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The Current Mortgage Rate Changes

The current mortgage rate changes according to many factors in the economy, as well
as conditions with the lender and the borrower. To find out the current mortgage rate for
you, the best thing to do first is to get a credit report printout from each of the three major
credit bureaus, and find out what your credit score is. Once you know your credit score
you’ll have the answer to the first question you are likely to be asked by a mortgage
broker or any other lender when checking on the current mortgage rate.

The next factor to take into consideration regarding the current mortgage rate is whether
or not you have a down payment for the home you are considering buying. And if you
do have a down payment, how large is it? The current mortgage rate will be different for
different people. If you have a ten percent down payment on a home, and a good credit
score of 650 or 700, then you will pay a lower current mortgage rate than someone who
has a credit score of 500 and the same ten percent down payment. However, if you are
willing to make a down payment of twenty percent, or even thirty percent, you’ll see the
current mortgage rate for you go down to a lower interest rate than you thought would be

Also remember that your spouse is taken into consideration when figuring a current
mortgage rate. Your spouse may have the same credit rating that you have, or one that
is higher or lower. Have you been married long/ Did you spouse bring any credit, or
debt, to the marriage? How long has your spouse held the same job? For that matter,
how long have you held your mob? A current mortgage rate depends on all of these
factors, so be sure to have the answers ready when you first speak to a lender. But
remember that the lender or mortgage broker only makes money if you are able to get a
mortgage, so many of them will help you by telling you what you need to do to improve
your credit score and achieve a better current mortgage rate. Pay attention to the advice
of professionals. If you follow their lead you should be able to get a top notch credit
score and current mortgage rate fairly quickly.

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