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Spam Emails

Everyday it’s the same old story. Open your mail and find the line of spam mails in your
inbox. Not only is this annoying but it is also dangerous. It causes great financial losses to
the administration which deals with it and carries high potential to inflict great financial
losses to the individuals who may fall in this spam trap that has been laid for them.
Actually, spam e-mails are sent by fraudulent companies and individuals. These spam e-
mails are usually loaded with viruses, spy programs and other unwelcome software’s.
Despite new laws and ver4dicts, still the numbers of spam e-mails are rising day after

Protection of ones inbox or mail box from these spam e-mails is a growing concern for
people nowadays. There are a lot of software’s that are being developed nowadays so as
to block the flow of spam e-mails. But, there are some simple steps following which an
individual can block the flow of spam e-mails in his mailbox.

One should always try to protect his or hers Email address. Care should be taken by
individuals that they don’t display their email addresses at chat rooms or at any other
rooms were they are taking online services. For example, if once an individual displays
his email address at any directory room; any spammer who is in the lookout of email
addresses may spot it and then send spasm at that email address. Individuals are also
advised to sometimes create two or three email addresses. People are advised to do so, so
that they can use there addresses for different and specialized use. Implying that an
individual can use one of his email address for personal messages, one for service rooms,
one for public chat etc. depending upon the needs of the individual.

Spammers have a unique style of working. Sometimes they just use dictionary attacks to
sort out possible name combinations while sending spam. Thus users with a common
name as an email address may often fall as a victim of the spam emails than an individual
who has a unique email address. Thus it is usually advisable to have a unique email
address, if the person really intends in keeping the spam emails against his mail box.

Moreover, most of the email accounts provide filter tools the user, just in case if the
individual wants to keep the spam emails away from his email address.
The above said methods are very simple and any individual who follows these simple
steps will come to know how simple yet so effective these steps are in keeping junk and
spam emails away from their email addresses.

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