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									Wellbeing in the Workplace
                  Presented by

                Virginie Delwart
   Manager for Corporate Social Responsibility
         Europe and the Middle East

             Toolbox Tuesdays and Thursdays

On the 4th of December 2008 CSR Europe launched 20 CSR Tools which
were the compilation of 18 months of work by CSR Europe, its Members
and Partners and the European Alliance for CSR through the CSR
CSR Laboratories are action oriented projects with the objective of
bringing together business practitioners and stakeholders to share
experiences and expertise to address key socio-economic challenges.
CSR Europe has now launched Toolbox Tuesdays and Thursdays as a new
service to its Members and National Partner Organizations.
The purpose of these conference calls is to give CSR Europe Members and
NPO’s a light informal training on the individual CSR Tools launched as part
of CSR Europe's Toolbox in December 2008.

                          Wellbeing in the Workplace

                    The WHO estimates that by 2020,    Employment costs related to
                    depression will become the         mental health disorders in the
                    greatest cause of work-related     EU were approximately €132
                    disability, second only to heart   billion in 2004

Many businesses struggle to overcome wellbeing-related concerns – and the costs
                       of not doing so are surprisingly large.
 This Laboratory was launched to support companies in addressing the essential
                    aspects of a wellbeing promotion strategy.

         … the Tool (http://www.csreurope.org/data/files/toolbox/wellbeing_guide.pdf)
  •Eleven straight-forward and practical tips for implementing a successful wellbeing
  strategy in any company, which can be used by human resource, health and
  safety and/or CSR managers
  • Detailed analysis of the three elements of addressing mental health and
  wellbeing: Prevention; Identification & Support and Reintegration
  • A collection of best practice examples to support the suggestions and
  recommendations of the Guidebook

  Read about this tool at: www.csreurope.org/toolbox/wellbeing                          3
              Is Wellbeing at Work Important?
                                   YES, it is!
                                   But Why?

 - Absenteeism
                                                              wellbeing-related concerns
 - Staff turnover,                                            that most businesses today
 - Productivity                                               struggle to overcome

 - and Staff Satisfaction

                   And the costs of not doing so are surprisingly high
                                          132 BILLIONS EUR*

*Consensus Paper on Mental Health at Work by the European Commission, employment costs related to mental
 health disorders in the in 2004                                                                           4
            Yes, It is important
                      62% of the European employees work to
                       tight deadlines

                      60% work at high speeds , compared to
                       19% of those surveyed in 1990
The 4th European
Survey on Working
Conditions (2007)     28% of the European workforce admits to
shows that             suffering from non-accidental health

                      35% on average feel that their job puts
                       their health at risk

          And Poor Health also leads
 Reduced Employee Productivity and Business Profitability

 Lower efficiency for employees experiencing stress, chronic
 disease, or other productivity–decreasing factors

 Reduced motivation, mental health and physical health

     With Consequences for
 30 times more lost days than industrial disputes

 23 times Higher Financial Cost of depression and
 absenteeism than of effective treatments and preventative

 An average of 30.9 working days lost for each case of stress-
 related poor health

   Huge Burden and a Loss for both
   Employees and Employers

      While …

       A Positive Employee Wellbeing and
           Wellbeing at Work Strategy

 Can significantly improve the internal welfare of an organization
 Enhance Productivity
 And ultimately costs less for companies

 In the Best Interest of Companies & Employees

   The Wellbeing in the Workplace CSR Laboratory

 Brought Companies together
       - to understand, share and identify Best
       - to facilitate an understanding of managerial
       performances, as well as highlight supporting
       Tools and Techniques

       Wellbeing in the Workplace Guide

                 Best Practices
                 collected from
                 various companies

Tips for
Implementing a                       A thorough List of
Successful                           References

                   3 Components

       Wellbeing in the Workplace Guide

Tips for Implementing a Successful Wellbeing Strategy

 Applicable for all organizations
 Might need to be adjusted depending on the
organizations’ size, resource availability and allocation

   e.g.: Ensure top-level management understanding, endorsement and
   engagement in the establishment of a global wellbeing strategy
   Mainstream wellbeing in daily business operations by making it cross-
   departmental and operational (e.g. move beyond HR/Health & Safety
   and incorporate within site objectives and business plan)
   Implement the global wellbeing policy locally by addressing the needs of
   the employees and respecting the country culture and legislation

    Wellbeing in the Workplace Guide

Best Practices collected from various companies

Prevention: the workplace is in a unique position to develop
and deploy health programs that can focus on the prevention of
ill health
Identification & Support: includes best practices addressing
issues such as early detection of visual and endocrine pathology
and providing support in areas such as tobacco cessation
Reintegration: has proved to be the most challenging, and
warrants more exploration in the future - strongly regulated

                                                 e.g.:- Janssen Pharmaceutica
                                                 Belgium: When prevention fails:
                                                 reintegration into the workplace
Identification and Support:                      after an extended period of
e.g.:- France Telecom Group (Orange              absence due to ill health
Slovakia): Wellbeing for Employees and their
- Johnson & Johnson: Deployment of the
Global Tobacco Free Workplace Policy
- Solvay: Regional/Local Approach to
Wellbeing Management
- Accor (Accor Services): Wellbeing Services   Prevention:
                                               e.g.:- France Telecom Group
                                               (Orange Spain): Visual Health Plan
                                               & Endocrinological Health Plan
                                               - Janssen Pharmaceutica Belgium:
                                               Credo Action Plan--- Better Balance
                                               Better Business
                                               - BASF SE: Trim down the Pounds –
                                               Losing Weight without losing your
          Wellbeing in the Workplace Guide

A thorough List of References

A list of resources on wellbeing theories, studies, cases and best
 meant to showcase the range of issues, cases and approaches,
which can be used to further understanding and appreciation

          e.g.: European Commission- DG Health and Consumer: EU Pact on Mental
           Signed on the 13th of June, the EU Pact on Mental Health demonstrate the
          European Commissions’ commitment to tackling the issue of Poor-mental health
          in all aspects of Europeans’ lives

    How can this guide help companies?

         To increase awareness within the
         Benchmark its own activities with others
         Engage Management
         Provide a thorough list of Solution Champions
        within companies

In March 2009, Solvay worldwide will distribute the guide
"Wellbeing in the Workplace" within Solvay worldwide to
the network of Health, Safety and Environment, Human
Resources and business representatives to disseminate
best practices and foster local approaches on sites.

         The Wellbeing in the Workplace CSR
                  Laboratory 2009

FOCUS: “Wellbeing of the aging employees”

     The laboratory on Wellbeing at Work aims

     to help companies to identify issues associated with
     the aging workforce

      to help them identify the specific needs they have
     to take into account

      and the actions required to adapt their current
     wellbeing strategy to confront upcoming challenges

                 SAVE THE DATES
                                          June 2nd 2009, Web
MARCH 5th 2009, at                        Meeting
SOLVAY in Brussels                         How are companies
                                          addressing those specific
 Identification of
                                          needs within the existing
the special needs of
                                          wellbeing strategies?
older employees

September 8th 2009, face        December 3rd, Conf Call
to face meeting                 Working Session on Deliverables
 How to adapt the current      Position paper; Case document on the ideal
strategies by integrating the   wellbeing strategy in 2020; Case studies:
specific needs of older         How to adapt the current corporate
employees?                      strategies to the older employees by
                                integrating their specific needs


  Contact Details:
  Virginie Delwart
  +32 2 749 25 92

           European Toolbox Roadshow
From February 2009-January 2010, CSR Europe will be coordinating in
cooperation with National Partners, national sessions in various geographic
areas in Europe as part of a wider European Toolbox Road show.

The objective is to further disseminate the laboratory tools, as well as to
equip companies and stakeholders participating in national sessions with
relevant, useful and practical CSR tools.

Further Information: www.csreurope.org/pages/en/roadshow.html

           ….Wellbeing at Work Tool
 The Wellbeing at Work Tool will be presented at the following National Sessions
           Czech Republic

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