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									By Daniel Mummolo                                campaign immensely as it will contribute        generation company that specializes in the
                                                 to a high "organic" ranking. Some               legal industry. _
                                                                                                                 Many companies will make
                           Many lawyers          reputable domain registrars and web hosting     empty promises and attempt to lock you
                           have witnessed a
                                                 companies include Go Daddy, eNom,               into a long~term contract, but a select few
                           dramatic shift in
                                                 iPower, and bluehosr. Domain and hosting        understand the legal field, deliver high-
                           legal marketing
                                                 fees will range from fifty to a few hundred     quality leads at competitive costs and allow
                           trends that have
                                                 dollars per year.                               you to cancel services at anytime.
                           transformed the
                           face of the entire     Second, you need to design a website            Procuring a large amount of traffic on your
                           industry. Attorneys   that conveys your product line (e.g.,           website is dependent upon your ranking
            '\             who once relied       Social Security disability, auto accidents,     on the major search engines. The three
on word of mouth and print advertising           general liability, etc.) effectively. You       largest search engines by market share
to sustain and augment their caseloads           must remember that each visitor conducts        are Google, Yahoo!, and Bing (formerly
have found themselves unable to compete          a kind of electronic interview of you, that     MSN). Further, the search engines
with the accessibility and profitability         is, your adeptness in a particular field will   possess two sets of listings: organic and
that various web media furnish. Building         be correlated with the appearance and           paid. Organic (sometimes called "natural"
a successful practice rests not only in          navigability of your website (even though       or "algorithmic") listings are displayed
employing competent counsel, but also            this correlation may prove erroneous). If       according to their relevance to search terms.
in your ability to provide staff members         your site presents itself as a slipshod array   Paid listings, referred to as pay-per-click
with viable leads in large quantities. The       of text and banners that is difficult to        (ppe) advertising, entail advertisers bidding
internet fulfills these requirements and         browse and comprehend, you should not           on certain keywords or phrases and then
allows aggressive firms to compete with the      expect to generate a substantial amount of      paying the host search engine each time an
venerable personal injury power houses,          leads. Thus, while your firm's website is       ad is clicked. Organic listings are always
Whether your practice area is regional           definitely not the most important aspect of     unpaid and all leads generated through
or national, internet advertising has            a profitable marketing campaign, you should     this ranking system are thereby most
affirmed itself as a reliable means of lead      always design it with professionalism and       valuable. For example, when you search
amplification whose efficacy and value are       navigability in mind. If you already employ     "auto accident lawyer" on Google, www.
unparalleled. Once you realize that the          an IT specialist, you may have the resources appears as the first
proper utilization of internet media can         to complete the design work in~house.           natural listing. Obtaining a high organic       -
significantly enhance your profits, you will     Otherwise, you will have to contract a web      ranking requires countless of hours writing
soon arrive at a crossroads, that is, whether    design company to meet your specifications.     relevant content, tweaking meta-tags and
to build an internet campaign on your own        Depending on the length of the site and         overall site structure, and utilizing other
or to outsource this work to a search engine     specifications, design costs can sometimes      more advanced stratagems. Most people
marketing (SEM) company.                         exceed several thousand dollars.                never earn a high organic ranking for their
                                                                                                 sites. For this reason, they must seek leads
Handling your firm's online lead generation      When you complete the web design process
                                                                                                 from other sources which include pay-
in,house can be an arduous and frustrating       and have uploaded the site, you must now
                                                                                                 per-click advertising and lead generation
task, but it is certainly achievable. First,     attract visitors. This is the most fonnidable
you need to purchase a domain name               task in the whole process. Most attorneys
that conveys the scope of your service           do not have experience in search engine         For those who cannot succeed in the
(e.g.,,           optimization (SEO) or search engine             "organic" arena, pay-per-click (PPC) along with a           marketing (SEM) and thus do not market          advertising offers some consolation. PPC
hosting plan. A concise domain name with         their sites properly. In these instances, it    advertising can place your ads on the first
a high search volume can enhance your            may be best to receive a quote from a lead      page of the major search engines, thus

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