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									                             Textile Design Market

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Apparently still need to talk more frequently about design and textiles, many questions about
how to create a textile design, textile design where to sell, even more special when the question
was what kind of textile design. But in this post I will not explain much more detailed
specification of textile design, since I have written in previous posts.
Information now is about textile design market,
who the buyers of textile design, what is the cost for design textiles,
where to find buyers of textile design, where to find the site to find a buyer or marketing center
of textile design.

            Photo taken from Printsource New York
If you as a freelance designer,
in this era would be more searching through a search engine on the internet, have you tried using
a few words exchanged and then randomize the wording, as an example:
Textile Design <<< change to >>> Design Textile ,
then you type the two words in the search engine in turn, and see what the result of swapping the
two simple words ... I've tried it before and the results are different.
We can use this as an outcome of the above methods according to the search engine that is
expected, but if it does not mean we have to really know and understand the categories and
specifications of the products we make.

If you rely on the Internet as a search tool, publication or marketing of products,
Below are some keywords that may be associated with the design of textile products:

**Textile design, textile design, textile art design, art textile design, textile design concept,
textile art, textile design and surface pattern, surface design, painting, design, Fabric painting,
textile painting, cloth painting, silk painting, Handmade Painting, Craft, Art and Collectible, art
craft and Gift **

I hope you can find the desired after using the keywords above.
If not found,
following instructions below

Who the Buyers of Textile Design
One thing that we must understand before continuing the search is that we must begin to
understand that business is not just selling and buying and finish, a wide range of possibilities
can occur beyond the reach of our vision, someone who says a seller can also he is a buyer, as
well as a buyer could be a seller, this is definitely an economic perspective, especially if we meet
a buyer in large quantities.

Therefore prepare and complete original documents, which explain more about the status of
companies and production capabilities. Also explain more about how planning and management
that we have as a long-term business plan.
many points which we will be that way, selling products as well as building a niche business.
Although there are no sales at least we've given
Information about our company that one day they will remember.
To find out more who the buyers of textile designs, please try the link below, use the search box
at each site using the keywords of your product, I hope you find it there.

If you still have not found it, too, try the next way:
Please visit the sites, trade sites. such as:



According to data from the information obtained from the designer and buyer, design prices vary
Starting from $ 20.00 to $ 125.00
Price data are obtained in Bandung Region - Indonesia

             TYPE DESIGN                QTY                  SIZE                     PRICE
       PAINTING TEXTILE DESIGN            1              55 CM X 90 CM        $ 50.00 Up to $ 100.00
           FABRIC & PAPER

        DIGITAL TEXTILE DESIGN            1          88 CM X 150 CM            $ 20.00 Up to $50.00
        JPG & PSD FILE FORMAT                            150 DPI

Standard price of textile design in Indonesia is lower than the selling price in the European
design, data obtained from several sources are:

             TYPE DESIGN                QTY                  SIZE                     PRICE
       PAINTING TEXTILE DESIGN            1              55 CM X 90 CM       $ 100.00 Up to $ 125.00
           FABRIC & PAPER

        DIGITAL TEXTILE DESIGN            1          88 CM X 150 CM           $ 60.00 Up to $100.00
        JPG & PSD FILE FORMAT                            150 DPI

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