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DMAIC Measure


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									DMAIC: Measure

Robert Setaputra
 The measure phase begins with the
  identification of the key process metrics.
 Once the key process metrics have been
  specified, related process and customer
  data is collected.
Purpose of Measure Phase
 To validate the data
 To help the team narrowing the range of
  potential causes need to be investigated in
  Analyze phase.

 Business                 Statistical
 Problem                  Problem


 Business                 Statistical
 Solution                 Solution
Measurement System Analysis
 MSA is a study to determine the extent
  and acceptability of system measurement
 5 Properties
     Biasness
     Stability
     Linearity
     Repeatability
     Reproducibility
Gage R&R
   Repeatability & Reproducibility (R&R)
   Repeatability
     Variationthat is due to the measurement device
      (same operator, same part, same device).
     Within person variation.
   Reproducibility
     Variation  that is due to the measurement system
      (different operators, different parts, same device).
     Between person variation
Gage R&R Study Design
(Crossed Design)
 Select a set of representative parts.
 Select a group of operators to measure
  the parts.
 Ask the operators to measure for each
  part repeatedly.

   Ex. 5 parts, 2 operators, and 4 replicates.
Gage R&R using Minitab
 Gage R&R Run Chart
 Gage R&R Study (Crossed) – ANOVA
 Gage R&R Contribution

   Exercise:
     Table 5.6 (p. 121)
     Table 19.6 (p. 617)

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