letter of reccomendation. hard working student by xgreen


									October 13, 2005

To whom it may concern:

I would like to recommend to your school a very talent and gifted student  Jane Doe. I had the pleasure to serve as her career preparation teacher and college preparation advisor during her tenure at ABC Academy. Jane demonstrates a very capable academic ability. She is diligent in completing her work and is a contributor in her classes. Jane is very outspoken and active in school and her community. Alexis will be a student who will get involved in campus life. She will not just come to your university to sit and study. I believe that you will find her to be a very visible student in terms of campus issues. She is a positive change agent.


Rena Jones Career and College Advisor ABC Academy 124545 14th St NY, NY 20211 212-482-2422 office 212-744-4341 cell 212-482-2015 fax

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