6 Tips for a Successful Career Change Into Information Technology by tridarsono


									   6 Tips for a Successful Career Change
      Into Information Technology(IT)

Just because there is a growing demand for IT professionals, it doesn't
mean you can get into the field and have a successful long term career.
You better think twice in entering the IT field, if you are not flexible and
really inspired by technology. The following 9 tips will help those
changing into the IT field become successful and prove that they are the
right person for the position.

Tip 1: Embrace Change:
There is little chance you can succeed in your IT career if you can not
separate yourself from the old patterns of thinking and doing things.
With this said, you should not think that everything that you learned in
the old job was in vain. Even in the IT industry, for example, you can
bring your experience in dealing with customers or use your
methodological skills. Do not forget what you had done in the past, but
embrace chance and focus on the future.

Tip 2: Be flexible and start in small steps:
Be realistic when applying for a job in the IT industry, even if you have
over thirty years and ten years of work experience in an other field. With
your new employment in the IT you need to start as a beginner and
gather experience first.
Tip 3: Engage in continuous learning:
When you have completed training in an entirely different field of study
or do not have a technical degree, you have to show, more than others,
that you can deal with the current topics in IT. To do this you need to
acquire any IT certifications focused on your area of expertise. Also
make sure that you stay up to date and enhance your IT experience

Tip 4: Show commitment:
Show your superiors that no task is too small for you. Do not hesitate to
ask your colleagues questions and learn from experienced IT specialists.
Even if you are the oldest on the team, keep yourself dynamic and open
to the younger colleagues.

Tip 5: Ask for feedback:
In order to assess whether you do what is expected of you, ask your
colleagues and supervisors regularly for feedback. Be grateful for
constructive criticism and take the advice and suggestions from
experienced colleagues. Reflect on the feedback and implement it as
quickly as possible.

Tip 6: Believe in yourself:
You will encounter in the early stages of your shift into IT, setbacks that
may discourage you. If you enjoy working in IT, believe in yourself and
continue your way, and things will work out in your favor.

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