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					                     International Leadership Summit
                      Caritas in Veritate International
                      Rome, November 1st – 6th, 2010
                                Villa Aurelia

Caritas in Veritate International (CiVI) Announces Two New Thrusts in
                         the New Evangelization

Caritas in Veritate International (CiVI) is comprised of movements and
organizations that recruit, form, and send young volunteers supplied with
material aid for works of charity and spiritual support to areas of
humanitarian crisis along with the message of truth.

In the early 1990’s a group of international movements in the church met
and founded Youth Arise International. In 2000, the same network of
leaders came together to form a new organization -- Partnership for China,
an international effort establishing parish-based communities of faith in
China. Inspired by the encyclical of Pope Benedict XVI, Deus Caritas est,
and by the great need to combine the message of the Gospel with works of
charity, many leaders of existing interrelated organizations, decided to
network their efforts, and founded Caritas in Veritate International on May
1, 2010 (

The president and CEO of Caritas in Veritate International is Mr. Henry
Cappello, who for the last eighteen years has been the President and
Executive Director of Youth Arise International.

Caritas in Veritate International has, as a main component, the Arise
Leadership programs, the Partnership for China ministries, the Office of
“Caritas and Canon Law”, the Deus Caritas est Academy of Formation, and
the Caritas Village in Haiti.

The Caritas Village -- Haiti

To address the most crucial need in Haiti, that is to help the 1.3 million
displaced children and adults living in tents, without proper sanitation, clean
water, food, or security, CiVI has launched the Tents to Homes project.
Through this effort, 500 families who presently are living in tents will be
given a home. In this village, there will be a church, a school, a center for
the abused, and a center for missionaries. Many are invited to collaborate
on this pilot project combining the message of the gospel and works of
charity. Those interested in helping can visit

The partnership with Fr. Robert Spitzer and the Magis Center for Faith
and Reason

CIVI will be engaged in a second new effort for the new evangelization –
with Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D., and the Magis Center of Reason and
Faith in Orange County, California. They will be working on the
international version of Fr. Spitzers’ approach to intellectual evangelization
in the areas of physics, philosophy of mathematics, metaphysics, and
historical exegesis showing the latest evidence for the existence of God
and the historicity of Jesus.

Fr. Spitzer is a Jesuit from the Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus
who was President of Gonzaga University from 1998 to 2009. He is a
specialist in philosophy of science and metaphysics. He has recently
written a volume entitled, New Proofs for the Existence of God:
Contributions of Contemporary Physics and Philosophy (Eerdmans 2010)
and has authored many scholarly articles on the theory of time, philosophy
of science, evidence of a beginning of the universe from contemporary
physics, and evidence of supernatural design from the fine-tuning of
universal constants. He started the Magis Center of Reason and Faith
(MCRF) in September of 2009 to make this evidence known to as many
people as possible through traditional media and new media. Since that
time he has constructed a website ( which has
many podcasts, videocasts, fact sheets, and other resources detailing the
evidence for God from physics. All of it may be downloaded or printed free
of charge. He is also completing a documentary with eight world-famous
physicists (including Dr. Arno Penzias who discovered the background
radiation from the big bang). He hopes to air this on a cable television
channel in the United States after which he will distribute it in the U.S. and
internationally. He is also completing a high school curriculum on DVD
which can be used by theology teachers who are not physics experts
because it will include a facebook discussion group with experts who can
answer the students’ questions. This facebook discussion group will be
available for international as well as U.S. audiences. Additionally, Fr.
Spitzer is preparing college courses, adult-ed curricula, and other television
resources (EWTN Catholic television) on the evidence of God from physics.
He has also formed a task force with five major physicists to respond to
atheism in the media. He noted, “We should be able to reach millions of
people in the U.S. with these vehicles within two years – and that could be
compounded significantly if we could have access to the rest of the world."

Fr. Spitzer indicated that the scientific response to the new atheism is very
urgent – “we have a huge problem today with the so called new atheism
where huge numbers of our young people are declaring that they are
atheists, agnostics or non-believers. In Europe this problem is particularly
acute where between 40 - 54% of people consider themselves to be non
believers. Fr. Spitzer went on to say, “the gigantic irony of this trend is that
we have more evidence for the existence of God today from physics,
astrophysics, philosophy of mathematics, and metaphysics than ever
before -- yet the new atheism continues to grow. We can stem the tide of
this disturbing trend by presenting this evidence to young people and adults
in ways that will engage them.”           So far, the material of the MCRF
curriculum has had a profound impact on the many audiences who have
heard it. Fr. Spitzer said, “I always knew that this material should not be
restricted to the United States – it belongs to the whole world. I really
wanted to go international, but I had no vehicle through which to do it – and
then I got a call from Henry Cappello to address the international
leadership of CIVI at a conference in Rome.”

Originally, Mr. Cappello asked me to address issues of leadership and
organizational culture, but then something quite remarkable and
providential occurred….

Fr. Spitzer was invited to debate Stephen Hawking, Leonard Mlodinow and
Deepak Chopra on CNN – the Larry King show which has millions of
viewers throughout the United States, Canada and other countries.
Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow (two well-known physicists) had
just published a new book entitled, The Grand Design, which advocated
that the universe could create itself out of nothing and therefore there was
no need for God to explain the universe. Fr. Spitzer criticized three logical
fallacies in their argumentation in a paper entitled: The Curious
Metaphysics of Dr. Stephen Hawking and published it through YouTube,
press releases, and traditional media outlooks. As a result CNN asked Fr.
Spitzer to debate Hawking, Mlodinow and Chopra on Friday September 10,
2010, in which Fr. Spitzer confronted them on these logical fallacies. The
response from the Unites States and Canada from Catholics was huge and
overwhelmingly positive – and it lead to a series of other nationally
syndicated media interviews. It just so happened that one of the viewers of
the CNN debate was Mr. Henry Cappello.

Mr. Cappello called up Fr. Spitzer and said, “CIVI is very much involved in
the new evangelization, and our leadership would be very interested in
hearing about your response to Hawking and the evidence for God from
contemporary physics,” to which Fr. Spitzer agreed. He was exceedingly
excited because he had a feeling that this would be his ticket for
evangelizing the rest of the world. “The rest is history,” Fr. Spitzer said, “ I
came to the conference and presented the material and the response from
CIVI was overwhelmingly positive, and they wanted to share this material
with all the countries represented at the conference – including countries in
western and eastern Europe as well as China, India, Uganda, Philippines,
Australia, and Canada. Fr. Spitzer will begin his partnership with CIVI
throughout the rest of 2010 and in 2011. During the conference His
Eminence Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes heard one of Fr. Spitzer’s talks and
asked that his material be made known throughout the world – through
CiVI, Zenit, and other sources. Fr. Spitzer is elated with this response and
thinks that the future is very bright for the new evangelization – from
science, philosophy of mathematics, and metaphysics –now worldwide.

Spiritual Advisers: Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes, Bishop Thomas Olmsted,
Bishop Joe Grech, Bishop Sam Jacobs, Archbishop Dom Alberto Taviera.

Honorary President: His Excellency Former Prime Minister and President of
Malta Dr. Edward Fenech Adami. LLD.

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