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					We're obsessed with our images. This is the "hamartia" of the human
being. Also know in cinema as the tragic flaw. What I want to know is how
we got to this absurd point. Granted we all should take good care of the
way we look, but it's getting ridiculous. So many other things and
aspects of life should take precedence. However, this will never happen.
It can't because the pandemic only continues to worsen. Image is a bigger
deal now days than it was ten years ago, and I hate to ponder where it
will be ten years from now. The funny thing is that so many of us will do
whatever it takes to look ideal. We'll visit a surgeon and pay them to
cut us up; we'll starve our bodies, and even expose them to damaging UV
rays in order to look a certain way. It really is a contradiction. So
many individuals want that tan perfect body, but care nothing of what it
does to their skin in the process.

This is the age of having your cake and eating it too, right? Then why
are so many people still hitting up the tanning salons on a regular
basis? Shouldn't they be considering the more healthy alternatives? That
tan perfect image doesn't have to come with a price anymore. There are
"fake bake" options at hand. What about self-tanner and mist-on tanning
solutions. Thousands of people are testing these waters all the time.
These are the ones who truly care about their skin's condition. Sure, the
deep glow sounds great, but what about premature aging? With tan perfect
creams and sprays, you no longer have to worry about premature wrinkles
and age spots. Furthermore, you don't have to lie in those annoying
cancer boxes anymore. As everyone should know by now, tanning beds and
natural sun lead to cancer. It really is that cut and dry.

Take you pick of infinite tan perfect solutions that require no sunlight
of light bulbs. Apply self-tanners and acquire the shade of tan you
prefer. But, you'll be doing it without the risks and drawbacks of fine
lines and dry skin. And if you're looking for a mild glow, you may want
to give one of the numerous "touch of sun" lotions a shot. These are body
lotions that offer a slight tan with no embarrassing streaks or orange

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