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									                             U.S. II Advanced Honors American History
                                           Mrs. Calhoun
                                             Room 317
Course Rationale
       The study of the history of the United States in Grade 11 continues the journey begun in Grade 10
       through the economic, geographic, social and political development of the United States. Beginning
       with the post-Reconstruction United States and its shift into a more industrialized society, the course
       continues through the twentieth century to the present. Students are involved in a chronological
       study of major events, issues, movements, and leaders of the United States through the present from
       both a national and an Alabama perspective.
                                                          Alabama Course of Study

Course Prerequisites
    Students will have had American history both in the fifth and sixth grades
    and a semester of civics during their seventh grade year. They will also
    have completed a one semester course in the Tenth grade covering the
    United States History to 1877.

Sources of Objectives:
                             Alabama Course of Study, Social Studies, 2004.
                           Alabama High School Graduation Exam Objectives
                      Text: The Americans Reconstruction to the 21st Century
                                     Publisher: McDougal Littell
Course Overview
       As prescribed in the Alabama Course of Study, chapters five through twenty-five will be covered
       this term (time permitting). Each chapter has been broken down by section and sub section.
       Students will be required to do daily reading outside of class. We will cover an extensive amount
       of material each day, so it is very important for students to be prepared when they come to class.
       Quizzes will be given frequently. Assignments are numbered and kept in a notebook. Notebooks
       will be checked through the use of announced and unannounced notebook quizzes. Class work
       and homework will be graded either for accuracy, completion, or both. Standards written for
       review of the Alabama High School Graduation Exam will be covered daily in addition to the
       regular curriculum.

Grade Determination Procedures:
       Tests:                 60%
       Homework and Quizzes 15%
       Classroom Activities   15%
       Final Exam            10%

Make-up Work
      Attendance is a crucial part of a student’s success in class. If a student misses an assignment due
      to illness they will have the allotted time as per the student handbook to turn
      in the missed work. It is the student’s responsibility to ask for and complete all make-up work.
      Due dates for class projects will be given well in advance. All assignments must be turned in by
      due dates. Late work will not be accepted.

Student Need
        Upon notification by the student or parent, preferential seating, visual and auditory
        enhancement will be allowed in the classroom setting for individuals requiring alternative
        teaching methods and environmental accommodations. Orthopedic and electronic devices are
        the sole responsibility of the learner and the parent/guardian.

         A student entering this grade is expected to follow a simple set of expectations. The expectations
         have been posted in the classroom and it is my expectation that students will follow them.
         Students can expect the following in my class should he or she choose not to exhibit accepted
         classroom behavior:
                 First offense:    teacher/student conference
                 Second offense: parental notification
                 Third offense: office referral offense:

Parent Conference
        My scheduled planning is Fourth block this semester. I will be glad to meet
       with any parent during that time. I will also meet before and after school
       with notice. I am looking forward to a great semester with your child.
       You may reach me at my school address: scalhoun@bcbe.org Thank you.

Materials Needed:
        Pencils, black or blue pens,
        1 to 1 1/2 inch three ringed binder,
        Colored pencils,
        Loose-leaf paper (college rule) (No spiral notebooks)
        10 to 12 dividers
        (Supplies will need to be replenished during the term.)

Dear Parents and students,
Please find the link, which will direct you to sample questions, which will help
you begin to prepare for social studies portion of the Alabama High School
Graduation Exam. I also have several other items which I will supply to those juniors who have not
passed the graduation exam. These are only samples.

Wish List:
If you would like to donate any of the following items to my classroom I would be most grateful.
paper towels
# 2 pencils or pens (black, blue or red)
Hand sanitizer

There is a possibility that I will be able to schedule a field trip to the D-day Museum in New Orleans. This is
only a possibility based on my schedule and fuel costs. Any student who is not passing this class or who has
had a disciplinary referral (from any teacher) during this term will not be permitted to attend.

Please sign below indicating you have read the above information and return this portion of the syllabus
to me.
                                                                          Thank you very much,

                                                                                Mrs. Calhoun
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