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									Primary keyword- Is the Computer a menace or blessing?
Secondary keywords- menace or blessing
Page title- Is the computer a menace or a blessing?
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           Is the Computer a menace or a
The computer is a sign of the times. It is something invented to take out the mind-
numbing of certain collating, organizing and thinking processes. It has definitely brought
about a big change in our lifestyles. Our lives are already getting influenced by this

The view that it is more of a menace than a blessing seems to be completely out of place
in a world which has learnt to enjoy and use computers. It is ridiculous. The statement is
the typical mourn of a person clamouring for the ‘good old days’.

The trouble with the ‘good old days’ is that though they fill us with nostalgia, they were
not all ‘good’. For some reason, people clamouring for them do not see the pain they
held. Before the invention of the computer, nearly everything was slow. Data processing
was slow, typing on typewriters was tedious, and accounting was done by hand which
was extremely slow and highly tedious. It was the computer which sped all these
processes. Over the past few years, computers have become a vastly popular household

What is the advantage of anything being sped up? It is a great blessing sometimes. If
simple, but troublesome, tasks like data processing can be done faster it will leave us free
to do other more important tasks. It is hardly possible to under how the computer could
be a menace.

Perhaps the idea that the computer is a menace is derived from the trouble that it has
caused in some areas. There are people who have lost their jobs because the computer
has made them redundant. Frankly, this is a matter of looking at the ‘problem’. Is not the
fact that the computer is able to replace a person a clear indication that the person should
be doing something more important? Many companies where computers have replaced
people do not just retrench workers; but go through elaborate programmes to retrain the
workers. This is an upgrading and the worker concerned should see the phenomenon as a
blessing; since it was the computer which was indirectly responsible for his upgrading.
Another reason for looking at the computer as a menace is perhaps the fact that it makes
one waste time playing games on it. This is a ridiculous accusation; as time could just as
well be wasted by watching stupid TC programmes. On top of that, playing games on the
computer is at least interactive, unlike the habit of staring at the goggle box. Over and
above all this, playing computer games is an option that one chooses. There is no
compulsion to waste time in this or in any other way. It is not fair to label the computer a
menace on such grounds.

Hence, to call the computer more of a menace than a blessing is grossly unfair. The
computer is a great blessing indeed. Like everything else, whether the computer is a
blessing or a menace, depends a lot on how one exercises his or her choices.

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