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EMO_______ by yurtgc548


              10 класс
• Хайрутдинова Елена Герусовна –
  учитель иностранного языка - II
  квалификационная категория
 Тема :Молодежная субкультура
• Знакомство с молодежными
• Совершенствование навыков чтения и
  понимание прочитанного
• Умение рассказать прочитанное
"Emo or emo-kidy is as a rule teenagers
with rigid, direct, black hair. A hairdress
on one side, the slanting, fragmentary
bang closing one eye, and behind the
short hair which are sticking out every
which way. At girls children's, ridiculous
hairdresses — two small tails, bright
заколочки — hearts on each side, bows
are possible. Because of wide
popularisation of this culture, many
forget about its true value, and focus
attention only on appearance. Owing to
there was a division among its
representatives: true эмо name itself« I
rub »(from English true — the truth, the
present), and those who prefers
popularity and to a fashion, instead of
music — are called as" poseurs »(English
poseur — the poseur, an imitator). The
conflict between« imitators »and true
representatives of subculture эмо, has
outgrown in occurrence so-called«
антиэмо ». They in turn pursue« poseurs
»and cut off it of an appearance bang-
characteristic feature эмо."
Го́ты — representatives of the Gothic musical subculture (Gotha-subcultures)
which have arisen in the late seventies of the 20th century on a wave of the
post-punk. Subculture distinctive features is predilection for gothic fate, gothic
металу and дарквэйву, gloomy image (a black hair colour, ирокезы, leather
clothes and attributes etc.), interest to mystical symbolics, a decadence, the
horror-literature and films.
Image го́тов
Early готы differed from punks only black dominating colour of clothes and hair
(with inserts white, red, dark blue or purple) and silver ornaments. They wore
fragmentary clothes and even ирокезы though «gothic ирокез» was usually
black and is much wider панковского (it is shaved only on the parties, on
temples). Also готы often used in clothes a grid (as a rule, sleeves at men) and
had original style mejk-apa: very white person and big quantity black подводки
for eyes (and men and women). Hair have usually been twirled and combed.

Originally men had short and combed hair, but became closer to the end 80
long black hair more preferably, and now shaved on the parties and hair sticking
out up at is ready it is possible to meet much less often, than the long falling.
Mejk-ap remained an image part, but the clothes were diversified: now some
wear clothes with influence of 18th or the beginnings of 19th century, others
carry vinyl, a skin and a grid (the crushed velvet, possibly, becomes one more
popular material). And some of them carry both that and another though it is
rare simultaneously. Black and white remain dominating colours though
sometimes in addition appear red, dark blue or purple. The most used materials
there is a silk, a crushed velvet, a skin and a grid. As the violet, dark blue or dark
green hair colour is very popular.

Gotha have the image which has undergone lately considerable changes. The
gothic style as though did not develop, there are two invariable basic elements:
always only black colour of clothes (sometimes with elements red), and also
exclusively silver ornaments (as a sign on contempt for gold, a symbol of usual,
hackneyed values, to colour of senselessly spilt human blood). At girls bright,
expressive style of Vamp - dense black cosmetics, подводки, a spectrum of
colours of lipstick and nails - from bright red (bloody) to black. All bright, sexual
and strict. The Girl-got (готесса) looks every day as искусительная the nun or
the medieval queen. At it is ready, working in the environment where it is
impossible for itself to allow extreme or индивидульный the approach to
image, style "corporate гот" was developed: black business clothes, not striking
The punk (from English punk — шпана, bad taste,
rotten stuff, nonsense) — the youth musical
subculture which has arisen in second half 1970th
years in the USA and in Great Britain which
prominent features are love to vigorous and
deliberately primitive rock music (pank fate), the
critical relation to a society and a policy. Popular
American group Ramones is considered the first
group playing music in style "pank fate".
Appearance of punks:
Many punks, as a rule, differ motley scandalous
Many punks paint hair in bright unnatural
colours, comb and fix their varnish, gel or beer
that they stood upright. In 80 punks had
fashionable a hairdress "ирокез". Carry the rolled
up jeans some preliminary soak jeans in a bleach
solution that those have gone red divorces. Carry
heavy boots, and also gym shoes for 150 roubles.
Gym shoes have begun a set group Ramones, and
they have adopted this manner at Mexican
The jacket-kosuha - has been adopted, as
rock'n'roll attribute from 50 when the motorcycle
and a rock'n'roll were inseparable components.
Punks of the first wave aspired to return to a rock
music the same deliberate cockiness and a drive
which in due course has taken away mass
коммерцилизация music.
Image and behaviour typical гопника represent a parody to
the gangster 90. A black leather jacket and sports body
stockings it has been adopted by teenagers directly from
them. Later gangsters have put on solid suits and ties — and
гопники and remained at the typical clothes. If work of the
present gangsters were usually dismantlings, collection and
racket of businessmen — that гопники were engaged in
small larceny and extortion of money.

Representatives of subculture «гопников» (the second
value of the term see) differ the expressed aggression
against the members of a society focused on the western
values (as a rule, against focused on the western culture of
"informal youth» — "nonconformists"), and also scornfully
concern to so-called. «лохам» — to all who does not
observe «пацанские concept» — the private rules of the
behaviour which has developed in the criminal

The researcher of subculture «гопников» — the employee
of chair of sociology, political science and management of
the Kazan state technical university of A.N.Tupolev — Ramil
Hanipov marks: «the City centre on preventive maintenance
of neglect and a drug addiction of minors of St.-Petersburg
designates гопников in quality of" informal associations “,
and includes them in section„агрессивы“. Discussions tell
the Internet of forums about level development of these
informal associations as follows:„ … from Kaliningrad to
Vladivostok гопники to this day are the most widespread
form of youth associations “, and all used sources underline
strongly pronounced criminal and group character of the
given subculture:„ Mainly it is fights, robberies, arrivals
which are aimed at extraction of money …, alcohol and
In the USSR youth subcultures of protest
and extreme character as a whole were
малоразвиты and had the narrowest
circle of adherents; subcultures of an is
active-creative, romantic and altruistic
direction had a wide circulation. Low
degree of isolation of groups of youth
from each other and from a society as a
whole, wide coverage of a lump of youth
by set of clubs on interests, availability of
culture establishments, mass introduction
at schools of official ideology of a positive
orientation («the person to the person
the friend, a companion and the
brother»), official censorship and
elimination of a protest and negative
material was the reason of it. At the same
time stagnancy of the official power and
ideology led to occurrence of protest
moods as well in subcultures of a positive
orientation. The most widespread in the
USSR youth subcultures:

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