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									The All-In-One
Digital Phone System
ESI’s IVX 128 and        Advanced Technology built in,
IVX 128 Plus are the     not added on.
easy to use and easy     Premier-Quality Voice Mail
                         ESI’s fourth-generation digital voice mail technology offers up to 16
to afford all-in-one     simultaneously available channels of voice mail—as well as hundreds of
                         mailboxes and up to 140 hours of highest quality 64 Kbps voice message
                         storage. ESI’s exclusive Virtual Mailbox™ and other voice mail features can
digital phone systems.   easily customize voice mail for an infinite range of business applications.

                         Easier Message Handling
                         Both IVX systems include ESI’s exclusive Quick Groups™ for instantly
Everything you need      sending a message to multiple recipients, and Quick Moves™ to easily
                         move a message from your mailbox to another user’s mailbox.
for superior
                         Advanced Automated Attendant
telephony, all built     Each IVX 128 system includes a sophisticated automated attendant with
                         six levels and 100 branches. This unusual flexibility makes it easy to set up
into a single            auto-answering that saves time and conveniently routes callers to their
                         desired extension or department.
intelligent platform.
                         Live Call Recording and Screening
                         Simply press the RECORD key on your ESI Feature Phone and the IVX 128
                         system will record any call—even conference calls and personal reminders—
                         for later playback, or to move to others’ mailboxes. You can also screen calls,
ESI’s IVX 128 Series     just like you do with your home answering machine.

is your best value       Enhanced Caller ID
                         See at a glance who’s calling (or who’s on call-waiting). ESI’s patented
in communications        technology even stores Caller ID information with each voice message, for
                         easy one-button callback any time, even when messages are transferred or
technology.              forwarded to other system extensions or mailboxes.

                         Automatic Call Distribution
                         ESI’s Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)—another standard feature—
                         intelligently and efficiently manages incoming departmental calls. You can
                         easily program how calls are to be answered, and how calls waiting in queue
                         are handled and distributed, as well as monitor how efficiently your inbound
                         calls are being managed.
The All-In-One
Digital Phone System
Every voice and message feature you need, all built
into an integrated digital platform.
Even with many advanced features, the IVX 128 and IVX 128 Plus
systems are incredibly easy to use because of intuitive programming
and the built-in HELP key right on the phone, with the friendly vocal
guide ready to assist you.

Sized to fit small to midsize businesses, the IVX 128 Series’ modular
design allows your system to easily grow as your needs change.

No other phone system offers this combination of features,
expandability, ease of use, and affordable pricing. That’s why the
IVX 128 Series is rapidly becoming America’s number one choice for
advanced telephone systems.

Now, Remote Networking capability brings you the
future of telecommunications, today.
Taking IVX technology to the next level, IVX 128 Plus* adds the
option of “remote networking” through voice over IP (VoIP)
technology, bringing voice and data together in this next generation
of telecommunications.

Remote networking can provide seamless “multi-site” telephony
between your offices in distant cities without long distance toll

Remote networking also allows you to connect ESI’s Remote Feature
Phone via a broadband connection for off-site extensions with full in-
house phone functionality.

Whatever your needs, the IVX 128
Series is your all-in-one solution.
*ESI’s IVX 128 can be easily field-upgraded to an IVX 128 Plus system at a later date.
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                                                                                   ESI Products:
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Help at the Touch of a Key
ESI’s comprehensive Verbal User Guide™ makes IVX 128 systems the easiest
you’ve ever used. Just press the HELP key. The interactive spoken User Guide   The IVX 128 Series
even provides a complete tutorial, along with a friendly, “Good Morning.”
                                                                               earns high marks
Grows With Your Business
The modular system design allows IVX 128 systems to grow with your             for advanced
business, supporting up to 66 phone lines and up to 84 Feature Phones
(maximum of 126 total combined ports). Easily and inexpensively add lines,     technology and
phones, and options if and when you need them.
                                                                               user-friendly features.
Multiple High-Capacity Options†
For high-capacity connections, IVX 128 provides T1 connectivity, while the
IVX 128 Plus lets you choose between T1 and PRI†. This gives you added
flexibility, especially if your local line provider makes one option more
attractive than the other.
                                                                               That’s why ESI’s

Network-Based Telecommunications†                                              motto, “We make it
With IVX 128 Plus, you can begin enjoying the convenience and savings of
the newest communications technology—Voice over IP (VoIP)†. The optional       easy to communicate”
Remote Networking Cards allow interoffice communications between your
IVX 128 Plus systems in multiple cities over your IP wide area network. And    is more than just talk.
ESI’s Remote Feature Phone† functions just like an on-site extension and
works in most locations with broadband access—for example, a home office       It’s what makes the
with at least a 128 Kbps connection.
                                                                               IVX 128 Series best
Extra Features for Superior Call Handling†
The IVX 128 Series includes other advanced features—conference bridges,
                                                                               for your business.
music/message-on-hold, automated paging†, “follow-me” call forwarding†,
and many more. To find out how the IVX 128 Series can provide a customized
solution for your specific communications needs, consult your local ESI
reseller or the ESI Web site at:

†IVX 128 Plus only
Innovative Engineering
The latest in a growing family of all-digital telephone systems, the IVX 128
Series reflects ESI’s continuing commitment to product excellence. Using
cutting-edge engineering techniques and the latest in digital technology, the
IVX 128 phone systems offer easy-to-use, flawless call handling functionality
on ESI’s highly reliable, proven IVX telephony platform.

Future operating system upgrades are easily accomplished through on-line
downloads. Unlike many other software-based phone systems, all IVX
systems are fully self-contained and don’t rely on external computers or
network servers.

A History of Success
The IVX 128 Series is the latest in a tradition of engineering excellence from
ESI. Founded in 1987 as Estech Systems, Inc., ESI was a pioneer in digital
voice mail systems. The original IVX system, introduced in 1996, represented
a radical breakthrough in system design: the inclusion of a full suite of
user functions within a single integrated software-based digital PBX/key
system hybrid.

The voice and message quality, advanced user features, and upgradability
of ESI’s phone systems are the results of a system structure based on
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. Many of ESI’s products and
components have even been produced for recognized manufacturers
as private-labeled products.

Based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, in the heart of the Telecom
Corridor technology community, ESI specializes in state-of-the-art
telephony solutions for small to midsize businesses. Committed to
excellence, ESI is an ISO 9001-certified company—assuring that
quality is fundamental to all we do.

ESI products are available through a nationwide network of
carefully selected certified resellers with the technical knowledge
and business resources to provide system buyers the ultimate
experience in communications. The IVX 128 Series products
are available from only those ESI resellers who have
passed our rigorous factory training.

ESI’s commitment to product innovation, consistent
quality and unsurpassed value has resulted in
a financially strong company with consistent
earnings and growth of more than 35% year
after year. More than 50,000
ESI systems have been
installed nationwide.

                                                    ESI sales growth
Grows With Your Business                                                              Digital Feature Phone
• Up to 126 call processing ports (plus two dedicated ports)                          • Fully digital (2B+D)
• 140 hours of voice storage                                                          • Compact; fits into any office decor
• Up to 28 fully functional analog ports                                              • Rugged design resists abuse, spills
Powerful Call Handling                                                                • Large, easy-to-read Smart Display™
• Enhanced Caller ID* allows one-touch automatic message                              • Built-in speakerphone
  return                                                                              • Dedicated keys for frequently used functions
• Live call recording of any conversation (or personal memo);                         • 16 programmable feature keys
  allows moving and copying recordings to others’ mailboxes                           • Digital volume/scroll keys
• Live call screening allows listening to an incoming message                         • Headset operation function
  (as on a home answering machine); pick up call at any time                          • Esi-Dex™ speed-dialing
  or let it go to voice mail                                                            — Three separate lists of numbers: personal, station and
• Highest-grade voice quality (64 kilobit/second sampling)                                   system
  for voice mail and other voice storage                                                — Uses Caller ID* information or direct keypad entries
• Call waiting with Caller ID*
                                                                                      Voice Over Network†
• Missed Call Key™ † shows who called without leaving a
                                                                                      • State-of-the-art packetized voice transmission, yet with full
  message so you can easily return the call or store the
                                                                                        IVX 128 Plus feature set††
  number for speed-dialing
                                                                                      • IP Phones provide all functions of Digital Feature Phone
• Virtual Answer Key™ † makes it easy to record custom
  greetings to handle select callers when they’re in                                    — IP Feature Phone operates on a LAN; Layer 2 switch
  call waiting                                                                              provides QoS to ensure high speech quality during
                                                                                            heavy LAN activity
• Six conference bridges, each able to handle either three or
  four parties                                                                          — Remote IP Feature Phone provides full Digital Feature
                                                                                            Phone capabilities via IP at remote location
• Background announce
                                                                                            (e.g., executive’s or employee’s home); uses
• Eight message-on-hold recordings (includes three                                          industry-standard G.729 voice compression to
  prerecorded tracks)                                                                       reduce bandwidth requirements
• Dedicated overhead paging interface
                                                                                      Automated Attendant
Verbal User Guide                                                                     • Six levels, 100 branches
• Verbal Help Key provides instant assistance                                         • Virtually unlimited call routing, including off-premises
• Hundreds of informative, friendly prompts guide users,                                transfer, pager notification and more
  administrators and installers                                                       • Trunk-to-trunk transfer† eliminates need for Centrex service
Sophisticated Voice Mail                                                                to transfer calls off-premises
• 16 channels of built-in voice mail**                                                Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)
• Off-premises message delivery                                                       • Routes calls within designated departments based on your
• Urgent messages                                                                       agents’ availability, not extension sequence; maximizes
• Different mailbox types, including group, broadcast,                                  customer help
  informational, cascade paging and Q & A                                             TAPI Support (Basic Telephony Service)
• Message Recycle Bin remembers and can restore each                                  • Provided through a standard DB9 serial interface on the
  mailbox’s 10 most recently deleted messages                                           TAPI version of the IVX 128 Plus phone
• Quick Groups™ for easily leaving a voice mail message for                           • Provided through the Ethernet interface on the IP Feature
  several users                                                                         Phones and the Remote Feature Phones.
• Quick Move™ automatically moves a message to a                                      • Lets phone and your PC work as a team with software like
  designated mailbox                                                                    ACT!® Microsoft® Outlook® and GoldMine® to provide
• Virtual Mailbox Key allows easy monitoring of a                                       “screen pops,” and more
  second mailbox
                                                                                      Multiple High-Capacity Options
• Off-premises “reach-me”† can let someone forwarded                                  • Great for larger offices
  to a voice mailbox still reach the called party at a
                                                                                      • Support for T1 and PRI† (allowing
  designated number
                                                                                        enhanced Caller ID* functionality over
• AutoPage† and QuickPage™ † make it easier to page                                     wideband)
  users over phone set speakers (or, if connected,
  overhead paging system)                                                             Other Features
                                                                                      • Call statistics — reports, SMDR
                                                                                      • Local or remote diagnostics
                                                                                        and maintenance
                                                                                      • Available 64-Key
                                                                                        Expansion Console

 * Caller ID information available if your telephone service provides it. Contact your provider for details.
** IVX 128 has eight channels.
 † IVX 128 Plus only.
†† Certain minimum LAN/WAN bandwidth and data latency requirements apply.

ESI (Estech Systems, Inc.) designs and builds innovative digital telephone systems and components for small to midsized businesses. ESI’s products offer
advanced technological design and extreme ease of use, yet are very cost-competitive. Committed to quality, ESI is an ISO 9001-certified company.
More information on ESI and its products is available on the World Wide Web at

IVX®, Smart Display, Esi-Dex, Quick Groups, Quick Moves, Virtual Mailbox Key, Missed Call Key, AutoPage, Quick Page and Verbal User Guide are
trademarks of ESI. Other registered trade names mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective owners. ESI’s IVX Series and IP Series products
are protected by U.S. Patent 6,067,349 and other patents pending.
Product details subject to change without notice.

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