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Where can find it Your Guide to Manhattan Family Court


									                      Legal Aid
                                                                         Where can I find it?
 9th Floor           Society, 9-A                                Your Guide to Manhattan Family Court
                     Parts: 61/31, 62/32, 63/33,           Public Assistance           Record Room              Transcript
 8th Floor           64/34, 65/35, 67/37, 71/25,            Child Support           (Information Only),         Services,                  Payphones:
                         72/36, 73/26, 74/24                 Check-in, 8F                   8B                     8D                      Floors: 3, 5, 7
                  Parts: 42,          Foster Care                                              Office of Children           Court
                                                            Record             Warrants
 7th Floor         46, 51,           Court, 7B/Part
                                                           Room, 7C9            Office
                                                                                                  and Family            Interpreters,      Copy Machines:
                     90                    90                                                   Services, 7B20              7C11
                                                                                                                                           Floors: 4, 5, 7, 8
         More on            Court Liaison
                                                        Child Support
                                                                                 HRA – Office
          the 7th           Intake Office,                                         of Legal
                                                      Enforcement, 7D4                                    Counsel, 7A                      Restrooms:
           Floor                7B20                                              Affairs, 7A
                                                                                                                                           Every Floor
                                       Lawyers for                                        Mental Health        CASA (Court
                    Parts: 5,                                 Family Treatment
 6th Floor           8, 9,52
                                      Children, 6C15,
                                                                 Court, 6B
                                                                                           Services,         Appointed Special
                                        6C4, 6C21                                            6C13            Advocates), 6C3               Vending Machines:
          More on                                         ACS Court                                                                        Floors, 4, 5, 6, 7
                                Juvenile Justice
           the 6th                                      Liaisons, 6C5,
                                Initiative, 6C16
            Floor                                         6C8, 6C14

                    Parts: 2, 4, 6,
                                         Clerk of the       Deputy Clerk        18-B Attorneys’                   Adoptions
 5th Floor         10, 11, 41, 43,
                                          Court, 5D          Office, 5D2          Office, 5D3                  Department, 5C3
                       47, 49
             More on                                  New York City Children’s
              the 5th                                Services (ACS) - Office of
                              Planning, 5D1
               Floor                                     Legal Affairs, 5E

                   Parts: 1, 7,                                                                                Child                NY Asian             Dispute
                                       Petition Room,        Safe Horizon,        Custody/Visitation
 4th Floor         20, 21, 22,
                                             4E19                 4C               Mediation, 4E10
                                                                                                            Permanency              Women’s             Resolution,
                   23, 48, 81                                                                              Mediation, 4E2          Center, 4F6             4E4

                                                                                                               Phoenix         Legal Aid         Center for Family
                    Children’s Aid          Department of         Department of            Misdemeanor
 3rd Floor          Society, 3C25           Education, 3C7        Probation, 3C             Court, 3A
                                                                                                               House,           Society,          Representation
                                                                                                                3C6              A23               (CFR), A21

                     Department of                Family Assessment
2nd Floor           Probation, 2D-3A           Program (FAP), 2D-13,18

                      Parts: 45 &                                        Legal Services
                                              Child Support                                     Children’s Center,
 1st Floor            Night Court
                                            Petition Room, 1C
                                                                          Project, 1C1
                    (Tues. & Wed.)                                       (Mon. & Wed.)
                                  Child Support              Center for Family
          More on
                                Enforcement Term              Representation
                                                                                      Newsstand            LIFT
        the 1st Floor                                                                  (Lobby)            (Lobby)
                                  (CSET), 1D5                  (CFR), 1C17
Last Updated March 2009
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