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                                  How Geo Targeting Works

An advertiser merely need enter their physical location and a geographic radius they wish to
cover ranging from 0.5 to 100 miles. Then behind the scenes, Local Match will automatically
add relevant geographical locations.

For instance, that San Francisco dental practice using the regular listing program might think
to bid on terms such as "san francisco dentists" and "daly city dentists" but overlook other
geographically relevant terms like "sunset district dentists" or "brisbane dentists." The Local
Match program is meant to solve this. Through it, the practice would bid on the term
"dentists," set a geographic radius, and any relevant geographic terms would be automatically
pulled from a mapping database and added to the word dentist to help the ad show up for a
wide range of phrases.

You'll know an ad is locally targeted after you click on it. Regular search ads lead directly to an
advertiser's web site. Local Match local ads instead lead to an intermediary "locator" page.
This page can show a map, business name, physical location, hours of operation and a link to
the advertiser's own web site, if they have one, along with other information. An example of
one is below:

The locator pages are designed in part to help small advertisers without web sites take part in
Internet advertising programs. In contrast, its regular listings assume advertisers have their
own web sites.
Some advertisers may not want locator pages, of course. Unfortunately, you can't opt out of
having them if you take part in Local Match. Overture said it wanted to provide a uniform
experience for those viewing local listings, so all local advertisers must use these.

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                                        The Keywords

These are the keyword phrases your potential customers typed in last month. Please do not
print this research out as it is typically many pages. You can save it as a Microsoft Word
document and edit it as you please.

 Look at each search phrase. If you think it was typed by someone who would be interested in
your site - keep the phrase.

 If you think the search phrase was typed by someone not looking for a site like yours drag
your mouse and highlight the phase and hit your delete button so it disappears.

This way the only search phrases left on these pages are phrases you are willing to pay per
click to get. Remember people that chose to go to that search engine, and type in this phrase,
over everything else they could have been doing at that moment, typed in these targeted
keywords. These people are serious.

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From a special report from the Search Engine Strategies 2003 Conference, December 9-11,
Chicago, Illinois.

"In case anyone hasn't noticed, search engine marketing has exploded over the last few
years" stated Nate Elliot, online marketing and media analyst for Jupiter Research. Elliot also
pointed out that as recently as 1997, search engine marketing barely registered as an industry
-- this in contrast to the $1.6 billion (or roughly 28 percent of all online advertising spending)
spent on search advertising in 2003. Although companies have steadily decreased investment
in banner ads and other forms of online display advertising, search engine marketing
continues to move the industry forward.

Because of this growth, management of search engine marketing campaigns is becoming more
complex. Jupiter Research reports that over half of all companies with annual ad budgets of $1
million or more are purchasing hundreds of keywords and nearly one quarter of those
companies are purchasing more than one thousand.

As businesses face greater competition online, advertise across a wider range of search
engines, and purchase more keyword phrases, it has become increasingly difficult for
companies to handle campaigns internally. In fact, a recent study by Jupiter Research showed
that half of all large marketers and over 30 percent of small marketers had trouble managing
their own search engine marketing campaigns.
The combination of expanding campaigns and the desire to carefully track campaign details is
causing many companies to look to third-party firms to manage their search engine
marketing. Jupiter Research reports that 48 percent of large marketers and 23 percent of
small marketers are currently outsourcing their SEM programs. Their studies also show that 80

Rev. 803
percent of companies that outsourced are significantly more satisfied with the performance of
their campaign (compared to just 58 percent for those that handle SEM in-house).”

           Prepared By Robert Gantt for Barry Albright, Financial Equities, 516-881-0002, 11-24-09

Rev. 803

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