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					    "readers’ letters
 Send your letters to Union News, AEEU, Hayes Court,
 West Common Road, Hayes, Bromley, Kent BR2 7AU or
                                                             THREE GENERATIONS
 e-mail to please include a   RE to letter April 2001 Union News. Three generations of ships plumbers –
 daytime telephone number (not for publication).We           my late grandfather Arthur Ward retired approximately 1938, my late father
 reserve the right to edit or shorten letters.               William Ward ships plumber date of entry 1937, and myself William Ward
                                                             date of entry 2/2/1959.
                                                                My late father and I top over 100 years. Also in my possession I have my
 GRATIFICATION                                               late father’s indentures of apprenticeship dated 23 March 1932, plumbing
 I was please to receive the Union’s 60-year and             trade union rule books dated 1936 and 1946 – interesting reading.
 commemorative badges and splendid brochure,                    My late father in the late 1940s was on the committee of Jarrow Lodge.
 which was very interesting.                                 Also shop steward in Palmers Drydock Hebburn for a number of years.
    After being retired for 20 years, it is gratifying                                                                   W Ward, Jarrow
 that our union keeps me informed and involved
 as ever before.                                             MEMBERSHIP RECORD
                          Ken Harrison, Rotherham            I enclose a cutting from our local paper the Northern Echo.
                                                                I joined the AEU in 1935 at Broadheath, Cheshire, serving my time at the
                                                             Linotype Engineering. I left Cheshire in 1945 to live in Bishops Auckland,
 AWARDS                                                      Co Durham. I located the AEU Branch at Bishops Auckland and was a
 I read with interest the letter from Bro P M                Branch President for 15 years.
 McDonough in the April issue of Union News                     I was a delegate on the District Committee and represented both Bishop
 regarding a 60 years membership award.                      Auckland and Crook Branches.
     My membership commenced in 1942, then an                                                        Ken Handley MBE, Bishop Auckland
 apprentice electrician in Swan & Hunters
 Shipyard, I took part in the apprentice strike
 against Bevan Boys and started work for the
 Northern Electric Board in 1949 shortly after
 nationalisation and completed 39 years service
 during which time I was a supervisors
     I retired in 1987 age 61 years through the
 clause in the superannuation scheme which refers
 to a minimum contribution of 25 years and being
 over 60 years old. I did not apply for redundancy,
 not wishing to ‘sell’ my job and have been an
 honorary member for many years.
     My 60 years membership is probably due next
 year and I wish to know if I am eligible for an
 award. I will be grateful for your advice.
                           George Scragg, Newcastle

 Editor’s note: Recently, we have received a number
 of enquires regarding long service badges. These
 are awarded for 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 years
 service. Usually your Branch Secretary will make            QUALITY
 a request for the badge on your behalf, however, if         Many thanks for the latest issue of Union News. The magazine seems to get
 any individual feels they are entitled to an award          better and better with each issue and is particularly informative for
 you should contact Fred Foster at the address on            members such as myself. It’s good to see how the Union is working hard for
 page 3.                                                     our benefit. Keep up the good work!
                                                                                                                       Chris Davis, London

24 Unionnews July 2001
  "readers’ letters
MEDICAL TRIBUNAL                                       STANLEY GEORGE BROWN (deceased)
I would like to express my sincere thanks to Colin     Stanley George Brown (deceased), formerly of Parkstone, Poole in Dorset was
Rose, Regional Organiser, who’s professional           born in February 1917. He worked in the construction of Poole Power
guidance, support and representation was key to        Station and subsequently remained at the power station as an electrician
my recent successful medical appeal.                   during its operational life. At a later stage he moved to British Drug Houses
   It is reassuring that people like Colin are         (now Merk).
prepared to work so hard for our members.                 Solicitors representing Mr Brown’s estate and dependent widow wish to
   Winning this appeal means so very much to           make contact with any former work colleagues of Mr Brown who can be
myself and my family. Never underestimate the          traced. If you have any information please write to: Steven Layzell, Ref:
gratitude I feel.                                      13/9/062060, Lawfords Solicitors, 5 Richbell Place, London, WC1N 3LA.
                                   RD Luton, Bristol

                                                       MAKING CONTACT
WHO’S RIGHT?                                           I am trying to contact an old work mate, Jeof Le’Measurer an electrician
Amongst the letters a Ken Molland from Brough          who worked for GEO E Taylor Electrical Contractors from London. We
said in 1946 said subs were 2d a week and on           worked on Power Stations in the North West. If there is anyone out there
completion of apprenticeship it was 5d a week          who knows the whereabouts of Jeof, or who may have worked for Taylor, or
(see Union News, April 2001). My memory tells          if you are out there Jeof (or Jeff) give me a ring on 0151 228 7680.
me when I joined it was 4d a week apprentice                                                               Tom Fitzpatrick, Liverpool
section and s1/3d for a full member. Who is
correct, did this apply to ETU members only?
                             J Roberts, Merseyside

I wonder if any of your readers would be                  Leisure                 and the winner is…
interested in some old membership cards I have
that were issued to my late father dated 1906/07.
If so, I would be please to pass them on.
                                                        Win a DVD player                              Just good ol’ boys
                          KE Humphries, Coventry
                                                        We had a massive response to our DVD          We had a number of different
                                                        competition from the last issue.              answers to this, but Phil Johnson of
Editor’s note: We know that many members                Congratulations to JH Butter of               Leicester was the first out of the
collect old membership cards. If you would like us      Birmingham who correctly told us DVD          hat with the correct answer that
to put you in touch with Mrs Humphries, write to        stands for Digital Versatile Disc. The        Flash is the name of Roscoe P
us at the address on page 3.                            ultimate in home entertainment and            Coltrane’s dog, usually found in the
                                                        £100 of discs is on its way to you.           car when Roscoe is doing the cuffin’
                                                                                                      and stuffin’!

                                                        Don’t be a mug!
BREACH OF CONTRACT                                      Mandy Smith of Horsham knew that
I would like to thank Tony Calvertz-Jons who has        Danny De Vito is the Hollywood star
recently been representing me regarding a breach        who provides the voice of Homer’s
                                                        brother. We hope you’ll like the cheeky
of contract issue between myself and Bracknell
                                                        ceramic Simpsons mug.
Forest Borough Council. Thanks to his
involvement and professionalism, the matter has
now been resolved.                                      Ocean liner word search
    Mr Calvertz-Jons’ action was prompt,                The three winners of the £25 WH Smith
professional and delivered in an extremely              vouchers are V Hornsby of Billericay,
friendly manner.                                        A Macleod of Moodiesburn and
                             GP Hyman, Bracknell        C Woolliscroft in Stoke-on-Trent.

                                                                             Due to space constraints in this issue we have been unable to include
                                                                             our usual Leisure Pages. We’ll bring them to you in the next issue.

                                                                                                                              July 2001 Unionnews 25
financial report

 General Fund

 Where the money came from
                                        £000s         Introduction to the accounts
                                                      General Secretary’s report
 Contributions                         38,008
 Education and Training income          1,426
 Investment and other income            5,948
                                                          HIS YEAR we celebrated 150 years since            bigger player in industry and it will increase our

                                                          the creation of the ASE – the forerunner          influence with Government. But it will also
 What it cost to run the Union
                                                          of the AEEU. We can be rightly proud of           increase our ability as an organisation to
 Benefits to members                      6,066
 General Union and Head
                                                    our history but we can also be proud of what            provide better representation and more services
 Office costs                          15,123       we have achieved today. It is my firm belief             to the members. We need to get the merger
 Regions and Branches                  14,327       that we have never been stronger as a Union.            right – learning lessons from our last merger,
                                                       As I reported to the Policy and Rules                but also not jeopardising our current strength –
 Operating surplus for the year         9,866
 Allocation to other funds             -2,157
                                                    Conference in Blackpool, the AEEU is in great           but a successful merger with MSF will be the
 Net operating surplus                  7,709       financial shape. We have continued to make               right way forward for our Union.
                                                    our organisation more professional, improving              Maintaining a healthy financial situation is
 AEEU membership Dec 1999             727,369
                                                    the service we can offer, whilst at the same            absolutely vital to our Union. I’ve always said
                 Dec 2000             728,211
                  Change                +842
                                                    time reducing our costs. That’s got to be good          that keeping us strong financially is central to
 The number of members of the AEEU included in
                                                    news for our members.                                   my strategy as General Secretary and to the
 the membership register whose names are not           This year the AEEU was awarded ‘Investor in          work of the Executive as a whole.
 accompanied by an address which is the member’s
 home address or another address which they have    People’ status – the first major Trade Union to             Over the coming 12 months, I will continue
 requested the Union in writing to treat as their
 postal address, was 45,000.                        be given the award nationally. That is a great          to work with the Executive to make our Union
                                                    honour for the AEEU and was down to the hard            stronger and to improve what we can do for
 In addition to the General Fund, the
                                                    work of all our staff and officers, both in Hayes       the members. I want to see more full-time
 following semi-autonomous associations
 have retained funds which are summarised           Court and in the regions.                               officers to support our shop stewards and
 below:                                                We will continue to strive to make our               activists. I want to see Head Office and the
                                                    Union better and better. More than any other            regions in a position to offer the very best
 Retained Funds                                     Union, the AEEU leads the way in delivering top         services to our members. That can only be
 (BCSA, BTOG, CC89, MODSA, NAFO, PMA,               class representation for our members. We have           achieved if we keep the Union’s finances in a
 SIMA, UKAPE)                                       the right industrial structure, we make our             strong position.
                                        £000s       voice heard in the new Government and we                   I would urge you to read the information
 Allocation for the year                            continue to recruit new members and sign new            that follows my introduction. On behalf of the
 Contributions from members                214      agreements with some of Britain’s biggest and           Executive Council, can I say that we will
 Investment and other income               43       best companies. That work goes on.                      continue to look to improve our Union and if
                                           257      A successful merger with MSF will also be good          you have any comments or suggestions, please
 Affiliations, grants donations payments to         news for our Union. We will become an even              don’t hesitate to write to me at Hayes Court.
 members and other expenses              -306
 Surplus / (deficit)                        -49
 Balance at 1 January 2000                 869
 Balance at 31 December 2000               820
                                                       Statement to Members
 A separate members statement is published
 to the members of AMPS                                A MEMBER who is concerned that some irregularity may be occurring, or have occurred, in the
                                                       conduct of the financial affairs of the Union may take steps with a view to investigating further,
 Political Fund                                        obtaining clarification and, if necessary, securing regularisation of that conduct.
                                                       THE MEMBER may raise any such concern with any one or more of the following as it seems
 Allocation for the year                 1,592
                                                       appropriate to raise it with: the officials of the Union, the trustees of the property of the Union, the
 Investment and other income                11
                                                       auditor or auditors of the Union, the Certification Officer (who is an independent officer appointed
                                                       by the Secretary of State) and the police.
 Affiliations, grants and other expenses
                                                       WHERE A MEMBER believes that the financial affairs of the Union have been or are being
 Surplus / (deficit)                        548
                                                       conducted in breach of the law or in breach of the rules of the Union and contemplates bringing
 Balance at 1 January 2000 (as stated) 456
                                                       civil proceedings against the Union or responsible official or trustees, he may apply for material
 Prior year adjustment                     535
                                                       assistance from the Commissioner for the Rights of Trade Union Members and should, in any case,
 Balance at 31 December 2000             1,539
                                                       consider obtaining independent legal advice.

26 Unionnews July 2001
                                                                                                               financial report

General              Gross            Pension                                   Benefits                                              Employers NI
Secretary            Salary         Contributions       Description                             Value               Total            Contributions
Sir Ken Jackson      68,504            13,708                   Car                             5,584
                                                          Bridging Loan                         13,719             101,515                  7,135

                                                    Officials salaries and benefits
Executive            Delegations         Branch                                                   Delegations     Branch
Council                   &             Officers                                                       &         Officers
Members              Allowances         Expenses        Total                                     Allowances     Expenses         Total

Thomas Allison                810                           810           Allan Jackson              1,210                        1,210
Brian Amer                    900                          900            Simon Kirwan               1,400        4,135           5,535
Leslie Bayliss                790                          790            Gerald Leonard             1,350                        1,350
James Bond               1,260                            1,260           Anthony McCandless         1,530                        1,530
Colin Brown                   450                          450            Brian McDonald             1,350                        1,350
John Brown               1,260                            1,260           Carol McFarlane                990                        990
Allan Cameron            1,530             3,807          5,337           Alan Mercer                    970                        970
Peter Campbell                700                           700           Patrick O’Regan            1,440                        1,440
David Clark                   990                          990            Cedric Packer              1,170                        1,170
James Craigie            1,080                            1,080           Pat Pepper                 1,350                        1,350
Thomas Darragh           1,080                            1,080           Elaine Platt                   810                        810
Mick Edmunds             1,080             2,154          3,234           Brian Rice                     450                        450
Laurence Faircloth            540                          540            Alan Rimmer                1,530                        1,530
John Fallows             1,350                            1,350           Barry Robinson             1,170                        1,170
Richard Field                 810                           810           John Simpson                   970                        970
Alan Finlayson           2,110                            2,110           Robert Simpson             1,080                        1,080
Pauline Frazer           1,350                            1,350           Bill Spiers                1,260                        1,260
Brian Gallagher          1,361                            1,361           Peter Taylor               1,350        3,592           4,942
Harry Gibbon             1,260                            1,260           James Thomson              1,080                        1,080
John Hamilton            1,080                            1,080           Graham Tran                    810      1,501           2,311
Jack Harrison            1,090                            1,090           James Warne                1,080                        1,080
Michael Hubbold          1,260             8,954         10,214           Bill Weale                     540                        540
Virginia Huddart         1,260                            1,260           Frederick Westley          1,080        2,447           3,527
Edward Hulse             1,260                            1,260           Gordon Whitman             1,100                        1,100
                                                                                        Total      53,731        26,590          80,321

Report of the auditors
To the members of Amalgamated                                             accounting policies are appropriate to the Union's circumstances,
Engineering and Electrical Union                                          consistently applied and adequately disclosed.

                                                                          We planned and performed our audit so as to obtain all the information
We have audited the accounts on pages 6 to 20 which have been             and explanations which we considered necessary in order to provide us
prepared under the accounting policies set out on page 11.                with sufficient evidence to give reasonable assurance that the accounts
                                                                          are free from material misstatement, whether caused by fraud or other
Respective responsibilities of Executive Council and Auditors             irregularity or error. In forming our opinion we also evaluated the overall
                                                                          adequacy of the presentation of information in the accounts.
As described on page 3 the Executive Council are responsible for
the preparation of the accounts. It is our responsibility to form an      Opinion
independent opinion, based on our audit, on those statements and
to report our opinion to you.                                             In our opinion the accounts give a true and fair view of the state of the
                                                                          Union's affairs as at 31 December 2000 and of its excess of income over
Basis of opinion                                                          expenditure for the year then ended and have been properly prepared in
                                                                          accordance with the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation)
We conducted our audit in accordance with Auditing Standards              Act 1992.
issued by the Auditing Practices Board. An audit includes
examination, on a test basis, of evidence relevant to the amounts
and disclosures in the accounts. It also includes an assessment of        BDO STOY HAYWARD
the significant estimates and judgements made by the Executive             Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors
Council in the preparation of the accounts, and of whether the            Sevenoaks
                                                                                                                               July 2001 Unionnews 27
      HOLIDAYS                       ¤: Nick Preston: 01248 810
                                     005                                                                                                                        Members wishing to

BLACKPOOL.           Modern      3   KESWICK, Aaron Lodge.                                                                                                      advertise in the small ads
bedroom caravan. Super site,         Original Station Masters                                                                                                   section of Union News are
all amenities, views of              house, quietly set in own
                                                                                                                                                                requested to make a
Blackpool Tower, lakeside            grounds, 5 mins from town
                                                                                                                                                                donation of a minimum of
pitch, fully equipped kitchen        centre, offers high quality
                                                                                                                                                                £3.00 to the Union’s
and heating, colour tv. Family
site, phone for brochure.Prices
                                                                              ONLY £3 TO UNION MEMBERS                                                          Centenary Fund, PHAB,
or more details:                     private parking. B&B £22-£25                 Please tick the category that your advertisement is                           which helps people with
                ¤: 01594 836 280     pppn.                                                            intended for                                              physical disabilities to buy
ORLANDO               (Lindfields)                  ¤: 01768 772 399                                                                                            equipment that will give
luxurious 4 bed villa. 5 miles       FLORIDA. Enormous luxury                 s CARS    s MISCELLANEOUS s HOLIDAYS                                              them greater
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fibre optic lit pool. Superb         bathrooms, sleeps 122/14,                Write out your advertisement on the form below. Maximum number of                 need to do is complete the
‘pooh bear’ room. Air                own private pool in south                words: 30. Telephone numbers count as one word. Please use block capitals.        form on the left and send it
conditioned laundry, cable tv,       facing extended deck, BBQ,               Only forms with membership numbers will be included.                              to us – with your cheque
quiet neighbourhood.                 zoned air-conditioning. 52”                                                                                                or postal order made
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WOOLACOMBE, North Devon.             throughout. Disney 12 mins.                                                                                                ‘The Centenary Fund’ – by
6 berth caravan, closest site to     Booking 2002/2003.                                                                                                         the deadline stated below.
beach, nice quiet site,                             ¤: 01234 303 354                                                                                            We reserve the right to
beautiful walks, breath taking       FLAMINGOLAND             holiday                                                                                           withhold or edit any
scenary, pets not allowed in         village theme park,zoo. New
                                                                                                                                                                advertisements deemed
caravan, cleaned after use a         three bedroom caravan, tv,
                                                                                                                                                                unsuitable for inclusion.
must.           ¤: 0115 917 8596     video, microwave, fridge, and
LAKE DISTRICT. Ullswater             many        more     essentials,
comfortable central heated,          bedding included free gas
two bedroom cottage, sleeps          electric. Most weeks available.
4, bed linen provided, open           ¤: 0191 421 2726 / 07713 820
fire, private parking, ideal base                                 650
for walking, open all year, dogs     FLORIDA, GULF COAST. Villa
welcome. ¤: 01768 482 469            for rent, three bedrooms, two
FLORIDA, Gulf Coast. Luxury          bathrooms, private screened              I declare I am a s member s retired member
fully equipped villa with pool,      pool, close to beaches, golf,                                                                                               For inclusion in the next issue
                                                                              Union membership number                                                            of Union News send by
3 beds, 3 baths, overlooking         fishing,        shops        and
freshwater canal. Golf close by.     restaurants.                             Name                                                                               10 October to: Union News
Sleeps 6 people for a total of                ¤:/Fax: 01493 781 479                                                                                              Small Ads, AEEU, Hayes
£450 per week all inclusive.         ISLE      OF      SKYE.     Very
                                                                              Address                                                                            Court, West Common Road,
Telefax: 01904 411 608               comfortable, well equipped,                                                                                                 Hayes, Bromley,
NORTH WALES, Tregarth, well          self catering cottage, sleeps 4,                                                                                            Kent BR2 7AU.
equipped character cottage,          beautiful hill and sea views.                               Postcode                                                              All forms must be
sleeps 2/4. Ideal touring base.      Near a sandy beach.                                                                                                         accompanied by a cheque for
Views        over    countryside     Call for brochure: ¤: 01478 650          Telephone                                                                          at least £3.00 made payable
towards Anglesey. Electricity        360                                                                                                                         to ‘The Centenary Fund’
and       bedding       provided.    ISLE      OF      SKYE.     Very
Centrally heated. Owner              comfortable, well equipped
supervised. Reasonable rates.        self catering cottage, sleeps 4,
                ¤: 01248 600 989     beautiful hill and sea views.                     ¤: 01480 217 860              microwave, free gas, electricity      bedroom, 2 bathroom villa
SANDOWN BAY. Spacious                Near a sandy beach. Call for       SEAHOUSES,            traditional            and passes. 3 bars, tiger club,       with private pool, sleeps 8
chalet(s). sleeps 4-6, fully         brochure. ¤: 01478 650 360         Northumbrian         fishermans              indoor and outdoor pool. Big          people, air-con, 15 mins from
equipped, close to sandy             CORNWALL,          PERRAPORTH      cottage. Beautiful coastal                   late season discounts.                Disney, near golf courses and
beaches,        coastal     walks    area – St Agnes. Privately         location, caters for up to 6. Log                         ¤: 01274 598 438         other attractions, suitable for
outstanding views, sensible          owned 3 bedroom holiday unit       fire, fully equipped, close to all           CORNWALL, PERRANPORTH.                disabled guests, for more
prices. For details.                 to let. Sleeps 6-8. Pool, bar      local amenitites. For full                   Self-catering cottage. Sleeps         information please
   ¤: 020 8519 8053/0850 758         and other entertainments           details please phone: 0191                   4, on a small farm, close to                        ¤: 01908 225 249
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swimming pools. For brochure         available.                         caravan, all mod cons, tv,                   FLORIDA, ORLANDO. Luxury 3            Comfortable             en-suite

                                                                                                                                                              July 2001 Unionnews 29

bedroom, walks, beaches and         4-6, all amenities within          QUIET        VILLAGE,      cosy    equipped, self catering house        resorts.      ¤: 0151 336 2908
golf. Also available one            walking distance 30 mins from      converted s/c barns, all mod       sleeps five, available all year.     SPANISH FREEHOLD property
bedroom        self     catering    Alicante      Golf     courses.    cons, sleeps 2/4, ideal for        Sidmouth 10 min drive, pubs,         for sale. From £40,000. Quality
apartment.                          Short/long rentals available.      walking, touring and bird          restaurants in village, country      apartments and villas close to
           ¤: 00353 23 344 36                     ¤: 0118 962 4571     watching. Coast (6m) available     and riverside walks, good base       beaches and golf courses. 4/5
IRELAND, CLONAKILTY, West           NERJA, COSTA DEL SOL. 2            all year. Pets welcome.            to see Devon.                        day inspection trips arranged.
Cork. Charming 2 bedroom            bedroom       apartment      on                  ¤: 01507 327 209                     ¤: 01273 418 149                   ¤: 0151 709 3214
18th Century cottage. Fully         Burriana       Beach.      Fully   FLORIDA, KISSIMMEE. 4              FLORIDA, KISSIMMEE, three            www.anchoragevillas.supanet.
equipped with cosy open fire,       equipped kitchen lounge with       bedroom, 3 bathroom luxury         bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, villa,        com
all home comforts, very             satellite tv, leading onto a       villa with private south facing    heated own pool, superb              COSTA BLANCA Villas and
private, ideal location for         large balcony.                     pool. Superb golf and country      accomodation, Disney Parks           Appts to rent near beaches,
walks, beaches, golf and                          ¤: 01202 463 115     club setting, only 15 mins from    20 mins away. Flights and car        bars, restaurants. 5-10 mins
touring. Mary Reilly                NEWQUAY, Cornwall. Situated        Disney, sleeps up to 10 people.    hire arranged. Competitive           drive to three golf courses,
           ¤: 00353 23 344 36       on the Cliff directly above        Late bookings available.           weekly rentals from £335.            swimming pools, tennis, pick-
SCOTLAND WICK, Caithness.           Newquay’s harbour, enjoying                       ¤: 0118 966 9277              ¤:/Fax: 01202 686 154      ups or car hire. www.
Holiday Cottage, sleeps two         magnificant       uninterrupted    AUSTRIA, Tirol Alps. Skischool     FRASERBURGH, NE Scotland.  
fully equipped sea view. Pets       views of Newquays beaches          and snowboard, superb skiing       Anchorage guest house.                             ¤: 0151 709 3214
welcome. £80-£130 per week.         and Harbour. Only minutes          in Westerndorf. Voted best         Family B&B all rooms, central        GET AWAY to our luxury chalet.
Includes electricity and linen.     from beaches, shops, golf and      resort in whole of Europe.         heating,        tv,    tea/coffee    Woodland walks or free fishing
              ¤: 01955 609 191      Fistral Beach.                     Hotel £17pppn B&B. Skischool       facilities, comfortable lounge,      on your doorstep. Equipped to
PRIMROSE VALLEY (Haven).                          ¤: 01637 876 855     £50 4 days.                        near shops and beautiful             highest      standard,      free
Luxury 8 berth caravan,             DISNEY 10 minutes, good            Phone/Fax: 00435 334 2017          sandy beach. Open all year.          electricity an ideal base with
veranda, TV/video, CD Hi-fi,        weather, private and childrens     Mobile: 00436 642 841 347                          ¤: 01346 515 913     easy access to motorways.
microwave,        patio      set,   pools. Sounds good? Then rent      SCOTLAND, nr Inverarary. Mid       FRIDAYTHORPE,           Yorkshire    Phone: 01324 861 166
loungers, iron, hairdryer,          our luxury villa, sleeps 8-10 in   Argyll.     Detached,       well   Wolds. Well equipped self            CAP        D’AGDE        France,
electric fan, electric heater,      Florida. From £450 per week        equipped, centrally heated         catering cottage, peaceful           Languedoc Region. Apartment
high chair, cot, superb             per villa. Details                 cottage, sleeps 4, beautiful       location, situated centrally         sleeps 2-4. All amenities. 5
entertainment, bed linen,                         ¤: 01249 444 291     Loch/Hill views and ideal          between York and East Coast.         minutes from lovely sandy
passes included. No pets.           ORLANDO, FLORIDA. Luxury           touring base. Open all year.       Ideal for touring or walking         beaches and golf course.
              ¤: 01302 890 912      new 4 bedroom, 2 bath villa.       Pets welcome.                      linen and heating included.          Lively resort with lots to do.
WEST WALES, Cardigan.               Sleeps 10, own pool/jacuzzi.                      ¤: 01546 886 261    Sleeps five.                           ¤: 01483 892 099 for details
Detached bungalow, sleeps 4,        10 mins from Disney. Some          WINDEMERE “Thornleigh”                            ¤: 01377 288 255      ST ANDREWS, Kinkell Braes.
garage grounds, semi-rural          dates available late 2001.         licensed Guest House, 3            BATH BREAKS in this lovely           Six berth caravan. Tv,
location, ideal base for                 ¤:/Fax: 01642 325 652 for     nights B&B £55pp, D,B&B            this lovely georgian city £79        microwave, all mod cons, free
beaches, visiting interesting                              brochure    £80pp. En-suite rooms, colour      two nights, £99 for three. En-       gas and electric. Most dates
places, walking area, one           BED & BREAKFAST with               tv’s, complimentary tea/coffee     suite with excellent breakfast       available. Sorry no pets.
small dog accepted, sorry no        transport if required and baby     trays. Excellent food and          for two persons. Ideal location                    ¤: 01592 861 520
babies. Night storage heaters.      sitting if required. We will       hospitality, private parking,      for Christmas shopping. ETB          FLORIDA        VILLA.       Four
              ¤: 01239 612 427      make your stay very homely         convenient but quiet location      highly commended ‘The                bedrooms, two bathrooms, tv
HOLIDAY CARAVAN Haven               and a warm welcome.                for details. ¤: 01539 444203       Pilgrims’. ¤: 01225 310 204          den, rest lounge, dining area,
Park. Doniford Bay Nr                             ¤: 01424 755 478     LANZAROTE near the peaceful        DISNEY, FLORIDA. Virgin’s            fully fitted kitchen, private
Minehead. TV, shower, wc,           MALTA. TIMESHARE appart-           Playa Blanca. Two bedroom          quiet country crossings estate.      screened swimming pool. Air
clubs entertainment, pools,         ment in 4 Star Park Hotel.         detached house with patio,         20 mins from attractions,            conditioned. 15 min drive to
childrens activities, 100 yards     Sliema, Malta. Quick sale          BBQ, garden, roof terrace on       luxury villa. 3 beds, 2 baths,       main attractions. Reasonable
from beach. From £100 weekly,       £1500.      E-mail     anthony.    quiet complex with large pool.     solar heated pool, air-con,          rates. ¤:/fax: 020 8422 2305
short breaks 50%. Includes            20 mins from airport.              satellite tv, video, help with car   COSTA DEL SOL. Nerja, one
gas and electricity.                              ¤: 01792 420 041                    ¤: 0117 9020 107    hire, flights, attraction tickets.   bedroom apartment, sleeps 4,
              ¤: 01453 544 472      AUTUMN NORMANDY breaks,            NEWQUAY, family run guest          Sleeps 6/8. Now booking              fully     equipped      kitchen,
LINCOLNSHIRE. Beautfully            2 bedroom cottage, heating,        house, 2 mins walk from three      2001/2002. ¤: 01708 769 645          bathroom, double shower,
converted single storey farm        UKTV, lazy rural location,         beaches. All rooms en-suite,       THIRSK, North Yorkshire.             lounge with satellite tv.
buildings in quiet village          300m magnificant beach. ?          car park, top quality, home        Cottage overlooking St James         Leading to South facing
location. All mod cons. Parking     hour Cherbourg, markets,           cooked food, close to all          Green. Ideal base for families,      balcony       with       canopy
for 4 cars. Sleeps 2-4 children     restaurants, horse riding, golf,   amenities from £115 pp.            larger groups wishing to visit       swimming pools. Beautiful
and pets welcome. Available         Norman/D.Dayn history from                        ¤: 01637 872 871    Dales Coast Moors of                 views.        ¤: 0151 280 2425
all year round.                     £100 for 5 nights. Brochure        FRENCH RIVIERA, Antibes.           Yorkshire . Sleeps 10, plus cot.     THREE BEDROOM house for
              ¤: 01507 327 209      available. ¤: 023 9234 3455        Between Nice and Cannes. Six       Available all year.                  sale two garages, £200,000
NORTH WALES. Llanllyfni.            FLORIDA, DISNEY. Luxury four       berth mobile homes to let,                        ¤: 01845 523 522      ono. East London area. Also:
Comfortable B&B. reasonable         bedroom three bathroom villa       beautiful three star site, bar,    TENERIFE TIMESHARE for sale          Clacton area, caravan for sale,
rates, week-end rates, special      with private pool. Two             restaurant, Disco, take-away,      at Torviscas. One bedroom,           six berth. £4,500 or To Let at
offers, beaches, fishing,           lounges, dining area, air          swimming pool, beach 300           sleeps 4, high season, wk 14.        £150pw.       ¤: 020 8472 8160
walking, climbing, boating.         conditioned. 15 mins from          yards.        ¤: 0113 293 7637     Swimming pool, kitchen,              ALICANTE, South of Alicante.
Near Snowdonia National             Disney.        ¤: 0191 250 1305    MOBILE HOME on French              Sunset Bay Club. £1000 ono.          Private villa, private pool,
Park. Ideal for day trips to        CAERNARFON.            Privately   Riviera. Sleeps six, well                         ¤: 01243 552 356      patios, garden, sunroof, tv,
Dublin, Ireland. For details        owned pool, self catering          equipped five star site, two       BLACKPOOL Cala Gran. 8               fully equipped, 2 bedrooms,
              ¤: 01286 880 446      holiday chalet. Fully equipped     pool complexes (five pools         Berth caravan, microwave,            sleeps 5/6. £100-£400 pw for
TENERIFE. PLAYA De Las              microwave, shower, utensils.       altogether). Entertainment,        satellite, cooker, gag electric,     the villa not per person, near
Americas.       Private      one    Sleeps 3/5. Pets welcome. Site     sports facilities, two weeks for   bedding, cleaning materials,         beaches.        ¤: 01527 64149
bedroom apartment To Let.           offers pool bars, mini market, 1   the price of one September.        included. Theatre, sportsmans
Couples       preferred.      Tv,   mile form town centre. Level                     ¤: 02476 334 071     bar, 3 pools, indoor/outdoor
swimming       pool,     tennis,    access to chalet.                  NORTH        DEVON       Coast,    play areas, Burger King, Café.
adjacent new golf course. 5                       ¤: 01254 262 559     Illfracombe. Comfortable three                     ¤: 0161 998 9782
mins walk to the sea. Flights       WEYMOUTH BAY (Haven Site)          bedroomed accomodation,            NORWEGIAN Log Cabin.                 CORNWALL,       8     ACRES,
arranged if required.               Three bedroom caravan sleeps       sleeps 6, central location,        National Snowdonia Park.             numerous outbuildings, 3 d-
              ¤: 01246 419 280      8, indoor and outdoor pools,       close to beach and harbour,        Sleeps 6, tv/video, ski slope,       beds, bathroom, sitting room,
TORREVIEJA, Costa Blanca, 2         plus entertainment, gas,           linen included, excellent rates.   Forrest Walils mountain bikes,       dining room, kit/break room,
bedroom apartment on small          electric and bed linen. All                ¤: 01271 867 655 (day)     climbing, fishing, pub on site       utility, sep WC, intregral
development with communal           included. For details              Or: 01271 867 386 (Eves)           with child facilities. Within        garage, detached d.garage,
pool with roof terrace. Sleeps                    ¤: 01722 716 551     POPPLE         VIEWS,       well   easy reach of many coastal           workshop, office, oil, CH,

30 Unionnews July 2001

excellent condition. £225,000                                         amounts considered. Call after     Triton 2000 saw table with
              ¤: 01209 211 227                                        6pm during the week.               extras. Many many tools all for
                                         WANTED                                   ¤: 0151 334 7086       sale due to bad health. Please
house, large back and front                                           SPEEDWAY PROGRAMMES                ring for further information.
gardens, back facing south         WANTED. MYFORD LATHE and           wanted,      also     books,                      ¤: 0161 336 1258
situated in small grove, quiet     equipment. ¤: 01623 558 260        magazines, badges, photo-          FOR       SALE.      MITUTOYO
area near to shops and bus         WANTED.         WILLIAM       DE   graphs and all related items,      Digimatic indicator, Smiths
service. £25,000.                  MORGAN tiles and pottery in        pre-war, 40s, 50s also grass-      Tachometer,             portable
             ¤: 01429 263 897      Persian and Lustre colours of      track.                             hardness tester. Type ‘D’
KINGSTON. 3 BED HOUSE.             owls, birds, snakes, dragons                   ¤: 01793 619 358       durometer, optical flats, gauge
Quiet development, conserv-        etc.          ¤: 01388 420 049                                        blocks E28 (x2), set of three
atory, garage, near Beacon,                                                                              micrometers 0-75, Digimatic
schools Park Station. £280k,
                                   WANTED. OLD MOTOR CYCLE                      CARS                     micrometer 22-50.
                                   for restoration any condition,
or 2 bed turreted gatehouse,       dead or alive. Distance no                                                           ¤: 024 76679 091
quiet road near Centre Station     object. Please ¤ : 0161 287        MERCEDES 2.0l 190E Auto.           BEER MATS over 3000, many
Park, woodblock floor, off-        5845                               Red (met), FSH, leather, full      very and old, 130 complete
street parking. £199,950. ¤:       PRIVATE COLLECTOR wants            electricals, alloys, ABS, e-       sets, good condition, many
0208 836 1532                      old trykes, bikes and carrier      sunroof, alarm immobiliser,        foreign, lagers, beers, spirits,
TWO BEDROOM COTTAGE.               bikes. Also early hand             good condition, K reg,             foods, various. Contact Steve
Barrhill    South     Ayrshire,    operated mangels & washing         desirable car. Illness forces      with offers.
Scotland. Central heating,         tubs & washing machines. Any       sale. £6,150 ono.                   ¤: 0121 603 4665/ 07796 271
garage, large garden, nice         early items to do with hand           ¤: T.S.C (Nr K. Lynn) (01553)                                299
village, with rail station, bus    washing clothes. Contact                                   828 686    TWO SINGLE KAYAKS. One
service. Cottage has views         Geoff for a good price.            VOLVO 145 ESTATE, 2 litre auto     ‘conanche’ yellow with paddle
£30,000 or reasonable offer.                     ¤: 01430 432 351     in     exceptional      original   and spray deck £95. One
             ¤: 0208 488 8148      CIGARETTE AND BUBBLE               condition. Apple green, 98,000     ‘apache’ red with paddle and
                                   GUM card sets wanted. Also         miles, tax exhempt (built 1972)    spray deck £90. Both very
     SERVICES                      old cigarette packets. Will take   Volvo rally class winner. Any      good condition.
                                   almost anything relating to        inspection welcome. £3000.                       ¤: 0208 467 8862
                                   cigarette advertising. Private     Leicester area.                    NR NOVA TRAILER TENT.
WORLD WIDE CAR RENTAL,             collector. Will pay cash.                        ¤: 0116 257 0542     Sleeps 4/5 good sturdy trailer
450 Uk locations, all major             ¤: Preston: 01772 627 445     1976 BEDFORD CARAVETT.             tows like a dream. £400.
airports.                 E-mail   WAR MEDALS WANTED. Army,           Taxed, tested awning with                         ¤: 01904 760 427                Navy, RAF, Police, fire service,   inner bed compartment, toilet,     ISABELLA                AWNING
CV’S PROFESSIONALLY pro-           life saving, death plaques,        cutlery plus extras.               Ambassador 850. 4 yrs old,
duced on laid paper with wire      bravery      in     the   field.   £1,500 ono. ¤: 01609 774 065       fibre frame curtains, some
binding & clear cover. Five        Distinguished conduct medal        CLASSIC ROVER P.6, one 1973        hardened steel pegs, used
copies only £17.60 incl post.      military cross, D.F.C etc.         T.C, one 1975 S.C. Sale to         only 3 times. £150 ono.
First class stamp brings info      Postage paid.                      bereavement offers.                               ¤: 01494 483 293
pack. C.V Services, PO Box 8,                    ¤: 01792 895 033                   ¤: 02920 793 151     TICKETS FOR TWO private
Pontypool NP4 7YA                  VESPA       OR     LAMBRETTA       GO KART. 5BHP Honda                stalls, seats in ‘The Royal
P.W.B PRINTING services.           Scooter to restore non runner      Engine, Quat tyres, cost new       Albert Hall’ reduced prices
Disposable lighters, bonded        any condition. Also any            £1,700. Used 8 times, sell for     including many proms at ‘Two
leather & plastic key fobs,        accessories to do with             £900 with trailer, suit age 5yr-   for one’.
pens, business stationary,         scooters, books etc.               18yr. ¤ : 01970 611 892,                           ¤: 0117 967 6711
leaflets, letters, comp slips,                   ¤: 0121 552 7772     mobile: 07974 991 989 after        BLACK MARBLE MANTLE clock
party/dance tickets. Samples       UP TO 25kg (1/2 cwt) of            5pm.                               with visible pin-pellet, dead-
send 2x1st class stamps.           parafin wax, for use in wood       SHOGUN, 1997, P Reg, 2.8           beat escapement, strikes hour
Reasonable prices.                 seasoning. Has anyone got          auto GLS, long wheel base          and half hour. Engraved with
¤: 01495 222 567 (Gwent area)      any or know of a source?           blue over silver. 36k, excellent   cherubs. Black dial with brass
AWNINGS, BIKE racks and all                      ¤: 01792 864 364     condition, full service history,   background and numberals. H
other      accessories      and    DAVEY LAMP and Miners              genuine reason for sale.           20", W19, D7" . £265.
appliances for motor homes         memorabelia.                       £14,500.                                          ¤: 01254 888 545
and caravans supplied by                         ¤: 0117 932 6269                   ¤: 01229 584 405     TY BEANIE BABIES. Mostly
Vantec (Cumbria) for more          WAKEFIELD No7 Mechanical                  ¤: Mobile: 07759 58912      dogs, pugsly, fetch, dotty,
information. ¤: Kendal: 01539      Lubricators, ?’ Bore Klinger,                                         tuffy, scotty, wrinkles, £6 each
739 041 / 07929 948 485            AB40 valve, southern railway                                          24 in total.
SECURITY GRILLS, seating,          loco buffers, spencer moulton                                                         ¤: 0121 681 4281
bulkheads, windows, heavy          No3 and No400 rubber buffing                                          BURNED 4 JAW Independent
duty roof bars, baskets and        springs, drummond loco                                                chuck. 8" dia. New, suit
                                                                      THE ENCYCLOPEDIA of Airline
other accessories for vans and     chimney all for railway                                               Colchester or Harrison Lathe.
                                                                      Life says Roy Mills is in
mini buses supplied by Vantec      locomotive restoration.                                               £85.00. Pair of matching V-
                                                                      LONGODDS,        LongERodds,
(Cumbria).                                       ¤: 0117 960 9065                                        Blocks. W 6" x 3" x 2" H. £25.
                                                                      EvenlongerroddS’ by Denis
     ¤: 01539 739 041 / 07929      WANTED. £100 paid for Norris       Long. Special to readers, one
                                                                                                         Cast iron surface. Plate 24" x
                        948 485    joiners panel plane. £60 paid                                         12" v.good £45. Many more
                                                                      title £8.00 two £14.00, three
CRYSTAL SOUND recording            for smaller Norris and Spiers                                         Eng items for sale.
                                                                      £20.00. CommAvia PO Box
studio 01132 669 189 or            planes. All wooden and metal       2132, Hove, BN3 8AQ.
                                                                                                                        ¤: 01270 568 506 The        planes by Stanley etc. any old                                        BELLS WHISKEY DECANTERS.
                                                                      NEEDLECRAFTS             small
one shop place to make that        carpenters tools wanted.                                              Complete set. 12 in total. 1988-
                                                                      quantities fabrics, threads,
great CD recording.                              ¤: 01492 877 380                                        1999 (twelve bells of xmas)
                                                                      beads, sequins etc. Supplied
WOULD YOU LIKE to have a           WHITE STAR SHIPPING line                                              £1150 or offer. Charles Dianna
                                                                      for needlecrafts/textile art at
better lifestyle? We can           items. Postcards, books                                               Wedding: bell boxed offers.
                                                                      bargain       prices.       For
present an opportunity to help     brochures, badges, cups,           brochure/price list, send SAE
                                                                                                                        ¤: 01530 270 702
you achieve your dreams,           suacers, menus etc.                                                   EARN £5 TO £10 PER HOUR,
                                                                      to ISIS Designs, PO Box 268,
interested? For free info                        ¤: 02892 602 390                                        more if you work harder.
                                                                      Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 6YJ.
              ¤: 01292 209 519     SIXTIES & SEVENTIES Action                      ¤: 07831 733 652               Man figures, accessories,
                                                                                                         ¤:Freephone: 0800 970 0599
                                                                      COMPLETE WORKSHOP for
                                   equipment etc wanted. Any          sale. Woodwork tools incl

                                                                                                                                             July 2001 Unionnews 31