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					Barack Obama

 Student Name:
  John Hardy
Who is Barack Obama?
          •   The first African American to be
              elected president of the United States.
              Obama, a Democrat, had represented
              Illinois in the United States Senate
              since 2005. Before being elected to
              the U.S. Senate, Obama served for
              eight years in the Illinois Senate. In the
              2008 presidential election, Obama
              defeated Senator John McCain, a
              Republican from Arizona. In a heated
              fight for the Democratic nomination,
              Obama had defeated Hillary Rodham
              Clinton, a U.S. senator from New York
              and former first lady.
Who are the people in Obama’s
     immediate family?
               • In 1989, while working as
                 a summer associate at a
                 Chicago law firm, Obama
                 met Michelle Robinson
                 (1964-...). Michelle was a
                 lawyer who later became
                 a hospital executive. The
                 couple married on Oct. 3,
                 1992. They have two
                 children: Malia (1998-...)
                 and Natasha, commonly
                 called Sasha (2001-...).
What colleges did Obama attend?
                •   Obama enrolled at Occidental
                    College in Los Angeles. He was
                    popular among his classmates
                    and became known as a serious
                    student and an accomplished
                    basketball player. While at
                    Occidental, Obama participated in
                    demonstrations to encourage the
                    college to withdraw its
                    investments from South Africa
                    because of that country's policy of
                    apartheid (rigid racial
                    segregation). Obama credited the
                    experience with getting him
                    involved in public policy issues.
What is Obama’s favorite sport?
                • Barack’s favorite
                  sport is basketball.
                  He also played
What do I like the most about
               •   What I like most about Obama is
                   the he is a very influence speaker.
                   He motivates people to CHANGE.