm smarter
                                        planet services

                                        CUStOm pUBLiCatiON: 1.5
                                        Million copies in the new
                                        york times and harvard
                                        business review

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         CaSe StUdy

                             57 miLLiON   Media impressions on

                             12 miLLiON   Media impressions over-delivered

                              3 miLLiON   Visits to IBM-owned

                                800,000   Visits to IBM-sponsored infographics

                                600,000   Views of IBM-sponsored videos

                                  9,000   Re-tweets

                                  5,000   Facebook shares

                                   2:24   Average engagement time with IBM-sponsored content

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         CaSe StUdy

               FORd—Through Reinventing The Outdoors, GOOD + Ford
               brought together celebrities, content, charities, PR, social
               media and traditional digital advertising to create a ground
               breaking program that has established Ford as an authentic
               supporter of the outdoors. We aimed to reach millions of
               people and get them engaged with the Ford Explorer brand
               in an innovative and personal way. We succeeded.

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         CaSe StUdy

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         CaSe StUdy

                               1.5 miLLiON   Blog post page views

                                30 miLLiON   Social media impressions

                                   400,000   Video streams

                              27.5 miLLiON   Starbucks Wi-fi Digital Network impressions

                              10.8 miLLiON   Social impressions

                               5.4 miLLiON   Traditional media impressions

                               6.3 miLLiON   Digital media impressions

                              22.5 miLLiON   Total impressions

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         CaSe StUdy

                  pepSi—In 2010, the Pepsi Refresh Project united
                  America’s everyday heroes to bring awesome ideas
                  to life. As a groundbreaking, crowd-driven brand
                  engagement campaign, the Pepsi Refresh Project
                  awarded millions of dollars in grants to ideas big and
                  small that move the world forward. GOOD helped
                  to create and execute the entire program –
                  providing the perspective and insight to
                  ensure its authenticity and credibility.

confidential, good worldwide llc 2012                                      page 21
         CaSe StUdy

                                                                                                                                  Davis Shai House, $250K
                                                                                                                                  Preserving a taste of history.
                                                                                  Nancy Nelson, $5K: Giving pets
                                                                                  a new hope with old tshirts.

                             Sketches of a Memory, $25K
                             Bridging the generation gap.

                                                                                                                                                                                 Global Language Project, $50K
                                                                                                                                                                                 Speaking to succeed.

                         Tiger Crane Kung Fu, $5K:
                         Giving under-privileged kids
                         a fighting chance.

                                                                                                                                                                   Economic Empowerment
                                                                                                                                                                   Initiative, $50K: Putting an end
                                                                                                                                                                   to financial illiteracy.

                                Operation Sweet Dreams,           Becky Hall, $5K: Biking for                      Moped Medical, $50K: Caring
                                $25K: Giving kids sweet dreams.   a cure.                                          for hard-to-reach seniors.

confidential, good worldwide llc 2012                                                                                                                                                                            page 22
         CaSe StUdy

                                76 miLLiON   Votes on

                                13 miLLiON   Web visitors

                              3.24 BiLLiON   Earned media impressions

                             $65.6 miLLiON   In earned media value

                                 3,041,851   Total Facebook fans

                                    52,860   Total Twitter followers

                              $8.3 miLLiON   Raised beyond refresh grants and in-kind gifts

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                  the FiVe teNetS OF
                  a gOOd paRtNeRShip
                    1       We make business success

                    2       We turn the audience into advocates

                    3       We create change through communication and action

                    4       We partner with an entire network of influencers

                    5       We share as opposed to sell

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                  exiStiNg at the
                  iNteRSeCtiON OF the
                  VaLUeS ReVOLUtiON aNd
                  the digitaL ReVOLUtiON,
                  We at gOOd eNteR
                  eVeRy paRtNeRShip
                  With a CONStaNt eye
                  tOWaRdS aNSWeRiNg
                  the qUeStiON:

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           Please join us at

confidential, good worldwide llc 2012

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