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Blocked Drains


									Blocked Drains: The Most Common Reasons and What to Do

Blocked drains are not only annoying, they are also very common. It seems that people today still have
not learned their lessons and are still not doing the best things possible to avoid blocked drains. There
are various reasons why drains becomes blocked ad in this article, we are going to explore the most
common causes and what people can do to address them and avoid having blocked drains.

       Trees & leaves. Trees and leaves are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to blocked
        drains. It is not only the leaves which can go to your pipes. The roots can also be drawn to the
        nearest water source and cause cracks in pipes. It is essential to maintain your garden and keep
        stray leaves away, especially during autumn.
       Grease & fat. These are two of the most common reasons for blocked drains, yet it is the easiest
        to prevent. Fatty substances, such as oil, which are washed down the sink can stick to the
        insides of the pipes. As more and more fatty substance is flushed,, they build up so much that
        eventually water will not be able to pass through, resulting in a blocked drainage. Be watchful of
        the liquids which you wash away on your sink.
       Incorrect pipe installation. Pipe installation, especially if you do not have any idea what they are,
        should be done only by the experts to avoid problems and headaches later on. You would not
        want to skimp money in pipe installation, only to spend so much more later because pipes are
        not in the correct position. DIY may be good for some things, but pipe installation is not one of
        them. You will be better off consulting and hiring an expert to do it for you. It is just not worth
        the trouble.
       Foreign object and debris. Foreign materials can easily get flushed down the toilet, especially if
        you have children in the house. Although initially they may not block the pipes right away, they
        will continue to collect and eventually prevent the water from flowing freely through the pipes.
        Most of the time, toilets get blocked because of too much toilet paper and other sanitary items
        which should be thrown in the garbage bin and not flushed. Everyone in the home should be
        properly educated regarding proper disposal of thrash. When everyone is educated, there will
        be fewer problems to deal with.

If you do notice that your pipes and the drainage are not able to flush water as fast and as smoothly as
they used to, it is important that you all the attention of a plumber right away. Do not wait for the
situation to get worse before you take action for Blocked Drains. The sooner you attend to blocked
drains, the better off you will be. Take care of your drainage and it will also take very good care of you
and the rest of the family.

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