Fallout by agrawal461


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									Unlimited turns
Enter combat mode. Pick up some ammo for a gun and put it into your
hands. Edge towards an enemy and click on target to shoot him. Instead of
dying he'll mutter some abuse at you then, as if by magic, you'll have
unlimited turns.

Earn 1000 experience without killing anything
After killing the Deathclaws (including Mother Deathclaw and the eggs),
return to the Gun Runners. Speak to the guard at the bridge (you want to
speak with Gabriel), then go to Gabriel. Ask for weapons and ammo (as a
reward for killing off the Deathclaws) and you'll get 1000 experience
points Ð and your Karma will go up one point!
Head back to the Deathclaw warehouse, then back to the Gun Runner's place
and do it all again. Bingo, a thousand more! Keep doing this for loads of

Infinite money
In Junktown go to Doc Morbid's basement and uncover his dead body scheme.
Go to hub, save it prior to talking to Iguana Bob, and then blackmail
him. Once your intelligence, speech and barter levels are higher, talk to
him again saying you have no more expenses and you need to raise the
Once he agrees to an amount, speak to him again and tell him you have
more expenses. Ask for the same amount. Keep on going until you've got as
much money as you want.

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