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global warming benefits


global warming benefits

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									When you heard about the effects of global warming it is important to
understand the effects that today we are experiencing modest compared to
what the future will see if we are not preventive measure. Over the next
century researchers and environmental professionals are stating that the
effects of global warming on a constant inclined curve. Temperatures
warmed up a bit each decade until the earth's temperature reaches the
sweltering levels that we experienced in history. Scientists believe that
global temperatures will rise between 2-9 degrees Fahrenheit by 2050.

The Arctic and northern latitudes of the world feel most of the effects
of global warming as they continue to rise. As the packages start to melt
the Arctic and glaciers from the increased temperatures the tundra and
seas surrounding these areas will continue to absorb the heat was seen
once back in space. Climate models indicate if temperature throughout the
rest of the world increased by 3 degrees Fahrenheit they will more than
likely rise at least 7 degrees Fahrenheit in the Arctic. From this, the
oceans around the world to be entirely with the melting glaciers and
Arctic ice is likely to rise at least 3ft.

As a follow on effect of this rising temperature of the ocean to
evaporate more quickly and therefore more rain, with experience. The
problem is that the storm could hit areas of the world does not need it
all causing massive floods and monsoons. Subtropical areas like India is
expected to be the target of this particular effect on global warming. On
the other hand, it is safe to say that the drought is going to be more of
a problem than flooding.

There are predictions that the future effects of global warming are also
benefits. In the northern part of the world such as Canada, warmer
temperatures will mean longer growing seasons and more rainfall. This of
course there will be any end to food shortage that could be happening and
a new sense of prosperity to provide for countries around the world are
struggling to survive.

Many of the changes and the effects listed above are already happening
today on a smaller scale, of course. Rising sea levels due to thermal
expansion of the ocean, in addition to melting of land ice. Sizes and the
chance of precipitation patterns are also changing only slightly in
comparison with what has been predicted for the future. Changes in
temperature and precipitation patterns increase the frequency and
intensity of other extreme weather events such as floods, droughts, heat
waves, and tornadoes.

Other effects include global warming, agricultural production, higher or
lower, further glacial retreat, reduced summer stream flows and species
extinctions. As a further effect of global warming, diseases like malaria
are back into areas where they have turned off earlier. This is just the
beginning of the effects of global warming can have on our world. As
greenhouse gases continue to increase and enter the atmosphere at these
effects are only going to increase in intensity making it harder and
harder to maintain our quality of life.

Many people find it hard to believe that the effects of global warming to
be as severe as scientists are predicting but the patterns support these
theories. When you read studies comparing today's weather to weather
20years ago there are already signs that create the effects of global
warming. Pay attention to the weather today and the weather being
reported from all over the world and you'll begin to see the effects
within your own life as well.

We can do our part to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases within our
atmosphere. The matter how small the act might be (to save electricity,
conserve fuel, etc.) all act different when we do all the eco-smart
decisions. There is no doubt that the effects of global warming just
going to persist and increase if we do not do something today. The fact
is that even if greenhouse gas emissions completely put out today still
take years to eliminate the threats of global warming. That is why it is
so important to do what we can today!

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