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                                Chiropractic Care Reduces                            AND CHIROPRACTIC
 Natural Health                      Healthcare Costs
 Drug side effects                                                                   Golf great, Tiger Woods, is
 reported to the Food                                                                another example of what the
and Drug Administra-
                           A study in the Octo-                                      benefits of chiropractic care
tion reached an all-
                           ber 11, 2004 issue of                                     can offer an athlete. Tiger
time high in 2004. The
                                                                                     Woods states, "lifting
FDA received roughly       the Archives of Inter-
422,500 adverse event                                                                weights and seeing a chiro-
                           nal Medicine reports
reports, up nearly 14%                                                               practor on a regular basis
from 2003.                 that low back pain                                        has made me a better
                           patients with chiro-                                      golfer."
                           practic coverage in
U.S. Researchers at-
tempting to quantify
                           their insurance plan                                      Many people don't know
the number of lives        needed less surgery                                       that Tiger Woods rode upon
that have been saved       and fewer X-rays                                          a Chiropractic Float in the
by influenza vaccines
                           than patients on the                                      1995 Pasadena Tournament
have come up with
something close to         same insurance plan                                       of Roses Parade.
zero.                      without chiropractic
Arch Intern Med            coverage.                 age. Other than the
                           In the largest study      chiropractic cover-
                           of its type, four years   age, both groups of
European researchers       of back pain claims       patients were on
have identified a com-
                           were examined.            the same insurance
ponent present in
green tea that they        700,000 insured pa-       plan.
believe binds to en-       tients with chiroprac-    By comparing the
zymes, preventing          tic coverage were         two groups, the
growth of the cancer
                           compared with             study found that:
Reuters, March 14,         1,000,000 insured         • Chiropractic care
2005                       members without           cut the overall cost
                           chiropractic cover-       of back pain care
A study from Harvard                                         (Continued on page 2)
Medical School sug-
gests that a little sun-
shine may decrease           In this issue...
your risk of prostate        Glucosamine Sulphate Beats All Drugs                                 Page 2
cancer by half.
Associated Press,            Early Intervention Key To Auto Accident Recovery                     Page 3
Feb. 17, 2005.               Chiropractic Patients Are Healthier                                  Page 1
                             Upcoming events at Westborough Chiropractic                          Page 4
                          Glucosamine Sulphate:
                                     Natural Arthritis Relief!
 Research is showing the effectiveness of Glucosamine Sulphate. Studies have shown that glucosamine
 sulphate, taken at a dose of 500mg per day can significantly reduce arthritis pain and help to regrow
 cartilage within joints.
      This supplement is a mix of protein and sugar, and is found in the elastic tissues within the human
 body (such as cartilage). The function of this molecule is to keep the tissue full of water and therefore
 spongy in nature. Arthritis is a disease process that occurs to joints that are misaligned or are working
 incorrectly. It causes the cartilage that lines the surface of the joints to wear out and become inflamed.
 This is the source of arthritis pain that so many people complain of.
    The latest research shows that the best treatment for helping arthritis includes a good exercise
 program, regular chiropractic adjustments, and a good diet and taking at least 500mg glucosamine sul-
 phate supplements per day. In fact, studies have shown that chiropractic care and glusosamine sulphate
 can stop the arthritic degeneration of spinal joints from getting any worse!
   There are many other natural supplements in the stores that also promise arthritis relief, however none
 of these other products have been proven like glucosamine sulphate. If you have any questions about
 glucosamine sulphate, or any other supplement, feel free to ask the doctors at Westborough
 Chiropractic - we are here to help you get the most out of your body!

(Continued from page 1)              overall cost to the health
by 28%.                              plan than the population
• Chiropractic care re-              without access to chiroprac-
duced the cost of X-rays             tic benefits.”
and MRIs by 37%.                                                                   Because significant
• Chiropractic care re-
duced back pain patient
                                     Finally, the research is                      spinal trauma may
hospitalizations by 41%.             being done that proves                        occur at birth,
• Chiropractic care re-              what chiropractors have                       many parents have
duced the number of back             seen, and known for the                       their newborns
surgeries by 32%.                                                                  checked right
                                     last 110 years. Regular                       away. As the in-
Dr. Douglas Metz, chief              chiropractic adjustments                      fant grows, learn-
health services officer at           keep you healthy.                             ing to hold up the
American Specialty                                                                 head, sit, crawl and
Health, the insurer that
                                                                                   walk are all activi-
sponsored the study said,
“No matter how we per-                                                             ties that affect spi-
form the analysis –                                                                nal alignment and
whether we look at total
                                        WBCHIRO Email address                      are important
costs to the health plan,                       is:                                times to have a
at lower back pain care,                   mail@wbchiro.com                        child checked by a
at musculoskeletal care –                                                          Doctor of
in each data set, the
                                         Send us a note so we can
population covered for                  keep you in the “buzz” on
chiropractic had a lower                    healthcare topics.                                                2
                                                        SAVE YOUR SPINE!
                                                      Keep Your Spine in Line with
                                                          Chiropractic Care                        “The doctor of
                                                Waiting until you must do something about
                                                your health is always more costly than             the future will
                                                preventive measures. That's why I
                                                encourage my patients to get a chiropractic       interest himself
                                                adjustment at least every month. I get one
                                                every week, and so should most of you! It's       with diet and the
                                                always far better to detect and correct small
                                                injuries, imbalances, and misalignments of         human frame”
                                                the spine before they accumulate into a
                                                sudden, painful, major episode.
                                                     This office embodies true                    -Thomas Edison
                                                        chiropractic care!

     Get Chiropractic Care for Whiplash Injury
Any sudden acceleration or deceleration of     structural marvel. But the neck does have a
the human body that snaps the head and         limit to its range of motion. When that limit
neck backward, forward, or to the side can     is exceeded through a sudden, forceful
seriously injure the neck's tissues.           movement, whiplash injury to some degree is
Technically, such injuries are termed          almost assured.
hyperextension and hyperflexion injuries.
Popularly they are called whiplash.            TYPICAL WHIPLASH INJURIES
                                               • Vertebral subluxations that pinch
WHIPLASH EASY TO COME BY                          nerves
The cause may be almost any misdirected
action involving momentum or force such
                                               • Spinal disc fibers torn, discs
as a fall on the stairs, a sports mishap, a       separated
fall on ice... any accident which causes a     • Stretching, tearing of neck muscle
snapping movement of the head and neck.          fibers, tendons, ligaments, blood
                                                                                                 TYPICAL WHIPLASH
                                                 vessels, nerves                                    SYMPTOMS
AUTO ACCIDENT USUAL CAUSE                      • Blood vessels bruised, blood supply           • Headache
An automobile rear-end collision is the          altered
most frequent whiplash event. About 4                                                          • Restricted neck movement
                                               • Vertebrae injured
million rear-end collisions occur each year,                                                   • Head, neck, shoulder, arm
and each of them, even a mild one, carries     • Vertebrae separated
the potential for whiplash neck injury.        • Neck's normal curve altered                     pain, pain between shoulders
                                                                                               • Dizziness
In an auto, because the seated person's
                                               SYMPTOMS MAY LAG                                • Fainting or 'weak feeling"
                                               Some symptoms may show immediately or
back is in direct contact with the auto's      within a few hours following a whiplash           spells
seat, a rear-end collision instantly propels   injury. But damaged, injured tissues often      • Head, neck, shoulders, arms
the body forward with great force. This        degenerate slowly, so sometimes symptoms
causes the head and neck to snap backward      don't develop for several days. Sometimes
                                                                                                 feel heavy and tired
violently. An immediate reflex contraction     several weeks go by. Occasionally, several      • Ringing in ears
of the neck muscles then snaps the head        months elapse before symptoms present
forward. Hence, the expression whiplash.       themselves.
                                                                                               • Hearing diminished
Those lashing actions put great stress on                                                      • Frequent nausea
the soft tissues of the neck (muscles, ten-    CHIROPRACTIC EXAM AT ONCE
dons, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves) as                                                     • Numb, cold, tingling hands,
                                               A whiplash victim should have a thorough
well as the neck bones (vertebrae).            chiropractic examination as soon as possible      feet, arms, legs
                                               after the accident to determine the extent of   • Heartbeat rapid, irregular
                                               injury and what to do about it.
Not that the human neck is weak, nor is it                                                     • Frequent anxiety, irritability,
susceptible to injury from every force that                                                      memory lapse
comes its way. The strength and flexibility
of the cervical spine (neck area) make it a
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