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					Efficacy leaf cat's whiskers

Cat's whiskers (Orthosiphon Spicatus BBS) shaped bush, wet trunk, height can reach 1.5
meters. Can grow in a dry or wet at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, these plants
have leaves egg-shaped spurs, jagged leaves rough edges. The flowers are the stamens
and pistils removing white or purple.

This plant has a number of benefits to cure various diseases. The leaves contain high
levels of potassium (boorsma) is quite high. He also contain glycosides orthosiphonin
believed to dissolve uric acid, phosphate and oxalate from the body. Especially of the
bladder, gall bladder and kidney.

According to the Atlas of Plant Medicine by Dr. Setiawan Dalimartha Indonesia, was
quoted as saying the hospital association data centers throughout Indonesia (Persian), a
cat's whiskers plant flowers in bunches of compound interest at the end of branching out.
The color is pale purple or white, while the longer stamens of the flower tube. Pieces of
fruit in the form of a cat's whiskers and oval boxes. These plants can be propagated by
seed or stem cuttings.

Herbaceous plants are sweet but slightly bitter taste. Herb cat's whiskers can be used to
treat some diseases, namely acute and chronic kidney infections, arthritis, high blood
pressure, diabetes, bladder stones and bladder infections. To treat kidney infection and
hypertension, 30 grams of fresh herbs wash the cat's whiskers, herb leaves and grass
snake tongue spoon. Boil it all in tigha cups of water until the only remaining one cup.
Once cool, strain and drink half a glass of water twice a day.

For those who suffer from urinary tract infections, frequent urination (volume slightly
and Anyang-anyangan), can be tried healing with herbs fresh herb leaves the cat's
whiskers, meniran, and the roots of the reeds 30 gram respectively and then washed
thoroughly. The material is then cut into pieces as needed and then boiled in three cups of
water until only the remaining half. Once cool, the water is then taken of each half cup
three times a day.

To treat urinary stones, 90 grams of herb cat's whiskers is washed and boiled in one liter
of water to boil and the remaining 750 cc. After a cold, drink as much as three times a
day each third section. Drink this mixture until the disease is cured.