Going Green_ A Guide To Being More Energy Efficient

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					Going Green: A Guide To Being More Energy Efficient
Green energy is becoming a hot topic in today's society; this form of energy tries to generate power
while decreasing the amount of pollution that occurs as a result. While going green can involve
making significant changes to your lifestyle and your home, you can also participate by helping the
environment in smaller ways. This article has a variety of tips meant to assist you in living a greener

When it comes to your computer, you conserve energy by always turning it off at night or when you
are not going to be using it for several hours. Some people would rather let their computer go to
"sleep" because they can still keep different windows on their browser open and return to them later.
However, try getting in the habit of bookmarking pages that you need; you can always delete these
bookmarks when you don't have use for the page any longer. Taking this step will allow you to shut
down your computer without feeling like you are losing anything.

At night, start turning off the majority of your electronics, like your television and computer printer.
One easy way to do this is to plug several electronic products into the same power strip. One simple
flip of the button will turn off multiple products at one time. It won't take you much time and it will help
you save money and save energy.

Save oil by changing a few things about the way that you drive. First, drive slower. The faster you go,
the more gas your car eats up. Stick to the speed limit; not only are you following the law, you are
helping the environment as well. Each month, take the time to adjust your car's tire pressure. If the
tires do not have enough air in them, your car will get less miles to the gallon. Finally, do not forget
about the air filters in your car; they need to be replaced if you want your vehicle to function properly.
You will be amazed at how many more miles to the gallon you get when your car is in great running

If you are interested in making a bigger change to support green energy efforts, consider installing
solar panels on your roof. While this is a substantial investment, you will save money in the long run,
and you will be helping the environment in a very substantial way. Keep in mind that if you have a
north-facing roof, solar panels may not be a very good choice for you. Also, many people think that it
has to be sunny out in order for the panels to work; this is a myth. While your panels may not work up
to their capacity, they can still generate power on cloudy days. Investigate your options and make the
choice that you feel is right for you.
You can support green energy efforts in both big and small ways. Take the advice that you have
learned from this article and think about what makes sense for your situation. Going green can be a
lot easier than you think!

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