Fahrenheit 451 and Censorship

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					Fahrenheit 451 and
 The futuristic world of Fahrenheit 451 is
  one where all media is censored and
  books are burned. It might seem like
  science fiction, but censorship is very
  real. Not only is history riddled with
  examples of censorship, but it
  continues to this day.
 Your group is to research censorship in your
  assigned time period and area.
 While going through the assigned readings,
  you are to consider the following questions:
    What is censorship?
    What are the different types of censorship?
    Who is responsible for this censorship and
     who/what benefits from it? Who suffers?
    Why is censorship used in this situation? What
     purpose does it serve?
    How do those being censored respond?
 You will summarize the information
  from your research and present the
  answers to these questions in class
  using visuals like PowerPoint, posters,
  film, and more. Be creative!
              Soldier’s Letters
 Your group will research censorship of soldier’s letters in
  various wars. You will use the following resources for your
       html -- PBS interview about the history of letter censorship
      -- article
       about soldier’s letters with a paragraph on censorship
       htm -- article about letter censorship
      -- a picture of a censored
       World War II letter
       romantic-letters-wartime-lovers-used-code-beat-censors.html --
       British romantic letter-writers who beat the censors
 Ultimately, at the end of the
  assignment, you will be able to identify
  censorship, understand why it
  happens, why it is used, and why it
  would be a problem in a free society.
 1. Defining the problem
     Includes a visual of the affected area.
     Clear explanation of the problem is given.
     Specific examples used to clarify the problem.
     Definition of censorship provided that specifically
      relates to area being addressed
     Discussion of who is responsible for this censorship.
     Presents theory explaining the reasons why this type of
      censorship occurred/is occurring (i.e., who benefits?).
     Discussion of who is impacted and the response of
      impacted group(s).
     Explains whether the situation was resolved. If so,
 2. Connections
     Discussion of how this example of censorship is related
      to our current world and/or the world described in
 3. Overall quality of presentation
     Students are prepared and demonstrate appropriate
      level of seriousness.
     Handouts are neat and well planned.
     Relatively few grammatical errors in handouts and/or
      powerpoint presentation.
     Obvious effort put into project.
     Required little (if any) teacher input to ensure
      comprehensiveness of presentation as a learning tool
      for other students.

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