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Instructions: To see your true monthly costs of your in-house bookkeeper, fill in the GREY line items
using your current data. You can print this spreadsheet when you are finished.

Your Current Bookkeeper Costs:

Cost of Bookkeeper:
  Bookkeeper's hourly rate                                                            $15   /hour
  Hours per week, on average, that your bookkeeper works                               20   /week
  Health insurance costs for bookkeeper                                              $350   /month
  Pension benefits (as a % of salary)                                                 5%
  Weeks of paid vacation per year                                                       2   weeks/year
  Payroll taxes & worker's comp (as a % of salary)                                   15%
  Overhead (as a % of office space, computer, supplies)                              20%

Cost of Your Time to Manage the Bookkeeper:
  Hours per week you spend with the bookkeeper                                          2   /week
  Value of your time (not cost)                                                      $100   /hour
  Hiring and ongoing training of bookkeeper                                            25   hours/year
  CPA fees to review and remedy bookkeeping mistakes                                 $300   /month

Detail Calculation Bookkeeper:
   Monthly Salary                                                                  $1,300
   Health Insurance                                                                  $350
   Pension Benefits                                                                   $65
   Vacation                                                                           $50
   Payroll Taxes & Worker's Comp Insurance                                           $195
   Overhead                                                                          $260
Total Bookkeeper Costs                                                                           $2,220

   Your Time to Manage Bookkeeper                                                    $867
   Hiring and Ongoing Training                                                        $63
   CPA fees to review and remedy bookkeeping mistakes                                $300
Total Opportunity Costs of Owner                                                                 $1,229

Your TOTAL Current Monthly Costs:                                                $3,449

We are sure that this calculator would have given you an insight as to how much you spend for a in-
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Bottomline Solutuions provides complete outsourced bookkeeping and controller services to
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