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									ABC Proposal for Freshman Orientation Days (FreshStart)
(Revised 6.16.05)

Why should orientation days be held?
Because of ABC Academy’s high priority on student success, freshman and transfer students orientation would require entering freshman and transfer students to participate in several programs designed to assist with the significant changes and challenges inherent in the transition from middle school to high school, and from high school to high school.

Benefits:       

Introduce all new students to ABC before the regular students population enters Helps students navigate the physical plant of the school No interruptions from general student population Gives students a chance to meet and interact student leaders and staff Gives staff more time to present activities and seminars to new students without disrupting classroom instruction time during the school year Reduce chaos that is associated with the first few weeks of school Helps new and incoming students to bond Helps staff to make any clerical adjustments with new and transfer students

Days: 2 (half day) sessions Time: 8:00-12:00 noon Staffing needs: o All of the regular staff would not be needed. A minimum of three staff would be needed o A minimum of six student guides would be needed.

Student orientation would be relatively inexpensive. The actual cost incurred would be food and beverages and stationary. Care packages would be donated. Orientation should be held during the time staff reports to work for pre-school work. Parent Session:
A one-hour parent session would be held in the afternoon. A bilingual session for non-English speaking Middle East parents would be held concurrently as the general parent session

ABC Proposal for Freshman Orientation Days (FreshStart)
(Revised 6.16.05)

Proposed Agenda:

Day 1 8:00-8:15 8:15- 8:30 Continental breakfast Welcome – Principal Staff Sgov. Pres.

8:45-9:45 9:45-10:30

Activity and Seminar: Diversity Seminar: Hygiene (Distribute care packages)

10:30 Break 10:45- 11:45 11:45 12: 00 Day 2 8:00-8:15 8:15 –8:30 8:30 –9:00 9:00-9:05 9:05-9:45 9:45-10:00 10:00-11:00 11:00-11:30 Welcome- Principal Icebreaker exercise ABC Handbook Break MHA Blue Book Break Seminar: Conflict Resolution: AC Sheriffs Department Comm. Outreach Programs Seminar: Student Government: The Real Deal: Student to Student Chat (break-out group sessions) Lunch- Pizza Party Seminar: Transitioning from middle school to high school Locker assignments Dimissal


6:00-7:00 pm Parent Information Session (Incoming and Transfer Students only)  Bilingual-Have a separate orientation room for non-English speaking parents. Orientation should be giving in Spanish and Arabic

ABC Proposal for Freshman Orientation Days (FreshStart)
(Revised 6.16.05)

Example of letter to send to parents and new students (This is adapted from an article I found on the internet) Dear ABC Academy New Student and Family: We're all familiar with high school freshmen. They're the ones fumbling with their lockers, loaded down with books and wandering the hallways with a dazed look. Well, ABC Academy aims to do away with some of those first-day jitters through the school's freshman orientation program (FreshStart). To help student transition, incoming ninth-graders and transfer students are required to attend a mandatory two-day orientation from 8 a.m. to noon on ______________ and ____________. Those sessions will kick-start a year-long program to ease the teenagers into their high school careers. During the two-day morning sessions, students will be introduced to the school, some of the staff, student leaders, and learn about the FreshStart program, which has two components: character education and academic excellence. In addition, students will explore such topics as conflict resolution, goal setting, diversity, and character development. The last day students will get their schedules, locker assignments, and will have and an opportunity to speak with a few student leaders and staff about any questions or concerns. During the school year, students will participate in more FreshStart activities. Parents of freshmen and transfer students will have an afternoon orientation session on _________________. If your child is unable to attend due to an emergency please call _________________. Any unexcused absences during orientation my result in forfeiting your spot in our incoming class. We believe that with that with your participation, this year will be a very successful school year.

Yours Truly

_______________________ Principal

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