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origami-books-14 by MaggieMills1


									When most of us think of paper, we think of computer paper or the lined
loose leaf paper we purchase for our children for school. There is a
great deal more you can do with paper than simply printing text or
writing information on it. Origami has been around for centuries, and
this Japanese art of folding paper can be easily learned by just about
anyone. All you need is some paper and one of the origami books that are

If you’ve ever watched someone folding paper into the intricate shapes
that are indicative of origami you’ve probably thought you’d never be
able to do it. Granted it does take some talent, but a good deal of this
lost art involves skill. This skill is something you can acquire by
reading and following origami books that are designed to teach the art

Finding one is relatively simple if you have an Internet connection. Many
of the popular book websites as well as learning sites have kits that
include paper and origami books. You purchase a set and within moments of
receiving it, you are already folding your first paper on the road to
creating a work of art.

Many people begin by using standard, inexpensive paper. This is a great
approach as it allows you to make countless mistakes without having to
worry about the cost of origami paper. Trying to follow the diagrams in
origami books can be a bit confusing until you have tried the folds a few
times, so you are bound to make mistakes.

A fun aspect of getting involved in this type of hobby is that the
results are so impressive. Everyone loves seeing a work of origami. They
especially find it appealing if someone they know created it. In fact,
once they see that you’ve used origami books to help you become an
origami artist they may decide to try it themselves.

People who are skilled at folding paper into intricate shapes claim that
it’s much like riding a bike or swimming. Once you learn how to do it,
it’s a skill that you’ll carry with you the rest of your life. As a
parent, it’s something fun and intriguing that you can pass on to your
children as they grow. They’ll love spending the time with you learning
how to do origami and you’ll enjoy watching them create something they
can be extremely proud of.

If your child has taking an interest in learning this unique craft,
consider giving them a gift of origami supplies. A few origami books and
some colorful paper made just for creating shapes will give them the
initiative they need to focus on something interesting and educational.

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