A Journey into History - The Silk Road of China by AngelyneTeoh


									A Journey into History – The Silk Road of China

Before it became a tourist’s Mecca, caravans and traders have been traveling on the Silk
Road to reach unexplored regions all in the hope of striking it rich, even before time of
Christ. Popular for being a trade route between the Central Asia and China, the Silk
Road is not just a single road but instead a collection of trade routes that were explored
many years ago. Various goods passed through it – trades that happened years ago,
which changed the way the world works now. A popular trade was silk, which operated
by the Chinese internally within the Chinese Empire then. Taking a step further, the
Chinese then started trading silk with the Roman Empire in the 2nd century BC.
Traveling over 7000 kilometers, silk traders braved the harsh weather and rough terrains
to deliver the finest quality of silk to their European counterparts. Obviously a valuable
commodity then, it is this practice of silk trading that gave this stretch of roads its name.

It wasn’t just silk that was popularly traded within the historical roads of the Silk Road.
Spices and precious stones from India, silver goods from Iran, Byzantine clothes, Turkic
slaves, ivory and jade from the West – these are some of the common goods found in
caravans traveling the terrains of the Silk Road. A fine example of early trading, it is
through this road that many goods were exchanged within countries and civilization. The
Silk Road brought not only tangible goods but it was also the route for cultures to cross
over to different region. While important for early trading, the Silk Road today is the
result of what the progress and evolution of civilizations. Many great Chinese empires
ruled over the activities happening here, allowing historical governments to be
established that remained an influence in many of today’s politics.

As one of the world’s most significant achievements in the history of world civilization,
the Silk Road brought about what is considered culture in many countries. Settlements
and towns were created, all prospering from the trade activities. Today, these settlements
still exist, though a far cry from its prestigious status of yesteryears. It was also through
the Silk Road where religion was spread across regions. Ideas traveled on this road and
both Islam and Buddhism reached China by this route. Vice versa, Eastern ideas and
influences reached other Islamic sites.

Caravans, traders, merchants – part of the Silk Road history but very much so of today’s
influence. The Silk Road tells many tales of ancient times and the changes it brought to
today’s society and civilizations. Each kilometer is a witness to cultural heritage. Each
step you take on the Silk Road brings you back to the days of its glory.

It is no wonder then why these routes are increasingly popular among travelers looking
for the non-conventional holiday. With splendid architecture, beautiful nature, dazzling
mountain summits and amazing dessert terrains, the Silk Road gives you the opportunity
to cross over cultures.

It is definitely a journey of a thousand experiences at the Silk Road, one that will easily
be of your most memorable Culture, a history and adventure – take this journey down the
Silk Road to a holiday of a lifetime.

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