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					December 23, 2002

To:     Verizon West CLEC Community

Re:     December 17, 2002 CMP Meeting Summary

After participant review, these are the meeting notes from the December 17 Change
Management meeting. The meeting was attended by representatives from Worldcom, AT&T,
Allegiance, VarTec, SBC, Covad, VADI, DSET, Accenture, Time Werner, Eschalon and Empire

CLEC Test Environment Update

Jamey Rawls reported that the February Pre-Release Conference Call that took place on
December 11, 2002 went very well, and he thanked the CLECs for their participation in the call.

The following are the pertinent dates for the February 2003 CLEC release.

This information is also posted on our CTE homepage at
under "Release Schedule".

01/13/03 CLEC Testing begins

01/14/03 Week 1 - CLEC Testing Status Call
01/15/03 Week 1 - Code fixes implemented in CTE, as needed
01/17/03 Week 1 - CLEC Testing Status Call

01/21/03 Week 2 - CLEC Testing Status Call
01/22/03 Week 2 - Code fixes implemented in CTE, as needed
01/24/03 Week 2 - CLEC Testing Status Call

01/28/03 Week 3 - CLEC Testing Status Call
01/29/03 Week 3 - Code fixes implemented in CTE, as needed
01/31/03 Week 3 - CLEC Testing Status Call

02/03/03   Week 4 - CLEC Testing Status Call
02/04/03   Week 4 - CLEC Testing Status Call
02/05/03   Week 4 - Code fixes implemented in CTE, as needed
02/07/03   Week 4 - CLEC Testing Status Call

CLEC Testing Status Call In Number: 813 277-3200 Pass code: 9560#

CLECs should have reported their intent to participate by now, but Jamie informed participants
that he would accept any of them who responded today.

                          Draft Meeting Notes Prepared December 20, 2002
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Currently the June and October test decks have been published.

PA/VA Merger Update

Ed Amato and Kim Brown reported they are in the final stages of finishing up Virginia business.
One of two Pennsylvania conference calls has been held and the conversion is going according
to plan. Follow-ups from the first conference are as follows:
 The complete NPA/NXX list has been completed and will be published on the PA OSS
     Uniformity website.
 Answers to questions asked during the conference are also being finalized and also be
     posted on the web
 The Pennsylvania CLEC Guide will be updated to include these and a few additional items.

A second conference call will be held February 20, 2003, using Webex. And a separate meeting
to cover E9-1-1 issues will be held on January 22, 2003 in Philadelphia.

On a side note, CLECs impacted by the NYC 1+10 dialing pattern change were reminded to
review the documentation and ensure that appropriate switch translation work is cared.

Sunsetting of LSOG 4

Carol Yozzo reported that 80% of orders in the West are using LSOG 5. Personal contact
continues with CLECs who are still using LSOG 4. Carol reminded everybody that LSOG 4
ordering ceases on February 9. Carol expects to give her final report at the January meeting.
She will then be moving on to prepare for the sunset of LSOG 5 and the implementation of LSOG
7. The sunset of LSOG 5 will be announced in the next couple of months along with plans to
introduce LSOG 7.

Training and Education

Linda Senne reported on planned enhancements to the Wholesale Training & Education web-
sites. She emphasized that participants should consult the website on a regular basis since
changes are being introduced in both content and format. Seven (7) new LSOG5 caption listing
sample orders have recently been added, bringing the total of sample orders to over 140 for
ordering and pre-ordering.

Linda advised participants to consult the website as well as the wholesale calendar about
workshops being offered. There will be a connectivity workshop, for example, December 19.
This will use Webex technology and will include helpful information about where things are now
found on the website.

A notice will be issued soon which will involve a migration of information to new a new URL for
the Wholesale website. The old site will direct customers to the new URL; however, any
bookmarks will need to be changed.

New Developments Announced by Tom Rodgers

The Wholesale Collection Center will be moving from Fort Wayne to San Angelo. The impact of
this change to CLECs will only involve a change in the telephone number. The new number will
be sent out in a notification and will also be reflected on the website.

                          Draft Meeting Notes Prepared December 20, 2002
                                             Revision 3
                               Questions Tom Rodgers (972) 718-5865
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 The NMC fax process will transfer out of San Angelo back to Durham and Coer d'Alene. The
impact on the CLECs will be a change in the FAX number, which will be sent out in a notification.

2002/2003 Development Schedule

Bobbie reported that the BOS/BVT Bill has begun its rollout in Texas. The next states are North
Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida and are projected to roll out in February, 2003. CLECs
doing business in those states will need to update their CLEC Profiles by contacting their account
managers. If a CLEC intends to utilize the BVT bill, they will need to contact Telcordia for
documentation and software.

CR C02-3298 WISE PM availability for Performance Assurance Plan Reporting CR is committed
for January 18. Covad has asked how a restatement of a preliminary month is distributed out for
a month that has been restated but is past the six-month selection window for download of
reports. Since no participant could answer the question, this question will be treated as a new
Open Issue.
CR C01-0134 LSOG 6 The 45-day notification will be posted to the website on the 27 of
December, and will include another upload to the Business Rules for any changes that may

CR C02-0052 Single PON Level SAR is now Committed for February 10, 2003, and will be
included in the 45 day notification. However, there will be no impact to the Business Rules.

CR C02-0144 Loop Qualifications – Redesign Loop Qual Responses. Bobbie will follow-up to
see if all the Loop Qual Responses were included in the 73-day notification, or will be covered in
the 45-day notification.

CR C02-0094 Flow Through to Automate SUP 5 for Loop Conversion has been moved from
candidate to Committed for April 14, 2003.

Bobbie reminded participants that the Webex demonstration of VZ Business Rules and Technical
Specifications originally scheduled for December 16 had to be postponed. The new date is
January 22, 2003 at 1 PM CST. The dial-in number is (972) 719-2316, Passcode 5072382#.
She pointed out that CLECs might choose to attend in person, since the demonstration will be the
day after the next CMP meeting. The meeting location will be 600 Hidden Ridge (East Building),
Conference Room E02L09. All information regarding this demo can be found on Site Updates
dated 12/13/02.

Tom Rodgers asked the CLECs to consider the merits of breaking the Development Schedule
into two separate reports. One would report on CLEC impacting CRs and the other would be for
CRs that are not CLEC impacting. Tom mentioned this would allow for clearer reporting against
metrics that may soon be implemented in the West. The CLEC response was to keep the two
together, rather than add yet another report to the monthly materials. There was some
discussion about potential disagreement of whether or not a particular initiative should be
considered CLEC impacting.

Open Issues

Issue #20 - Accuracy and agreement of business rule documentation:
WebX Demo has been re-scheduled for January 22nd, 1:00 Central Time. This issue will be
closed with the deployment of VZ Business Rules and Technical Specifications.

                          Draft Meeting Notes Prepared December 20, 2002
                                             Revision 3
                               Questions Tom Rodgers (972) 718-5865
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Issue #23 - Request for Standard Provisioning Intervals:
This issue will be addressed with CR 02-0055 (Due Date for Pre-Ordered Loops), which is
scheduled as a candidate for the June ’03 release. Save-A-Dispatch seems to be working well.
The result has been earlier activation overall. Tom asked the CLECs to consider blanket
acceptance of the earlier due date. This would save telephone time for all concerned. AT&T
noted that the matter could also be expedited if the CLECs could see the availability of the earlier
due date just as Verizon does.

Issue #50 – Pending vs Production EDI/CORBA Spec
Although AT&T had some terminology issues they agreed to close this issue.

Issue #58 – CLEC to CLEC Migration:
A new CMP website will be introduced in February, 2003. Information on this issue will be

Issue #61 – CSI Complex Listing/DSL/Contractual Info/Hunt Group re-visited
The need for a workshop was revisited but the issue was not resolved for now. There was a
request that a report be available on Verizon’s efforts to overhaul retail at the next CMP meeting.

New Issues

In regard to CR C02-3298, for expansion of the “Month Selection Window” from 4 to 6 months for
Preliminary and Final Performance Assurance Plan Reporting (PAP), Covad has asked how a
restatement of a preliminary month is distributed out for a month that has been restated but is
past the six month selection window for download of reports.

AT&T has asked that the connectivity team use the same CMP notification process for all IP
changes and software upgrades that would impact them.

Regarding the CR C01-0064 for CORT Report, Allegiance has requested definitions for Remote
Terminals and Switching Units, along with Pricing and Ordering information.

It was strongly suggested that Bob Citro be on the upcoming calls for the West CMP meetings
due to the large number of CRs currently on hold for process reasons.

New Business

The proposed 2003 schedule for CMP meetings will be posted to the website and a copy is
included with these meeting notes.

Change Request Prioritization

Ratings for New Type 5 (CLEC Initiated) CRs:

The afternoon session began with a discussion of Bulk Loop CR’s recently submitted by Covad
Communications. Elaine Bradford and Terry Bachman participated as SMEs.

C02-3409 Additional Bulk Pre-Qualification Info
The CLECs made the decision to move forward with rating this CR, even though VZ Legal has
indicated that VZ will not include any information on UNE-P or existing DSL information on a loop
qual transaction or Bulk Loop Extract. The overall rating for this CR was 4.2
                           Draft Meeting Notes Prepared December 20, 2002
                                              Revision 3
                                Questions Tom Rodgers (972) 718-5865
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C02-3410 Improved Timeliness of Bulk Pre-Qualification Updates
Terry Bachman explained that VZ produces the extract used for the Bulk Loop Extract report on
Saturday, allowing the extract to be available for delivery by Sunday night. The extract would
include all Service Order activity that completed up to the time of the occurrence of the extract
process that pulls the information for the Bulk Loop Report. Terry will follow-up with the optimal
time to pull the extract. The CR was put on hold until Covad could go back to his systems group
to inquire when they are pulling the extract. Note that any CLEC can request the extract go to
them thru a license agreement. It was also notes that the West may go to what the East is
currently doing on this agreement, which is to give CLECs their own user ID and password to pull
the extract themselves.

C02-3411 Improved Loop Qual Information for DLC.
Terry and Elaine discussed the provisions of a Type 4 CR: C02-2812 Verizon West Loop Qual
Enhancements for LST/COT indication. It was agreed that this CR appears to serve the same
purpose as the new CR with the exception of the provision for an ISDN flag. Terry Bachman
indicated an interim for this issue might be a list of the CLLI codes that are ISDN capable.
Therefore, this CR will be put on hold until Terry follows-up on this issue, then a decision can be
made on whether to focus this CR on the Loop Qual transaction and not the Bulk Loop Extract.
There was also discussion on whether CLECs would take the same rating of the Type 4 CR for
this Type 5 CR once a revision is made to this one to move forward as a new CR with only the
ISDN flag as an enhancement to CR C02-2812.

C02- 3416 Create RSU Flag in Loop Qual
Discussion suggested that this might be an issue for Covad in the East but not in the West. Terry
reported that CLECs should not be receiving host CLLI codes when a loop is served by an RSU.
There was also a discussion of the fact that Telcordia produces the LERG and offers a
subscription service to CLECs. Covad will investigate further and asked that this CR be put on

C02-3268 DAML Removal Process
Waiting for re-write from initiator.

Notes on Prioritized Type 5 (CLEC Initiated) CRs:

CR#02-3149 – Outside Moves:
Put on hold per initiator pending further review.

CR#02-0055 - Due Date for Pre-ordered Loops:
Summary of Business Requirements Document was provided.

CR#02-3092 - UNE DSO Standard Interval:
Referred to Process Group.

CR#02-3093 - 2-Day Line Sharing Interval:
Referred to Process Group.

CR#02-0099 – Hunt Group Data at Account Level
Doug Tomlinson will be asked to participate at the January meeting to give update.

CR#02-0012 - Access to view Directory Listings:
CR has been revised. Waiting on response from Qwest to create 2 CR.

CR#02-0052 – Single PON-Level SAR (Phase 1)
Changed from candidate to committed for February ’03 Release.
                           Draft Meeting Notes Prepared December 20, 2002
                                              Revision 3
                                Questions Tom Rodgers (972) 718-5865
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CR#02-3203 – Single PON-Level SAR Follow-up (Phase 2)
Referred to Process Group

CR#02-3091 – Data End User Migrations
Referred to Process Group

CR#02-2946 – CLEC Changes to CSI
Further discussions to take place with Process Group and initiator.

CR#02-0007 – Line Sharing LSR Against Pending:
Will be released into development cycle to assess magnitude.

CR#02-2825 – Interval for T1 UNE
Referred to Process Group

CR#02-0078 – CLEC Access to Scheduling:
Will be left open until WPTS has been delivered.

CR#01-0119 – ID UNE-P & XDSL in Bulk Loop Qual:
Implementation stopped by Verizon Legal. Challenge underway by Covad.

CR#02-0008 – Query Against Pending Activity:
Will be released into development cycle to assess magnitude.

CR#01-0030 – No Facilities Jeopardy Update:
Referred to Process Group.

CR#02-0165 – ANI Test at DD-2:
Referred to Process Group.

CR#01-0081 – Flag FX in Bulk Loop Qual:
Implementation stopped by Verizon Legal. Challenge underway by Covad.

Ratings on Type 4 (VZ initiated) CRs:

CR#C02-3208 – Smart Ring Flag in Loop Qual Extract & Real Time Loop Qual:
Defer Rating and discussion at this time due to the Loop Qual Extract Legal issue.

CR#C02-2812 – Verizon West Loop Qual Enhancements for LST/COT Indication:
Terry Bachman spoke to this CR indicating the following: This CR is in regard to the WISE Loop
Qual transaction and not the Bulk Loop Extract. Two new response codes have been added in
addition to the ones listed on the Detailed Information sheet. They are: E = Service is not
provided out of the DLC (Digital Loop Concentrator), and F = Unknown. The Response Codes of
A, B, C and D assume the line is in a DLC. Additional information would be provided for A & C.
There was also discussion of whether this CR would satisfy the requirements of a new Type 5
CR: C02-3411 Improved Loop Qual Information for DLC. (See Remarks above on outcome).
The overall rating of this Type 4 CR was: 4.7 (Please note that SBC deferred rating, which may
change the overall rating of this CR.)

                          Draft Meeting Notes Prepared December 20, 2002
                                             Revision 3
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