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Kendra Vail


									                                              Kendra Vail
                                            Marlton, NJ 08053

             Drexel University                                                              Philadelphia, PA
             Bachelor of Science in Information Systems: Honors Program         Graduation – June 11 , 2005
             Minors: Business Administration                                          Cumulative GPA: 3.16

             University of Hong Kong                                                              Hong Kong
             Study Abroad                                                                     Fall Term 2002
             Department of Computer Science and Information Systems

Work Experience

             DBCS Computing                                                                  Philadelphia, PA
             Application Developer                                                7/2005 to 11/2005(full-time)
               Worked with primary client, Philadelphia Gas Works, to:
                o Develop BOS module and various batch processes for Mobile system using VB.NET and
                     ASP.NET XML web services in Visual Studio .NET 2003; Oracle stored procedures and
                     functions in PL/SQL Developer within the version control system MKS Source Integrity
                o Create reports for Mobile system using SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL statements
                     (unions, joins,etc), and Oracle stored procedures/functions
                o Troubleshoot information flow problem in existing “Sketches” intranet application within
                     “Underground Facilities Database” system with ASP.NET, SQL, and Oracle stored
                o Create documentation template for Mobile Modules and specific documentation for
                     Resource Management Module with MS Word and MS Visio

             OneBeacon Insurance                                                             Philadelphia, PA
             3rd Co-op: Programmer/Analyst          4/2004 to 9/2004(full-time), 9/2004 to 12/2004(part-time)
                Developed the Electronic Documents Solutions(EDS) web-based application with HTML,
                  Javascript, CSS, SQL on an IBM DB2 database and ASP/VBscript through several
                Ran weekly web usage reports
                Provided user support for company applications, such as EDS and ODEN WebCT, through
                  phone, e-mail and Service Center tickets
                Analyzed information flow problems between various company systems and ODEN WebCT
                  database using MS SQL Server 7.0 and QMF
                Tested company applications after a new Microsoft patch is implemented

             American Friends Service Committee                                          Philadelphia, PA
             2nd Co-op: Web Development Intern 3/2003 to 9/2003(full-time), 10/2003 to 3/2004(consulting)
                Worked with several departments to update the AFSC website using HTML, Javascript and
                  Dreamweaver MX
                Created various forms and data-driven webpages with ASP/Javascript, SQL on a SQL
                  Server database and cookies, including a web-based National Events entry system
                Edited images & photos with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe ImageReady
                Assembled web photo galleries with HNM Web Gallery software

             Concord EFS, Inc                                                                Wilmington, DE
             1st Co-op: Associate Programmer/Analyst                              4/2002 to 8/2002(full-time)
                Created/edited webpages and images on corporate website, intranet, and application entry
                   pages with HTML, JavaScript, Macromedia Dreamweaver/Fireworks 4.0, and Adobe
                   Photoshop/ImageReady 6.0
                Improved/developed company Java applications using Java AWT on JCreator Pro
                Redesigned client interface for outside vendor security system with Java Swing
                Performed quality assurance testing for company Java applications
                                                Kendra Vail
                                              Marlton, NJ 08053

               Drexel University - Residential Living                                       Philadelphia, PA
               Resident Assistant                                                9/2004 to 6/2005(part-time)
                  Foster a friendly and welcoming community environment in the residence hall
                  Serve as a information resource for residents
                  Plan and implement floor-wide and building-wide programs on a monthly and quarterly

Web design/programming example

                  Senior Design Project: (ASP.NET,VB.NET,ADO.NET)
                  Personal website: (HTML,Javascript,CSS,PHP)
                  Online Resume:

Relevant Coursework

                  Systems Analysis I, II             Information Systems Lab(Office 2000 & VB 6.0) I, II, III
                  Distributed Computing & Networking Computer Programming(C++) I, II, III
                  Database Management Systems(SQL) Database Administration (Oracle 9i PL/SQL)I,II
                  Human-Computer Interaction         Multimedia & Computing (SQL, PHP, Flash, mySQL)
                  Software Project Management        Prog. Internet Info Systems I, II (Java)
                  Senior Design I, II (ASP.NET VB)   Introduction to Computing (VB.NET)

Computer Skills

                  General Software: MS Office 2003, XP, 2000, 98: MS Access, MS Word, MS Excel, MS
                  FrontPage, MS Outlook, MS Powerpoint; FTP; Telnet; SSH2

                  Development Software: MS Visual Studio .NET 2003; PL/SQL Developer; SQL Server
                  Reporting Services; MKS Source Integrity; MS Visio; Adobe Photoshop 7.0, 6.0, ImageReady
                  7.0, 3.0; Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, 4.0, Fireworks MX, 4.0, Flash, Contribute 2.0, 1.0;
                  MySQL; Oracle 9i; JCreater Pro; MS Visual C++ Studio 6.0, MS Visual Basic Studio 6.0; MS
                  Project; MS SQL Server, phpMyAdmin

                  Operating Systems: Windows XP,2000,ME,98,95,NT,3.1; Mac OS

                  Programming Languages: VB.NET, ASP.NET XML Web Services, SQL, Oracle PL/SQL,
                  ASP.NET, ADO.NET HTML, Javascript, CSS, ASP/Javascript/VBscript, PHP, Java 2, C++,
                  Visual Basic

Interests, Activities and Honors

                  Running, Nutrition, Traveling, Learning Mandarin, Co-ed Intramural Basketball, Hong Kong
                  University Worldwide Exchange, Freeman-Asia Scholarship, AJ Drexel Scholarship, Drexel
                  Honors Program

References available upon request

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