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Alcohol Rehab Helpline Treatment Programs
Here at Alcohol Rehab Helpline, we understand that different people have different needs. The
program that works for one individual may not be suitable for another. To address the needs of
more people, we offer several programs and treatments. You can choose which one is most
appropriate to your situation.

Drug Rehab Programs
There is no one way to treat drug addiction because drug addiction comes in many forms. There
are many different drugs, and each affects a person differently. Hence, drug treatment programs
must be as varied as the commonly abused drugs to successfully help the individuals recover.
The Alcohol Rehab Helpline believes that for treatment to be effective, it must designed
specifically for the individual who needs help. This is the reason we design our treatment
processes based on the client. It is our aim to boost the individual’s chances of recovering from
addiction by providing customized treatment programs. Find out more about our drug rehab
programs here.

Alcohol Rehab Programs
The biggest problem with alcohol addiction is that one may be in the road to alcohol abuse and
not know about it. Once the individual becomes aware of his or her addiction, quitting may
already prove to be difficult. The only way for alcoholics to relieve themselves of their addiction
is to seek professional help through rehabilitation. The Alcohol Rehab treatment programs for
alcoholics, which include therapies (individual, group and family) and life-skills training, are
also tailor-made for the client. Learn more about our alcohol rehab programs here.

Traditional Rehabilitation
We here at The Alcohol Rehab Helpline offer traditional treatment—but with a twist. We
incorporate elements in our treatment programs that are traditionally used in alcohol and drug
rehabilitation such as group therapy and life-skills education. However, each program is
designed to offer treatment specifically for the client in need. The client-centric nature of our
take on traditional rehabilitation is what makes it different from other traditional programs.
Discover more about our traditional addiction program here.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment
It is a fact that alcohol and drug abuse have physical and psychological consequences. Both the
mind and body suffers when an individual takes up a destructive habit. For treatment programs to
successfully lead a person to recovery, they must address both the addiction problem and the
psychiatric concerns which resulted from the addiction. The dual diagnosis programs offered
here at The Alcohol Rehab Helpline are designed to help the person recover from both. Find out
more about our dual diagnosis treatment here.

Family Programming
Contrary to popular belief, the person with the drug or alcohol dependency is not the only one
affected by the situation. The effects of addiction reaches the person’s family too. This is why it
is absolutely necessary to involve the family in the rehabilitation process. The Alcohol Rehab
Helpline offers treatment programs that require family participation. This is to allow the client
and his or her loved ones to move forward after the recovery. Learn more about our family
programming here.

Trauma Recovery Program
Traumatic experiences often results in alcohol and drug abuse. Any traumatic event brings forth
many emotions, some of which are hard to handle. If an individual can no longer carry the
burden of emotions, he or she is more likely to resort to drinking or drug use. The Alcohol Rehab
Helpline has treatment programs that not only treat the addiction, but also help the client recover
from the emotional stress caused by trauma. Discover more details about our trauma recovery
program here.

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