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Go Green In The Home


There are programs that will help you pay for new hot water tanks, windows, insulation, heating units

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									Go Green In The Home
These days, the reasoning behind going green is both because people want to be kind to the
environment and they want to save some money on their utility bills. No matter what the reasoning is
behind going green, it is a decision that everyone should feel good about. Use the tips below to make
your home a bit greener.

Take a tour of your home. Walk through both inside and outside your home to see if there are things
that you can change. This can include your lighting choices, appliances, watering procedures in the
yard or garden, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, drapery choices and anything else that you find could
be causing the home to use more energy. Many of the things that you find will be easy enough to
change. Some of the larger appliances and things may be costly to replace, but if you work at
replacing them one at a time, before you know it, you will have an energy efficient collection of
appliances throughout your home.

Arm yourself with as much information as possible. Do research to learn what changes are going to
save you the most energy and are going to be affordable for you to make. As you are researching,
compare different brands to learn if one is going to offer you better energy savings than the other.
Stay alert for ideas that you may not have thought of as you were walking through your home.

There are many rebates that the government offers to make green changes in the home. Be sure to
look into getting some of your money back on what you have spent to make your home more green.
There are programs that will help you pay for new hot water tanks, windows, insulation, heating units
and even appliances. Take the time to learn about them before you buy anything because some of
them require you to get specific energy usage appliances to qualify.

Once you have made some changes around the home, get out your old utility bills and compare
them. Many utility companies suggest that you hold on to at least one year's worth of billing
statements, so pull them all out and compare last year's to this years. The savings may be small
when you first begin making the changes, but as you work your way through your home and make
more and more changes, you will see the savings quickly begin to add up.

Now that you have taken steps to go green, be proud of what you have done for your home and the
environment. If everyone was to take the time and spend a little money on going green, the impact of
those efforts would be tremendous. You have helped more than you could have thought when you
first looked at your old light-bulbs and decided to change them out for new energy efficient ones. You
will see a difference in your utility bills and your kids will see what you have done for their future

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