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									                                     All About Color Contacts
   Contact lenses were the first great invention for the seeing impaired. Colored contact lenses were
the next great step to looking stylish with your new clear vision. There are a variety of colors available,
blue, hazel, violet, and green. The perfect accessories to increase your look. This works perfectly for
women who love to wear makeup and dress up there most beautiful new accessories to have. Also,
perfect for the woman who likes change for eyes are the window to the soul and each shade tells a
different story. Eye shadows and the right make up can really make your eyes pop and give you the
glamour look you want.

Colored contact are also used as eye color enhancers so for example if you have light blue eyes the
contacts can make them electric blue. Many celebrities and models wear
these constantly which is how they get the stunning affect and the "striking
color" look. The only real caution is that contacts have been proven to cause
dry eyes and irritations. It is also the same with Halloween Contacts this can
be voided by making sure you use saline solution and keep your eye lids and
contacts hydrated. Color contacts can be worn to sleep so they are perfect
for any occasion. They are also a perfect fit for photographers, directors, or
filmmakers that want to create an illusion.

Most often you can find characters in your favorite films and TV shoes wearing color contacts. The most
abstract form of colored contacts are what you see in the Vampire movies. They are colored contacts
that look like cat eyes, bowling pins, and even made in all white. They are used for special effect s
makeup. They are also used medically to cosmetically repair patients who have eye damage from
accidents or birth defects. There have been many false rumors that colored contacts are not as effective
as regular contacts. This is false. Constant updates have been made to ensure that they are just as
comfortable to wear as the regular kind.

They are convenient and always original for any occasion. If you ask any color contact enthusiast they
will tell you they are a fashion must have that actually help you see. However, many people who have
no sight problems wear them because they simply love to change their look. The only disadvantage to
this is making sure you get the right fit if they are non prescription colored contacts. There can be
instances where your real eye color can be revealed when the pupil changes size due to light. The best
fit is important for authenticity. It’s best to get a professional to fit you for them either way. Your pupils
constantly change size and this can impair your vision or images can appear foggy. This can all be
prevented by getting the right fit. Some safety requirements are making sure to wash your hands
before using, clean frequently, never share with another person, and remove as directed. Contact lenses
can be worn swimming or in the shower. There are two types of contact lenses, disposable which can be
changed every day, or long term which can be left in for up to two weeks.

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