How to Choose Bathroom Accessories and Wall Mirrors

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					How to Choose Bathroom Accessories and Wall Mirrors

Mirrors can   make a bathroom look great. Mirrors are fabulous bathroom
accessories   that offset a room. When choosing designer mirrors however,
you want to   keep in mind that technology has advanced, so that now you
have a wide   array of choices.

How do I choose?
You have the cabin selections, Château, Charlotte, Cosmopolitan, Décor,
James, Loft, Marina, Meridian, Monterey, Serenity, Studio, Vogue, and
Tiara selections to choose from. When choosing the mirrors its best to go
online so that you can have a visual of what you are getting.

The cabin collections offer you the choice of choosing a wide array of
bathroom accessories. You can choose from towel rings, bars, soap dishes,
dispensers, robe hooks, tumbler holders, etc when choosing the cabin

The Cabin collections are designed by the well-known Smedbo, which
introduced the modern styles. You can choose a wide selection of bath
accessories to offset the mirror.

How do I choose finishes?
You have the option of choosing Brush Nickel, Brush Chrome, or Chrome
Polished. Again, going online will help you by giving you a visual of
what the mirrors look like.

Cabin collections are manufactured in Sweden, which the brass quality is
great. The brass sets a European style, which is suitable for luxury
baths, master baths, guest baths, and so on. The brass is made up of
forged materials, yet the epoxy resin gives the finishing a look of
flawlessness. The advantage of purchasing Smedbo’s designs is that you
have a lifetime guarantee.

How do I choose formation?
You have the option again of choosing the Brush Nickel, Chrome Polished,
or the Brush Chrome. In addition, if you prefer rectangular, you may want
to consider the 19 inch x 28 inch décor mirror.

Why should I consider Chateau?
Chateau gives you better options of choosing bathroom accessories. Sure,
some of the bathroom accessories are limited, such as dispensers, yet you
have a wider selection of bathroom accessories to offset your mirror.

How do I choose designs?
Chateau created the Chrome Polished, Brush Nickel, and Polished Brass
also. If you are considering a distinctive pattern for your bathroom,
Chateau is your choice. Chateau gives you the option of choosing
luxurious mirrors that are complimented by robe hooks, towel bars,
holders, and so forth. The designs will give you a regal affect.

The creator of Chateau is also Smedbo. You can choose décor designs or
European style mirrors.
How large are the mirrors?
The round décor mirrors are mounted on pivotal with a diameter of 22
inches. The oval shaped bevel décor is also mounted on pivotal and has a
diameter of 19 inches by 24 inches.

How do I choose bathroom accessories to compliment the mirror?
If you purchase one of the Chateaus, you will see a list of accessories
also, especially if you shop online. Online you have the option of
choosing matching soap dish, glass holder, towel bar/rings, including the
swing arm. You have choices of brush holder, bathroom tissue holder,
glass vanity shelf, and so on.

How do I choose from the James Collections?
Go online to view the images. Online you will find the H713 Model, which
is the décor Edged Beveled Mirror. You will need to purchase the light
fixture separately. James makes up the designs created by Luigi Boni. The
mirrors are made of brass, which is not forged like the Cabin and Chateau
models. The attachments include wall mounts, dual adjustable holes, etc.

How the James mirror is installed.
You attach the wall mount, screws, expansion bolt(s), etc with a hexagon
tool, i.e. wrench.

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