Data 1 Data Analysis and Interpretation Steps in the meaning by malj


Analysis and Interpretation
     Steps in the meaning making
► Data   Analysis            ► Data   Interpretation
   Summarize the data in       Create understanding
    a dependable and            What are the
    accurate way                 implications of your
   Type of data                 summary?
    determines the type of
    analysis you do
     Data Analysis

      Colombia: Infant mortality rate

*There has been an extraordinary decline of Colombia's
infant mortality, approximately 57% in 30 years.

*The speed of the decline was greater when the infant
mortality rate was higher.
           Data Interpretation

► If Infant mortality continues to decline at the
  same rate it ought to be below 10/1000 in the
  year 2015.
► Colombia's infant mortality decline and increased
  life expectancy undoubtedly result from
  improvements in public health, environmental
  sanitation, housing, and nutrition, especially in
  urban areas.
► This means we should continue to support health
► Data   Collection Tools
     Surveys
     Questionnaires
     Field Notes                     ► Data       Analysis
     Writing Samples                         Matrices
     Journals                                Charts
     Interviews                              Concept maps
     Video tapes                             Graphs
     Etc.                                    Coding

  2 Questions to keep asking while you gather and analyze:
          • Can I still answer my research questions?
          •Am I catching the information I need?
► Identify   themes as they emerge from:
   Literature review
   Data Collection
► Lookat the BIG picture to see if any
 patterns emerge.
   Events that repeat
   Key phrases
      down some beginning patterns
► Write
1.   Read through your data again and write
     down the themes you find next to the
     blocks of text.
2.   Add new themes if you see them emerge
3.   Cross out themes that seem to weaken
4.   Connect blocks to new themes as you
     make new connections.
 Tip: Color code with a highlighter
Practice coding..... Journal Entry
  Interpretation of Cisnero’s life?
► What  further questions come to mind when
  looking at the data?
► Ask your group members (critical friends)
  for their opinion of your interpretations.
► Connect your interpretations (findings) with
  your personal experience...does it make
               Next steps....
1.   Chapter 6: (skip pages 132-135)
2.   Work on your analysis and interpretation
3.   Read chapter 7 – pay special attention to
     the chart on page 144.
4.   Create a similar chart for your study
           Following steps....
1.   Read Chapter 8 to page 172
2.   Write your report following the same
     format found on pages 166 – 172 (Use an
     outline first!)
3.   Bring your research report to class for
     revising and editing on - Date: Week 9
           Between Oct 10 - 17
► Your group members will add in the
  theoretical framework and literature review.
► As a group:
     Write the introduction and conclusion
     Edit the entire paper
     Develop a 20 minute slide show
     Practice the slide show!
► Presentyour study…
► Graduate

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