Computers Past Present and Future by yurtgc548


Past, Present, and the Future
        By Bridget Danis
Early Computers
        • In the 1940s, computers
          were just starting to be
          popular in businesses.
          Now, we are used to
          having small computers
          on desks or tables, but in
          the 1940s, computers
          were the size of a room!
             Computers Today
• We use computers every
  day, even if we really
  don’t know it. Did you
  know that calculators are
  computers? Yup. If it
  has a circuit board, its
  considered a
Computer Sites- Out of Hand?
              • Most teenagers spend a
                lot of time on these sites.
                So much that it is starting
                to concern parents,
                teachers, and other
                adults. Another concern
                is that a teen claims they
                have a
                boyfriend/girlfriend, who
                is really a 40 year old
                man. Bottom-line: These
                websites are dangerous!
              Worries of Parents
• Sites like Webkinz, Club
  Penguin, and others are
  causing the worries of kids
  spending too much screen
  time a day.
The Sims 2
     • Throughout the 21st century, a
       new revolution has started.
       The Sims 2 games are
       popping up all over the country
       with now over 100,000,000
       games sold worldwide! What is
       the Sims? First, you buy the
       original Sims 2 game, and you
       can add expansion packs like
       Sims 2 Pets, Sims 2 Free
       Time, etc. Then, you can
       create your own virtual world!
     Computers in the Future
• So what will computers be like tomorrow?
  Well, the possibilities are endless. We may
  have cars that drive themselves, mini
  portable computers ( the size of iPods) or
  suppose we may even have cars that fill
  themselves up with gas ( hopefully there
  are also computerized gas prices that
  lower themselves to peoples complaints!)
The End

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