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                       RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION

Recruitment and Selection are processes are important in an organization for selecting the
right candidate for a job and thus contributing to growth of organization. In organization
recruitment and selection is mainly the task of Human Resource department. People
confuses with the words recruitment and selection because both words are used in context
of inviting and selecting new candidates for the vacancies in organization to deal with
responsibility of that particular job. But the meanings of these two words are very much
different from each other.

What is Recruitment?
Recruitment is process of searching for potential applicants and encouraging them to
apply for the job in the organization.

What is Selection?
A selection means picking up an individual who perfectly matches the job requirements.

Difference between Recruitment and Selection:
Recruitment starts with searching perspective candidates while Selection starts with the
process of selecting the right candidate from the applications resulted after recruitment

Recruitment ends with the collection of applications from potential applicants while
selection ends with the selection of the right candidate from the pool of applications

Recruitment is a positive process because it results in the pool of applications while
selection is called the negative process because it eliminates all the other candidates that
are left after the selection of right candidate.

Why recruitment is done?
Recruitment is done because
To make better availability of qualified and experienced employees in organization
To cover the loss resulted by employee absenteeism
Helps to maintain the legal requirements of job composition of work force
Enhances organizational effectiveness

Factors affecting recruitment process can be broadly categorized into internal and
Internal factors affecting recruitment process are those which are internal to organization.
These are:
   i.   Recruitment policy of the organization
  ii.   Temporary and part time employees
 iii.   Size of organization
 iv.    Cost of recruitment

External factors are those which exist in external environment. These are:
   i.  Company Image
  ii. Supply and demand
The important elements processes are:
   i.  Recruitment Policy
  ii. Sources of Recruitment
 iii. Forecast of manpower requirement
 iv.   Methods of accessing recruitment program

Recruitment can be classified into internal and external.
Internal Recruitment process includes:
   i.   Present Employees: This includes promotion or transfer of existing employees
  ii. Referred Employees: Those which get employment with the reference of existing
 iii. Former Employees: Those employees which are retired or working with company
        on part time have the probability of being selected
 iv.    Previous Employees: Those employees whose applications are already with the
        organization as a result of their previous applies can be taken into consideration.

External Recruitment process includes:
  i.   Advertisement in print media
 ii. Campus selection from good colleges

Process of Selection:
   i. Conduct a pre interview (Initial screening)
  ii. Application scrutiny
 iii. Selection tests
 iv.  Personality tests
  v. Conduct Interview
 vi.  Check References

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