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Individual Voicemail Accounts

A phone user may have an individual voicemail account provided:

         The extension number they are using is not a shared number (i.e. it is allocated to them
         They don’t already have a voicemail account.

If these two conditions are met then they can create their own voicemail account.

Step One – Creating Voicemail Settings

     1. Use the following utility: http://inside.ul.campus/AD/

     2. You will then see a window open with your Account Management options.

     3. Select My Voice Mail and your voicemail will be created.

Your voicemail account should be created after approximately 30 minutes. [After 30 minutes you
can test your voicemail by phoning your extension from another phone and leaving a message]

Step Two – Receiving Voicemail Messages

You now need to tell the phone system under what circumstances you want to receive voicemail.
This is normally when the phone is unanswered or engaged.

         To forward all calls when the phone is busy or not answered (busy/no reply),
                   dial *44 and the phone will display Please Dial
                   give the number 444 (means forward all calls to voicemail)
                   press #

     To cancel this setting dial #44 (hash 44) on your phone handset.
         To forward all calls to voicemail,
                   dial *41 and the phone will display Please Dial
                   give the number 444
                   press #

     To cancel this setting dial #41 (hash 41) on your phone handset.

The voicemail will have the default greeting. This is probably sufficient for most phone users.
However if you want to record your own greeting, have different options for different times of the

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day then you will need to access the voicemail system to set these settings. The document
entitled: “Changing Voice Mail Settings” – located on the ITD website under the section on
Phones, Print & Post | Telephones will help you with process.
Should this procedure generate an error (because you have a shared phone or already have a
voicemail account) you will need to contact ITD to resolve the problem.

Shared Telephone Numbers

If you are sharing the telephone number with another phone user then you cannot create a
voicemail account for yourself. A voicemail account has to be associated with only one account.
ITD will manually set-up what is known as a Contact Point (resource mailbox for those who like
the jargon) for you. This resource mailbox will be the owner of the voicemail account. You will
then be given access to the resource mailbox account.

Voicemail messages.

When you receive a voicemail messages it is sent from the telephone to your email Inbox. The
red light will remain lit on your handset until this message is deleted. You may replay the
message either by clicking on the message (you will need a WAV player on the computer such as
Windows Media Player) or you may play the message on the telephone in the normal manner.

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