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									Savor the Leaf Gods

Latin name:
Gynura segetum (Lour.) Merr.

Local name:
Beluntas china, god leaves (Sumatra), Samsit; San qi cao (China).

In general, crops grown dipekarangan as a drug.

Herbaceous annual, erect, ± 50 cm, are generally planted dipekarangan as planting drugs.
Young stems are green with longitudinal grooves tengguli color, if rather old branched
many. Single leaf, have a stalk, oval to round shape elongated. Melancip end. Divide is in
the old leaves. Leaves mostly clustered at the bottom, rather rare on the tip of the stem,
alternate location. Both surfaces of leaves hair soft, white color. The color of the leaf
surface dark green, light green bottom. Leaves 8-20 cm long. width of 5-10 cm. Flowers
is located at the end of the rod, hump-shaped yellow (flower heads). Have colored bulbs
to ash-gray, 3-6 cm long., With a cross section of ± 3 cm.

Leaf content of Gods:
Saponins, essential oils, flavonoids.

Savor the Leaf Gods:
These herbs have anti-coagulant (blood clots liquefy), stimulate circulation, stop
bleeding, remove heat, cleanse toxins. Mentioned in the pharmacology of Chinese herbs
has a distinctive taste and a neutral nature.

Traditional recipes Leaf Gods:
4 g of fresh leaves of the gods; Roots daruju 7 g; Herba parasite 3 g, 120 ml of water,
crushed, plus water to a boil; filtered, drink 100 ml once a day; for 30 days.

High blood pressure:
3-7 pieces of fresh leaves of the gods; a young noni fruit, 110 ml water, brewed, drunk 1-
2 times daily 100 ml for 1 month.

God leaves 5 pieces; 110 ml water, brewed, drink 1 a day 100 ml.
Cleaning the wound:
God leaves to taste; water to taste, finely ground leaves gods then introduced into the
water, dirty wounds put in water mixed with leaves of the gods.

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