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					                                 NESACS Board Meeting
                              Harvard University Faculty Club
                                      Cambridge MA
                                     April 17th, 2008

Members in Attendance: E. J. Billo, M. Burgess, M. Chen, T. Gilbert, M. Hearn, M. Hoffman, C.
Jaworek-Lopez, D. Lewis, M. Mahaney, D. Phillips, J. Piper, D. Rickter, M. Schwartz, J. D.
Smith, R. Tanner, A. Tapper

The meeting was called to order at 4:40 PM with M. Schwartz in the Chair

The minutes of March 2008 were approved with minor modifications.

Chair: M. Schwartz
 The chair reported that she presented the Norris Award at National meeting. She also
   reported that Doris Lewis has re-nominated Christine Jaworek-Lopez for the Northeast
   Region Award for Excellence in Volunteer Services.

Chair-Elect: J. Billo
 The October meeting can be held at Henderson House, but only if the meeting is held on
   Wednesday October 15. As it appeared that this change of meeting day, from Thursday to
   Wednesday, was acceptable to the Board, the meeting will be scheduled for that date.

Secretary: M. Singer
 No report

Treasurer: J. Piper
 The Treasurer's report was approved by voice vote.

 No report

Councilors' Reports: M. Hoffman
 I attended the following meetings, sessions, and events during the national meeting:
 Meeting of the College Chemistry Subcommittee of SOCED (Society Committee on
   Education) on Thursday afternoon and evening.
 SOCED Executive Session all day Friday.
 Joint reception for members of CPT (Committee on Professional Training) and SOCED on
   Friday evening.
 Meeting of the Executive Committee of CHED (Division of Chemical Education) on
   Saturday morning.
 Meeting of the International Activities Committee of CHED early on Sunday morning.
 Meeting of the Organizing Committee of the conferences on Frontiers in Chemical Sciences
   (“Malta” Conferences) on Sunday morning.
 Presidential Symposium on Science Education on Sunday afternoon.
 Town Hall meeting with the ACS presidential nominees on Sunday afternoon
 Receptions for the Royal Society of Chemistry, International Activities Committee, and
   Minority Affairs Committee on Sunday evening.
 Achievement in Research in Teaching Award symposium on Monday morning.
 CHED Business Meeting and the chemical exposition at noon on Monday.
 Presidential Energy Research symposium on Monday afternoon.
 ACS Board-Staff reception on Monday evening.
 Pimentel Award in Chemical Education symposium on Tuesday morning and afternoon.
 District I Councilor Caucus on Tuesday afternoon.
 Awards Reception and Banquet on Tuesday evening.

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                                 NESACS Board Meeting
                              Harvard University Faculty Club
                                      Cambridge MA
                                     April 17th, 2008
   Council meeting on Wednesday morning

Councilor Report: R. Lichter (by written report)
 My activities at the ACS meeting as a newly elected NESACS Councilor did not differ
   substantially from those before my election. Now in my third year as a full member of the
   Society Committee on Budget and Finance (B&F), I participated in the discussions of and
   voted on various budget-related issues. The Committee will shortly launch a revised Web
   site that will report details of the ACS budget for member examination. I have accepted an
   invitation to chair the Program Funding Request subcommittee, which reviews the budget
   of all new-program proposals and, in the case of multi-year programs, renewal proposals.
   The subcommittee gives guidance on preparation of proposals, reviews the proposals for
   budgetary suitability, and makes recommendations for action to the full B&F Committee,
   for further recommendation to the ACS Board of Directors. The process is designed to
   ensure diligent scrutiny of new ACS programmatic expenditures. The subcommittee’s work
   will begin in April.
 I am also a member of B&F’s Program Review Advisory Group (PRAG), which was
   established to advise B&F in fulfilling its responsibilities in “studying and making
   recommendations to the Board of Directors on the allocation of funds to the various areas
   of activity to the Society,” and “studying all activities supported by the budget and
   recommending to the Board of Directors and Council... an order of priorities, including
   termination of programs, based upon determination of costs and effectiveness” (Bylaw III,
   3, e, (1) a). Several years earlier, I had been a member of the Task Force that established
   PRAG. Membership of PRAG consists of representatives of the Board of Directors, the
   Council, B&F, and the chairs of the cognizant committees for the programs under review.
   In 2008, the second year of PRAG’s activities, the programs under review are the Awards
   Program, Regional Meetings, Divisional Activities, Legislative and Government Affairs, and
   International Activities. Work will begin in April and continue through the end of the year.
 In early June, I will participate in B&F’s Financial Planning Conference, which will review
   and chart ACS’s budgetary and financial strategies for the next few years.
 Prior to the ACS meeting, I took part in a conference call with the Committee on
   Nominations and Elections, which is reviewing the timetable and procedures for election of
   the ACS President-Elect. I spoke in favor of shortening the time line and of requiring
   petition candidates to join N&E nominees in speaking before the Council before final
   selection of candidates. I also took part in a Web-based conference call (WebEx) to
   discuss implications of the ACS Strategic Goal #2: ACS will be the indispensable
   professional and information resource for our members and other chemistry- related
   practitioners. I continue to be a member of the Advisory Committee to the ACS Office of
   Communications’ Strategic Plan development, and of the advisory committee to the ACS
   Scholars Program.
 As a new councilor, I attended an orientation session organized and expertly run by
   NESACS Councilor Tom Gilbert, who is vice chair of the Council Policy Committee.
   Councilors were made familiar with the structure of the Council and of two important
   committees, the Committee on Committees, and the Committee on Budget and Finance.
 I also attended the presidential nominee “Town meeting,” where the four nominees for
   ACS president-elect—Dr. Thomas Barton, Iowa State University; Dr. R. Steven Berry,
   University of Chicago; Dr. Joseph Francisco, Purdue University; and Dr. Joseph Michl,
   University of Utah—responded to questions. All the nominees were thoughtful and highly
   articulate. At the Council meeting, councilors selected Drs. Francisco and Michl as the
   candidates, ensuring that the next ACS president-elect will be named Joe.
 At the ACS meeting, I attended a symposium organized by the Women Chemists
   Committee called “STARS: Science and Technology Awards and Recognitions for

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                                 NESACS Board Meeting
                              Harvard University Faculty Club
                                      Cambridge MA
                                     April 17th, 2008
    Professionals in the Chemical Sciences.” Mechanisms and strategies for being nominated
    for ACS and other awards were presented, in order to increase the recognition of
    accomplishments by women and others underrepresented among awards recipients.
    Organized jointly with AIChE, presenters included ACS Board members, staff, and
    successful award nominators and recipients.
   I attended part of a symposium acknowledging the 10th anniversary of the Arnold O. and
    Mabel Beckman Foundation Undergraduate Scholars Program. This program provides
    support for undergraduates to do research in the summer.
   My main activity other than Council business was to preside over the symposium I
    organized for the George C. Pimentel Award in Chemical Education in honor of Richard
    Zare, whom I had nominated and who, in 2004, had won the NESACS James Flack Norris
    Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Teaching of Chemistry. The all-day symposium
    featured speakers who directly or indirectly all had connections either with Zare or with
    George Pimentel, including his wife, Jeanne Pimentel. Among the array of distinguished
    and impassioned speakers was NESACS member Dudley Herschbach, Zare’s dissertation
    advisor. The symposium was characterized by provocative presentations and a deep and
    abiding affection for the awardee. Attendance reached standing-room-only proportions. I
    also attended the awards dinner as a guest of Dr. Zare.
   Details of Council and Board actions will appear separately. However, in the interest of
    transparency, I voted for Drs. Berry and Francisco as candidates for president-elect, and
    in favor of all the Council’s approved items.

Councilor Report – C. Jaworek-Lopes
 As a member the Committee of Community Activities (CCA), I attended the meeting held
   on April 5, 2008. I will be participating in judging of the NCW and CCED ChemLuminary
   Awards. In addition, I will be drafting an acknowledgement letter that will be given to all
   CCED and NCW coordinators that have submitted ChemLuminary Awards.
 On behalf of the Volunteer Recognition and Engagement Subcommittee of CCA, I
   presented a poster entitled, Developing and Maintaining Successful Chemists Celebrate
   Earth Day Programs, at the CHED and Sci-Mix poster sessions.
 I attended the 2009 NCW Theme Team meeting. During this meeting we discussed the
   logistics of getting new periodic tables to every school, the community event, puzzles and
   activities to be placed in the Celebrating Chemistry magazine.
 As part of the Chem Demo Exchange Program, Elise Zablowsky, Jason Noguiera, and I
   presented our hands-on activity entitled, “Holding Your Home Together with Nails”.

Councilor Report – M. Singer (by written report)
 As a member the Local Sections Activities Committee (LSAC) I attended committee
   meetings on Saturday and Sunday.
 The committee reviewed the impact of the constitution and by-law change for student
   affiliates becoming student members of the ACS for all local sections. The impact on
   NESACS is estimated to be an approximate increase of 500 members to the sections. It is
   likely that this increase will make NESACS the largest local section of the ACS. Likewise,
   it is anticipated that we will have an extra councilor allotted in the next census cycle.
 The committee also spoke about the need for communications and up to date
   communications. Websites, e-newsletters, and list-serve services were all discussed in
   some detail.
 ACS will be rolling out a new membership services web feature. This on-line community
   of chemists will hopefully engage members to find members with similar interests.
 I also served as LSAC Liaison to Project Seed. Project Seed is holding its 40th anniversary
   this year. Many activities are planned for the Spring and Fall ACS National meetings.

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                                  NESACS Board Meeting
                               Harvard University Faculty Club
                                       Cambridge MA
                                      April 17th, 2008

Local Arrangements: M. Burgess
 About eighty guests are expected for the dinner this evening

Education Committee: R. Tanner
 Fifteen applications have been received for the Norris/Richards Summer Fellowships.
   Winners will be announced next Wednesday.
 NSCRC will be held on Saturday at Tufts University. There are about 70 registrants so far.

Board of Publications: M. Mahaney
 The committee is working to revamp the website.
 The Nucleus is over budget; the committee is considering ways to avoid a deficit.
 The committee is looking for volunteers.

Membership Committee: M. Chen
 91 “Welcome New member” letters were sent during March, There were 21 new members, plus 70
  transfers from other section, but new to our section.
 3 new members will attend Esselen Award dinner:
      o Mark E. Fleury          MIT
      o Nakul Telang            NEU
      o Larry Hamann            Novartis

NCW: C. Jaworek-Lopes
 We received eight haikus (four from grades 9-12; one from grades 3-5; three from grades
  K-2) from three different schools as part of the CCED haiku competition. One haiku from
  each grade range was sent on to the ACS Office of Community Activities.
 The winning haikus are:
 Grades K-2: Zacary Carelli – Shaker Lane School, Littleton
             Mother Earth is good.
             Rivers, her good creation.
             Save all of the streams.
 Grades 3-5: Jennifer Bindman, Franklin Elementary School, West Newton
             Water, drip drop splash!
             Splatter rain pour, steam ice snow
             Vapor, gas, water.
 Grades 9-12: Norwood High School, Norwood, MA
             A tiny goldfish
             Pollution destroyed his home
             PLEASE! Keep water clean.
 We will be partnering with Malden High School’s Chemistry Club, the Massachusetts Bays
  Estuary Association (MBEA), and the Boston Children’s Museum (BCM) for Earth Day. The
  MBEA will be providing an enviroscape model as well as water samples from different
  bays. The Malden High Students will test these waters using a variety of colorimetric test
  strips for BCM visitors.
 The NCW 2008 kick-off event will be held at the MoS-Boston on Saturday, October 18,
  2008. We will also be holding an NCW event at the BCM on October 25, 2008.

NERM: M. Hoffman
   NERM 2008 will be held at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center, Burlington, VT,
    June 29-July 2. The Green Mountain Local Section will serve as the host. The abstract
    deadline is May 11. For details about the meeting, see

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                                  NESACS Board Meeting
                               Harvard University Faculty Club
                                       Cambridge MA
                                      April 17th, 2008
    <>. NERM 2009 will be held at the Hilton Hotel,
    Hartford, CT, October 7-10. The Connecticut Valley Local Section will serve as the host.
    The website for the meeting has not yet been opened. Although the ACS national meeting
    will be held in Boston in August 2010, the Rochester Local Section has expressed an
    interest in hosting NERM 2010 in Rochester, NY, sometime in October in celebration of its
   At the recent ACS national meeting in New Orleans, Dr. Kurt Begitt (German Chemical
    Society) and I had conversations with Dr. Brad Miller, interim director of the ACS
    International Activities Division, about possible ACS support toward the visit of
    representatives of the Jungchemikerforum to the national meeting in Boston (2010) as
    part of the NESACS German Exchange. Dr. Miller suggested that a prospectus be
    developed for submission to ACS in which the details of the visit and its relevance to the
    ACS Strategic Goals are presented. This activity will be undertaken in conjunction with the
    German Exchange Organizing Committee, which represents NESACS, its Education
    Committee, and its Younger Chemists Committee.

Public Relations and Career Services: M. Chorghade (by written report
 Our April mega-event was a tremendous success. This was the second annual symposium
   catering to the needs of the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and biotech industries in
   the Boston area.
 The “Advances in Chemical Sciences Symposium” conference, held on April 11, 2008 was
   a spectacular success. The symposium was a day-long celebration of Chemistry and was
   held at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge, MA. Under the auspices of this
   conference, eminent scientists from the triad of government and industry and academia
   delivered plenary lectures. The conference brought together 300+ scientists for a
   scholarly event focusing on medicinal chemistry, organic synthesis and methodology. This
   year’s plenary lecturers were Magid Abou-Gharbia (SVP, Wyeth), Mark Goulet, (Executive
   Director, Merck Research Laboratories), Timothy F. Jamison, (Massachusetts Institute of
   Technology), John Piwinski (SVP, Schering Plough), Mathew Shair, (Professor, Harvard
   University), Erik J. Sorensen, (Professor, Princeton University). The topical focus areas –
   medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical and organic synthesis are areas where the chemical
   enterprise in our area has a well deserved reputation for excellence.
 A large number of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry professionals from the
   metropolitan area joined us for this event, shared ideas and built networks. The response
   has been extremely enthusiastic. A sell out symposium crowd was treated to some
   exhilarating science from some of the finest practitioners of the discipline. A vendor show
   drew 16 vendors. The symposium was co- sponsored by the US (East Coast) Section of
   the RSC, and IUPAC. This helped cement our relationships with our colleagues from other
   societies. Represented on the organizing committee were scientists from many of the
   Pharma companies in our area. Fundraising netted over 40,000. We thus continue to
   build a nucleus for the future: there is a lot of enthusiasm for having this as an annual
 Several new initiatives are underway for an integrated Career Services Development
   portfolio from the ACS. I [participated in numerous events and presentations at the ACS
   National Meeting in New Orleans

Government Affairs Committee: D. Rickter
 The issue of “Safer Alternatives to Toxic Chemicals” is important to all inhabitants of
  Massachusetts. Chemists should find it of special interest. A lot of writing and discussion
  has gone on in the State House since November. The bill passed the Senate on 29

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                                 NESACS Board Meeting
                              Harvard University Faculty Club
                                      Cambridge MA
                                     April 17th, 2008
    January and is now S-2481. It is resting in the House Ways and Means Committee while
    the state budget is being prepared.
   There is time to get further information from your state rep and your state senator.
   Official information is available at:
   TURI (Toxics Use Reduction Issues) in Lowell has a website, which is
   One activist organization is at
   This has not been covered well in the news media. I hope that you will explore the
    resources available.

Summerthing: M. Singer (by written report)
 I am exploring the possibility of getting tickets for the Red Sox Futures at Fenway game
  on Saturday August 9th. This is a double header at Fenway Park featuring the Class A
  Lowell Spinners in the first game at noon, followed by the Class AAA Pawtucket Sox in the
  late game. NESACS has sponsored this game in the past. Wally Gleekman gave out pairs
  of tickets to many of the Education Night awardees. This may be something the section
  would choose to sponsor. The cost of the tickets is $10 each.

YCC: L. Dafik (via R. Tanner)
 Social Event: The NSYCC held a social/networking event (pool tournament at Kendall
  Square) on April 16th 2008. Number of attendees 30 people from the following
  institutions: MIT, Tufts, BU, BC, and the Broad Institute. Organizers: Alexander Taylor
  (MIT), Lee Johnson (Novartis) and Laila Dafik (Tufts).
 Northeast Student Research Conference preparations: The NSYCC is in the process of
  preparing for the Tenth Annual Northeast Research Conference which will be held at Tufts
  University Chemistry department on April 19th 2008. We are expecting 70 participants.
  As a keynote speaker this year Prof. Schreiber will be giving a lecture titled "Small-
  Molecule Probe and Drug Discovery". Organizers: Laila Dafik, Deniz Yuksel, Subbu
  Krishnaji, Olga Makhlynets, Yulia Ivanova and Venkat Raman (Tufts).

Old Business
 Discussion continued concerning the motion from last month's meeting, "Alcohol will not
   be served at any NESACS-sponsored student activity to which undergraduates are
   invited". After some attempts to amend the motion, it was decided to table discussion
   until any written alcohol policy of National ACS could be provided to the Board for use as a
   guiding principle. T. Gilbert volunteered to search for same, but in an amazing
   demonstration of the power of modern technology, Amy Tapper accessed the following
   from the ACS website with her BlackBerry: "Alcohol Policy: ACS endorses responsible
   drinking policies for its attendees. No one under 21 years of age will be served alcohol at
   any ACS function, and no one who appears to be intoxicated will receive service."
   Because of time limitations, discussion on this topic will be continued at next month's

The meeting adjourned at exactly 5:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

E. Joseph Billo
Secretary pro-tem

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