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Hoffman Estates, a 20 square mile town, was incorporate in 1955, offers a fantastic range of
housing; from ranches – yes, you heard right – ranches, to colonials, split-levels, two-stories and
custom-built homes. Those who prefer more modern dwellings, Hoffman Estate offers town
homes as well.

This oasis of a place, Hoffman Estates, is only 29 miles South of Chicago. It takes about 45
minutes to Chicago Loop and about 40 to O’Hare airport, and 50 minutes to Midway. It is very
well connected to the surrounding cities by bus and rail. The train takes some 30 minutes to
reach Chicago Loop.

It is surrounded within easy reach (within 3-4 miles) by a number of other similar towns,
Schaumburg, South Barington, Streamwood, Rolling Meadows, Roselle, etc.

The houses, depending on their size and location, cost anything between $150,000 and
$310,000. For those who want to rent, the average cost is around $400 for single-family houses.
The average income of the residents is $75,000.

Hoffman Estates boasts of a fast-paced economy with industry leaders like Sears, Roebuck and
Co Merchandise Management Group as their residents. The company has an 800-acre site at
Hoffman Estate. Sixty-two percent of the population commutes during the daytime to work;
around 13 per cent are employed in the town itself in industries such as manufacturing, health,
retail trade, educational and so on.

Hoffman Estates houses one of the largest elementary schools in the State of Illinois. For
colleges and university, it depends on its neighbors, within a radius of 30 miles. Hoffman Estates
also has a 356-bed hospital facility employing over 400 doctors.

Hoffman Estates has a mind-boggling 550 acres of parkland, consisting of more than 60 parks,

three golf courses, and other entertainment avenues. These include Juniper Park, Lexington Park

Recreation Centre, New Britany Park, and Colony Point Nature Area among others. Its

community is close knit, educated and employed. Hoffman Estates is in close proximity to the

Woodfield Shopping Mall, which comprises of 255 plus stores.

Given the large expanse of land of this town, where ranches are the order of the day and the

close location to the surrounding towns, Hoffman Estates drawn on all he good things while still

keeping its identity and privacy. The public services, transport and other facilities are available to

the residents of Hoffman’s Estates easily, since most of the neighbors are within a radius of 5

miles. Hoffman Estates is an oasis among the new settlements; a joy to know and comfort to live

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